French Provincial Dressing Table Makeover

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The French Provincial dressing table makeover is a breath of fresh air! Dingy $30 find cleaned up and made beautiful! 

Hello wonderful friends! Today is Trash to Treasure Transformation Tuesday! Yippee! My friends and I are getting together to make over new finds. I am making over an old find today. Well, I found it in the Outer Banks a year ago now (almost exactly!) and I’m finally getting around to making this one over.

It’s about time!! haha!

I worked on it this past weekend and got it done. My husband and I also started planning a few small updates (on the outside of our home). That will be fun! It’s things we considered doing over the years but never did. And hopefully, the weather will cool off a bit so we can get to it. It’s been SO hot here still. Not really complaining because I’ll take hot over cold any day of the week! But dang it’s hot. lol

Oh yes, don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom to see what my friends did with their makeovers this month too!

French Provincial Dressing Table Makeover

She’s a cutie but was a little dingy and dated looking when we found her.

French Provincial dressing table before

In good shape though. $30


I took the mirror and sides off then lightly sanded all over.

sanding the leg

Once it was all wiped down with our TSP Alternative, I began to paint.

paintbrush on top of paint jar

I used one of our new colors, Parchment. It’s a lovely off-white! Very clean color, I just love it.

You can see how yellow the original color was here…

top of dressing table half painted

And how crisp the Parchment color is.

One of the sides of the top piece needed a repair (it came apart as I was sanding it) so I took care of that before painting it.

side top piece with clamps on it

For the inside of the drawer, it was lined in pink felt and attached well. So I just decided to paint it instead of remove it.

painting the Elderberry in the drawer

I think that worked out well. Looks great! (I used Elderberry-linked above in the “Materials Supply List”)

Elderberry paint drawer interior

Once that was all dry, I started playing around with the decor transfer.

white dressing table with pink and purple flowered transfers laying on top

And putting smaller pieces together for the look I was going for.

holding transfer pieces to decide on application

Which, by the way, was a sort of flowing look from one side to another. (as you can see below)

finished dressing table white with pink and purple flowers and gold feet

I actually decided to mimic that look on the top right of the mirrored section too.

I usually wrap the transfer up under the drawers/sides, etc., but I decided to cut this one and put it on the bottom so it would be more visible. (see the little leaves on the left and right where I’ve already attached those?)

showing how to attach transfer at the drawer front

And now all of them.

transfer down at the drawer front seam

So looking at the little table from straight on you will be able to see the whole design.

the whole drawer front area complete

For this top corner, I ended up cutting the transfer like so…

showing the top corner of the mirror transfer

And then came back and cut the small pieces for the inside of the frame.

the little sliver of transfer cut to go on inside of mirror frame

showing the inside of the mirror frame where the small pieces went

And wrapped the flowers all the way around.

top of the mirrored frame where transfer wraps around to the back

I stood back and looked at it and thought it needed just a little more pizazz. So I decided to paint on gold “feet”.

feet taped ready for the gold paint

I used Frogtape Delicate Surface since the legs were newly painted.

feet painted gold

I used our Champagne Gold and Gold mixed about half and half to get this perfect gold shade.

After doing that, I decided the top needed a little gold pizazz too. So I painted these “finials” on each side.

finial at top painted gold

Plus I added a gold and glass knob so there’s a touch of gold on the drawer too.

white dressing table with purple and pink floral transfers

A coat of Tough Coat Topcoat in Matte (all of the things I used are linked in that same box above) and all done!

dressing table straight view white with pink purple flowers and gold feet

the inside of the painted drawer

top-ish view of dressing table and transfer

By the way, the side mirrors were originally just glass. I’m guessing they were for photos. However, I broke one of them a while back and decided to replace them all with mirrors instead. (you can find them here…they also have other sizes)

front view of dressing table

Now I just need to find a sweet little seat I can make over to go with it! Stay tuned, I’ll share it once I do!

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The French Provincial dressing table makeover is a breath of fresh air! Dingy $30 find cleaned up and made beautiful!


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The French Provincial dressing table makeover is a breath of fresh air! Dingy $30 find cleaned up and made beautiful!

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Have a wonderful week!! See you back here on Thursday!



  1. Nancy, I just love how the dressing table came out, it is so pretty. I have just started using transfers in my DIYs. Thank you for always being an inspiration and helping me think outside the box. You and the other ladies I follow have taught me so much, what to look for when thrifting, painting tips and ideas and I could go on and on. I am very grateful for to have all of you as a source of inspiration.

    1. Hi Pam! So happy to hear I’ve (and the rest of us girls have) inspired, love that!! :) Thrifting and making things pretty again is so much fun. So happy to have you along for the adventures in creating and redoing! xoxo

  2. Oh, this is so adorable. This would be great in my granddaughter’s room. The way you applied the transfers is outstanding. As always, beautiful.
    Thank you very much for sharing your many talents and ideas with all of us. I’m learning so much from you and the other ladies I follow. You all are a great group.

  3. Oh, Nancy, I thought a coat of paint would do the trick. I should have known you wouldn’t stop there! The transfer is beautiful. Am I the only one who imagines ballet pointe shoes when I see that foot style on furniture? It looks to me like the vanity is dancing on gold shoes 😊

    1. Oh my gosh, yes girl!! I was in dance from small all the way up into high school and that was the first thing I “saw” when I painted them!! Haha!! This little vanity seems like a happy little thing dancing around for sure. :) xo

  4. What a remarkable transformation, Nancy! It’s so sweet now.
    I’m always inspired by what you do and the other 3 ladies as well! You create a safe furniture harbor in a storm and it’s always a joy to see what you have managed to save from the junk pile. Good job!! Thank you.

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