How To Paint Laminate Furniture (easy with the right products!)

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How to paint laminate furniture is easy with the right products! And the right steps. Learn how to paint laminate successfully! 

Hello wonderful friends! Happy Trashy Treasures Tuesday!

Have y’all been having this heatwave where you live? I don’t think it’s ever going to end!! haha! It’s been SO ridiculously hot here, for days and days, I mean weeks and weeks! With no end in sight. I am an all-out summer-loving girl but even I’m feeling like fall might be nice right about now. Ugh!

Anyway, not only are we building out our screened porch for more living space. (with specific needs in mind for it) But we also finally installed a new front door/sidelites this past weekend! Yippee!! We’ve had the door since November and I stained it a while back so I’m thrilled to have it in place finally.
I love it!!
But installing it in 100 degree weather was not fun. lol It was hot for hours in our house and the flies were having a field day in there! It was downright miserable but it’s DONE!! And I feel so fancy now every time I enter or exit our home. haha! It’s so beautiful and something we have wanted to do for years.

Here’s a sneak peek! (I’ll be sharing more about it soon)

wood front door with black handle

The protective film is still on the glass in this photo.

How To Paint Laminate Furniture

Anyway, let’s talk about today’s Trashy Treasure Makeover and the tutorial I’m sharing to go along with it. Have you ever struggled with painting laminate furniture? Or ever just wondered if you could paint laminate furniture? Well, you can and I’m going to show you the products to use for success!

Here is what I found at the ReStore to makeover!

small laminate nightstand in the ReStore

In all of its laminate glory! ha!

No, really, it is laminate on all sides so it’s the perfect piece to show how I paint laminate furniture.
It is honestly not as hard as it seems. However, it can be a disaster if not done correctly. Therein lies the hesitancy I am sure.

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:

MATERIALS LIST – Laminate Furniture Tutorial

Prefer to shop on Etsy? I have an Etsy shop also, here!


I began by removing the hardware.

laminate nightstand with hardware removed


Prep is key.
Prep is always key.

sanding the top of the nightstand

I am sure there are times that you could get away with not sanding but why chance that?? It really does not add too much time or effort to the job. Obviously, the larger the piece the more work it is but you aren’t sanding to remove layers. You are only doing a light sand, by hand, to remove some of the “slick”, “shine”, etc.


spray bottle labeled tsp alternative

Use a soft cloth or paper towels and clean well. I use TSP Alternative in one of our continuous mist sprayers. (you can find this and all of the products I used for this makeover in the pink box notated “MATERIALS LIST” above)


Not just any primer! This is an adhesion primer and what I believe is the key to making this project a success! Ultra Grip is an amazing bonding agent. It is exactly that…grippy!

bottle of ultra grip and roller on top of nightstand

I used our microfiber roller to apply the Ultra Grip but you can use a paintbrush as well. Be sure to apply a thin coat and let it dry for at least 12 hours before applying paint. (however, you can paint after 2 hours)
Ultra Grip is clear once dry but be sure to apply it smoothly as you will want a smooth surface for the paint application.

rolling on the ultra grip

Once that was dry, and the allotted time had passed, I applied the paint.


I painted the hardware using spray paint that would somewhat match the gold lines on the drawer fronts.

paper plate in the sun with hardware that has been spray painted

And I decided to paint not only the legs gold but also the trim piece connecting them.

base of nightstand and legs painted gold


pint of victorian lace paint

I chose Victorian Lace. Love this white. It’s probably my favorite one in the line.

As you can see below, you cannot tell I even applied the Ultra Grip. Remember I mentioned that it dries clear.

rolling the victorian lace paint on side of nightstand

I originally thought I’d spray the gold details on the drawers with the same paint I used for the hardware. However, they were in pretty good shape and so why?? I taped them up and painted over and around them instead.

taping the gold strips on drawer fronts

I simply used FrogTape over each one, and then using an Xacto knife, I carefully cut along each edge.


This is the transfer I chose to use on the drawer fronts.

laying the transfer on drawers to align

I lined it up and then applied it carefully to the drawer fronts as they sat next to each other.

pink floral transfer attached to drawer fronts

Once it was applied, I used the Xacto knife to gently cut along the two drawers to separate.

cutting in between drawers to separate transfer

Want to know how to apply decor/furniture transfers? I wrote an entire post with ALL of the details here:
How To Use Rub On Decor Transfers

I did the same where the holes for the hardware areas.

cutting around the hardware areas

To make removing the FrogTape that was painted over easier to remove, be sure to score it with a razor or Xacto knife first.

scoring the tape to remove

It will then pull off cleanly without taking any of the paint with it.

removing tape

I used a Polishing Pad to burnish the edges of the transfer before applying a coat of Tough Coat Topcoat to protect the transfer.

using polishing pad to burnish transfer

You don’t have to apply a top coat over the paint once finished painting the laminate. However, you can to give it added protection. I chose to apply it to the entire piece, not just the area with the transfer.


Both drawers had nail polish spills. I used some acetone to remove it.

removing nail polish from inside drawer

Unfortunately, it left some residue that I could not remove.

inside of drawer

I had planned to add some stain anyway though.

I used one of our new Stain & Finishing Oil colors. (Fusion has several new colors of stain…Walnut, Heartwood, Taupe, Light Oak)

Heartwood, which has a purple-ish hue and a very cool tone.

heartwood stain can and towels with purple looking stain

I thought that might be a good choice with the pink and purple floral colors in the transfer I used.

However, it didn’t really translate as “purple” as I’d hoped!! haha!

showing the difference on the drawers one with stain one without

But it did look so much better!

inside of drawer freshly stained


And our Stain & Finishing Oil is a joy to work with. It is a stain and finish in one. But not like PolyShades where that just simply lays on top of the surface. Our Stain sinks into the wood just like a regular stain but has a finish coat built in. It’s so nice!

I applied one coat and done!


small nightstand reveal white with pink florals on front

Isn’t she a little cutie now???

white nightstand with pink florals and gold trim

I’m so thrilled with how it turned out!

white nightstand with gold trim and pink transfer

up close of transfer on front

up close of gold handles

inside of stained drawer

This piece was so sad and tired before but it’s ready for a whole new life!

white nightstand with gold and pink floral transfer with white flowers on top in vase and gold birds for decor

Think you’ll tackle a laminate piece now? Don’t pass them up when you see them just because they are laminate or melamine. You can do this too!

PIN it to save it!

How to paint laminate furniture is easy with the right products! And the right steps. Learn how to paint laminate successfully!

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Hope you have a wonderful week!!



  1. That little piece of laminate furniture has been revised. That is a sweet little piece. The furniture from the past is a come back to the future. Have you noticed that era of furniture is a come back in today’s market?

    1. Yes, this one definitely came back from the past! Fun to give it brand new life. :) Thank you, Donnita!! And yes, this style has become very popular again! xo

  2. That sad little table may have been the height of fashion last century, but I couldn’t see the beauty before. I didn’t even notice the gold trim or fancy hardware. You spied a diamond in the rough, Nancy. it looks beautiful with the paint and transfer, now it can go another 60 years or more!

    1. Yes, it was hard to see past the dingy, worn look, for sure! It’s a solid piece and everything functions well…and now a pretty little thing again. I hope it has a nice long life to go!! Thank you, Marcie! xoxo

  3. This could not have turned out any sweeter!! I love the after! And yessss…this heat is killing me! 🤣 Love the door too…can’t wait to see more! XOXO

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