How To Paint A Tile Floor (steps for success!)

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How to paint a tile floor in 5 simple steps!! Easier than you think!

Hey friends!! Let’s talk tile.

Last week I shared our hall bathroom remodel reveal. We are so thrilled with how it turned out AND just the plain fact that we are DONE!!

white walled bathroom with dark blue vanity

I mentioned in that post that I had painted our floor tiles. Say what?
Yep, I sure did!! lol

They turned out amazing!! I don’t even have any doubts that they will hold up well either. But time will tell, right?
And you know I’ll be reporting back on that in the future.

multi color blue rug on stenciled and painted floor

How To Paint A Tile Floor

So how did I do it? 
Was it hard?

Well, the answer to the second question is surprising, no, not in the least bit. Definitely a home DIY project anyone can do.
I will tell you that I believe in good prep and good products, however.

Here are the products I used to paint the ceramic tiles:



Step 1

Clean the floor very well.

tan tiled bathroom "before"

I used TSP Alternative and it worked well.

fusion mineral paint tsp alternative bottle

Step 2

Next, and once it is dry, apply the Ultra Grip with a Microfiber Roller.

rolling on the ultra grip

bottle of ultra grip

Let the Ultra Grip dry overnight. Then begin painting.

Step 3

Let’s paint the floor! Grout and all.

rolling on the white paint

I used the Microfiber Roller for this as well. It leaves a very smooth finish…love these rollers!

bottle of victorian lace

I applied 2 coats of paint, drying overnight in between.

Step 4

Stencil time.

I mixed up a very pale gray because I didn’t want the floor to be the main focus of the bathroom. I wanted it to be more muted in the background so made the stencil a little more subtle with a lighter color.

rolling gray paint onto the stencil

You don’t need or want a lot of paint on the roller for this part. I rolled it in paint and then used a plain paper plate to roll of the excess before each application.

lifting the stencil up to reveal the underneath

You are not necessarily going for perfection here or full coverage in every single spot. It’s okay, in my opinion, for each one to have its own unique look.
Meaning, a feathered edge here or there, etc. It gives it character and also doesn’t make it look painted.

When painting the tiles, you’ll want to stagger them so as not to mess up any that are not dry.

white floor with partial stencils done

See how each of those has its own varying look?
Just remember to think “less is more” on this step.

Let sit overnight before moving on to the next step.

Step 5

Apply a finish coat to protect it. I used Matte Topcoat, 2 coats. Drying overnight between coats.

finished painted stenciled floor

The Matte Topcoat is the perfect finish. Love it.

overhead view of painted stenciled floor

And that’s all there is to it!

up close view of painted stenciled floor

So happy with how this turned out and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again.

white bathroom with blue vanity and white shower tiled

The perfect finishing touch to our bathroom remodel.

blue vanity with gold framed mirror and shelves on the wall decorated

I wanted to mention that I did a lot of “drying overnight” in these oh-so-simple steps. I would say most are not required (except the Ultra Grip overnight, I do recommend that).

But, you can probably go shorter on time, if needed. I wanted to be absolutely sure everything was very dry before the next step. I mean, hey, we are painting a tile floor here! ;)

I hope this “how to paint a tile floor” tutorial is helpful to any of you who might give this go too. Or maybe you never even thought to do this…or did…but were too afraid to try.
Maybe this is the push you need to just do it! You know I’m a DIY enabler, haha!

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How to paint a tile floor in 5 simple steps!! Easier than you think!

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Think you’ll give it a shot? Have you already tried it? Let me know below!

UPDATE!! One full year later and it’s holding up great!! I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again!



  1. Your floor looks great! I would definitely try this. Your bathroom has similar tile which are porcelain. How much of paint was needed? Also it looks like you removed the cabinet first?. Or just managed a partial stencil beneath it? You are inspiring!

    1. It’s hard to say how much paint you will need without knowing the size of the bathroom. But I would imagine one would be plenty for a regular-sized room. Yes, we removed the old cabinet to make way for the new and I painted while it was out. :)

  2. This looks amazing. Just curious how it will hold up in high traffic bathroom with a lot of water getting on it and dampness?
    You will have to give us an update.

  3. Thank you for this inspiration! It’s a wonderful solution to getting new floors without getting new floors! You did a great job!

  4. Gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to paint the GOLD tiles in my shower. (UGH!) Maybe this process will work!

    1. Thanks, Robyn! Hmm, I’m not sure how well it will hold up to constant water like that in a shower. Maybe paint a small section and test it out before you commit to the whole thing?

  5. I am so amazed at how incredible it looks! The floor is one of the first things I noticed when you revealed the bathroom. I still have our master bathroom to redo, and wow, what a savings it would be to be able to paint the existing tile! We do have it in our shower too though…hmmm something to definitely look into though! Yours is gorgeous! XOXO

    1. Yes! It was SO easy! (and quick too…much quicker than tearing out tile and redoing it) Thanks, Christy! :) xo

  6. We are planning to redo our master bathroom this summer & you’ve given me a great way to redo the tiles, versus tearing them & replacing them! I love to redo things & help our over-flowing landfills!
    I’m wonder how much of each of your listed products did you use?

  7. I want to do the fireplace surround. Any differences, do you think? Love your pattern and color! I have builder beige tiles so not sure gray would do well, but love the color you used. Nice job!

    1. Mine are actually pretty textured too. I don’t think sandpaper would smooth them out really but you could to rough them up a bit!

  8. You did a great job and I like the look.
    Keep on doing projects to improve your home and surrounding area. It is well worth it.

  9. AWESOME JOB!!!! Looks GREAT!!! Time will tell….PLEASE LET US KNOW!!! Love the pattern you picked out too!!!

  10. I love, love, LOVE this!!!! I see how it goes with the shower curtain as well lol. I would love to know about that rug!!!! Beautiful!!! I am now looking for a tile floor in my house that I can paint as well….maybe the laundry room : )

    1. Yes, it does, huh?! lol Thank you, Wendy!! I have a link to the rug in the post. :) And I say yes, do it!! xoxo

  11. I use a steam mop. So I’m curious what to clean floors with and/or if you’d think the top coat would stand up to it. We are in the midst of an unexpected bathroom remodel so trying to up cycle as much as I can.

    1. Oh, yes, I don’t think a steam mop would be your best bet on a painted tile floor. However, I have cleaned it with a mild soap with no issues. Just want to make sure it dries well and you don’t use too much water. It’s holding up wonderful so far to regular use.

  12. This is lovely! Do you know if you have to use the stencil on each tile separately? my tiles are so small – like 4×4 and I fear that if I did a stencil on each tile it would be too busy. Also, I don’t know when you wrote this – but is it still holding up?

    1. Thank you!! And no, that is up to you! You can choose to only apply it to select ones in a pattern and leave some blank if you like. Using a more muted color for the stencil part will help it to not look too busy also. We did it about a year and a half ago and it’s holding up great!

  13. Hello,
    This is beautiful! Looking forward to trying it. Should I purchase 3 microfiber rollers for the 3 different times you used them?

    1. Hi Sue! Oh, no you don’t have to do that, you can just wash and use the same one. (they are resuable as long as you wash well after each use) But you can purchase extra to have on hand if you like. Have fun! We love our “new” floor!

  14. Love this! Stumbled upon this post and am so glad I did.. I’ve been wanting to change our hall bathroom tile for some time and love an economical DIY project. Thanks for the clear step-by-step directions. I see a project in my near future. :)

    1. Hi Melissa!! So glad you found this project helpful and inspiring. We definitely love a good economical DIY too. And we’re loving our floor!! Have fun with your project! xo

  15. How did you do the stencil around the toilet? Purchased all the products you recommended and am following your directions completely! My bathroom tile is exactly like yours and a very similar sized bathroom. Thanks for the inspiration. So excited!

    1. Hi Kaitlyn!! That’s awesome, I know you will love it! I simply “bent”, for lack of a better word, and held the stencil around the toilet base as best I could. I know some stencils are more flexible than others so that will come into play.

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