Orange & Rust Fall Porch Decor

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Orange and rust fall porch decor for a more traditional fall look this year! Using mostly what I had or made in years past.

Hello Pumpkin!!

hello pumpkin sign on brick wall

I mean, hello my wonderful sweet friends! :)

I guess I have to let fall in the door, huh? It is here so let’s do it! We have actually had a tiny bit of relief from the crazy heat and humidity the last few days so I can get in with fall a bit. It’s still hot just not as hot as it’s been.

Have you decorated for fall yet?

I’m seeing lots of decorations out there for fall now. In stores and homes, etc.
I still wasn’t feeling too “fall-sy” but wanted to get something out on our porch. I won’t be decorating for fall inside this year. I don’t always decorate inside for fall. I didn’t do a whole lot to the porch, really. I used most of what I already had, a couple of new things from Amazon, and a wreath I found at the thrift store the other day for $6!

wood rocker with orange wreath hanging on back

It’s a little sad looking but I thought, hey, 6 dollars, I’ll take it. Oh, and I got this adorable little rocker too. $15

I also found this beauty (and brought home with me).

antique wood cabinet with glass door

Don’t mind my reflection, ha! I couldn’t pass this one up. It was $129 BUT the ReStore was having 30% fall sale, so I got it for $90!
I have a plan for it (and use it in our home) so I’m hoping it works out. If not, it will go to a new owner. Either way, I am going to give it a little love and make it beautiful again.

More on those two furniture pieces soon!

Let’s visit the orange & rust fall porch now.

Orange & Rust Fall Porch Decor

I decided to go more traditional this year with the orange and rust colors.

orange yellow and rust wreath

Here is the wreath with a few simple additions. Not bad for $6.

orange wreath on black front door

And of course, I put up the “Hello, Pumpkin” sign I made last year.
Want the details? Check out this post here >>> Hello Pumpkin Sign

Looking to the left we still have our rockers out here…

white rockers on front porch with rust pillows

With more rust color in the pillows.
Want the pillow covers?? Look here and here for them.

And the little table I made over some years back.

wood vase with dried grass, ivory pumpkins and sunflowers

Remember it?? You can read all about it here >>> DIY Tiled Table Top

The dried florals/grass came from Amazon. I shared it in my Fall Must Haves 2023 post. You can find them here.

The pumpkins are old and the wood vase is new. I picked it up at Dollar General the other day.
I simply stuck some sunflowers in the greenery to add a touch of fall to it.

white rockers with rust pillow white table in front of window

This little flag was also from the post I shared above.

colorful fall welcome flag

I love the colors.
You can find it here.

Looking to the right…

white bench with rust and orange colored pillows beside white table covered in fall items

I used things I already had…mostly.

The framed print is a free printable I created years back.

little round white table with framed fall printable, pumpkins and dried wheatgrass

You can see it here >>> Free Fall Printables

white bench with orange pillows white tables on each side

Old pumpkins, new dried grasses. (part of the same batch I shared the link to above on the other side of the porch)

white wicker table with pumkin and hello fall sign

This sign I made a few years ago from a thrift store find.
You can read all about it here >>> Hello Fall Sign

And our bench is loaded up with cozy, inviting pillows.

white bench with orange and rust colored pillows. Pumpkin and striped pillows

The striped ones can be found here.
The pumpkin pillows are ones I shared in the Fall Must Haves post and can be found here.

This set actually comes with two more covers. They are orange-striped with words on the front. I didn’t use them because I felt like I had more than enough worded things on our porch! lol Probably too much. But they are cute and can be used elsewhere. Maybe the back porch.
The “gather” pillow was a find at Dollar General the other day.

And you know I of course save the best part for last, right?!

Ryder and Piper peeking at me as I’m taking photos outside.

big white dog and small white and gray dog

Aren’t they the cutest?? I think so. lol And look at Piper’s striking blue eyes. I just love them.
She looks a little wild-eyed in this shot though. haha!

And then Ryder decided to howl at me because he wanted me to come back in!

big white dog howling

He looks like he’s missing a tooth. He’s not! lol He has two teeny teeth in the middle that are lower than the rest. It’s cute.

Which led Piper to turn around and look at him. (which I thought was so cute so had to share)

big white dog with small white and gray dog looking up at him

They crack me up.

big white dog with small gray and white dog sniffing the glass

I did just clean that glass before I took photos. That was short-lived!! haha!!

big white dog with small gray and white dog sniffing door

But I don’t mind. Love my puppy babies. :)

Hope you didn’t mind seeing all the photos of them. I just had to share. They are so darn cute!
They love each other so much. Ryder absolutely loves having someone to play with. And of course, Piper does too.
They are so much fun to watch. Love how they enjoy each other.

Ryder’s surgery is next week! Wednesday. Not looking forward to that but ready to find out what it is, for sure.


I also wanted to mention that today, 13 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m SO thankful to be here and for so many other things too! If you haven’t read my story, you can read it here. It was hard to open up and write all that down and put it “out there” but I wanted to help others because of how mine was discovered. (or not discovered I really should say) Just a reminder to all the beautiful ladies (and men too actually, as they can also be diagnosed) to check yourselves, get your screenings, keep an eye on things, and advocate for yourselves when you need to!


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Orange and rust fall porch decor for a more traditional fall look this year! Using mostly what I had or made in years past.

Have a wonderful weekend! Get out and do some “fall” things to get in the fall mood. Garage sales are fun this time of year! I might do a bit of that on Saturday morning myself.



  1. Hi Nancy, I receive your emails every week along with Christy’s. I love all of them and save most all of them.
    I am commenting on your comment about your sweet puppy friends. Ryder is beautiful by the way. Anyway, we had a wonderful, loving and faithful black golden, Hunter, for 14 years.
    I also have glass doors. But anyway, I found this sign at a flea market that I hung on our breezeway porch. It said this… My windows aren’t dirty… that’s my dog’s Nose Art!! I always loved this sign. Just a suggestion!

  2. I love your fall porch, just like all the other things you put together. And I bought the exact same pillows too, the ones in the 2nd pic with the flowers!

  3. You are a true inspiration! An amazing creator, sharer, and SURVIVOR!
    and I love the simple fall porch. I am definitely embracing a less is more approach to decorating. I am enjoying cleaning less stuff, packing and unpacking less seasonal decor, and having more “space”.

  4. Nancy, your porch is so welcoming and like the others I love everything you do. I even love your dogs. Ryder is saved to many of my Pinterest pages and Piper is a real treasure too. All of us with pups have doors that look like that. I hope you and the pups have a wonderful day.

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Jaye.
      And is he really?? I love that!! Yes, we do, it’s the sweetest little mess really!! lol You can definitely tell there is a dog in the house when you see it. It’s quite heartwarming really! xo

  5. Your porch looks beautiful. Love it and you know I always love the pics of those pups! Happy Fall and so glad you beat that cancer. You are a warrior!

  6. Love your porch and your fur babies! I love remembering each of the pieces that on your porch! Great inspiration! Glad you told your story because I’m sure it helped many people. And glad you’re here to share your talents!

  7. Nancy, your porch looks great – so festive and cute. But oh my gosh those pootchies. They are ADORABLE. I never mind seeing pics of them and their antics. I am so happy they are becoming fast friends. ♥♥

  8. Nancy, I haven’t read your cancer survival story just yet (I will), but I wanted to let you know that I’m also a survivor – two times… melanoma and ovarian. Praise to God and really amazing doctors, it’s been 20 years since my last surgery, with no recurrences. Just wanted to say I’m proud of you for sharing. I know it helps to keep a positive attitude, and knowing other people have been through it and survived is the best gift you can receive when you get that terrifying diagnosis. Also, your fur babies are beautiful, and I’ll say a prayer for Ryder.

    1. Wow, that’s so so awesome, Ethana! Praise God, indeed. And you are so right, I know it does for me as well. Thank you also for the prayers for Ryder, we found out yesterday evening that his mass was benign!! xo

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