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Thrift store finds galore! Lots of goodies on this thrift store outing! 

Hello beautiful friends!

If you follow along with me over on Instagram, you know I finally did some thrift shopping! Whoop whoop! haha!

And I brought you all along with me. So, for those of you that didn’t get to see all the fun treasures I found, I’m sharing some of them here.
I’m also sharing some fun things I saw on my day spent with my daughter in Richmond, VA on Thursday (late birthday celebrating with her).

I hope you enjoy seeing it all!

I’ll be sharing what I brought home to makeover at the bottom of this post. Gotta leave you guessing as you see all the goodies I came across, right? ;)

BUT before we get to that, I want to give a big congrats to Liz W. on winning my birthday giveaway!

Thrift store haul at 6 of our local thrift shops…

I stopped by Habitat first. They always have tons of furniture but wow, prices are crazy on some things.

wood stained dressing table with mirror

This one was $199.

Some things pictured that have no intention of bringing home but love to share with you what I find anyway.

dark stained secretary desk

Pretty secretary like the one I painted blue… $199. (I paid $45 for mine, I believe)

orangey stained dresser

This was a pretty one! $149

large black hutch

A really large piece but I could totally see this in a farmhouse-style home painted white, distressed.

buffet antique with marble top


There were lots more but I’ve got a bunch of photos to share so I’m skipping some of them.
But check out this one below…

antique wood scrolled sofa

Wow, ornate. And it was “sold”.

At the next stop, I found this one. You can find these little tables quite often.

small wood oval end table

small box and Christian message sign

I love this…little messages here and there. So good.

A solid wood lazy susan.

wood lazy suzan

Don’t love it but could do something with it.

Look at this sweet picnic basket.

Picnic basket with blanket and plates and cups

And this little hutch for $35!

small wood hutch

I REALLY wanted to bring this one home but oh…my…gosh, it was SO HEAVY.

Loving these messages that I kept coming across. This was at stop #3.

Christian sign

Cute fabric topped box.

wood box with embroidered top

I have visions for that one.

small light stained secretary desk

Tiny little secretary-style desk. Cute. $75

waterfall desk

Desk, not bad at all and would be a fun one to make over. $75

dark antique chest of drawers

A little wonky but could be really pretty. I came by quite a bit of decent furniture this trip.


dark wood chest and dresser with criss cross bright red fabric on top drawers

This set looks like it should be in a Vincent Price horror flick. (remember him or did I just really date myself! lol)

small bifold shutter

I found several of these. They are fun to repurpose. (I repurposed this one)

On Thursday I went up to Richmond to hang out with my daughter for the day. We went thrifting and dining!
Here we are at lunch.

myself and my daughter photograph

We had a great day and saw some really neat things.

Here are a few finds…

diversity thrift store sign

antique wood tall boy

I loved this piece.

Such a beauty…

antique navy and stained buffet

wood hope chest

Lots of good stuff.

And this organ, wow.

antique ornate wood organ

The next stop was this wild place. Wild because it was like stepping back into time. Each room had sort of a theme.
MCM, 60s, 70s, 80s…so fun to see.

Dust store sign

Loved this one though!

ornate wood media table with lamps

And this one too…

mcm chest of drawers

Funky, cool end table. (The Jetson’s style)

mcm wood end table

This was a quirky lamp…

mcm wood table with lamp all in one

I even kind of liked this dining table set…

large oval dining set with mcm chairs teal seats

Not so much in the late 60’s – 70’s room though, lol.

bright orange end tables, harvest gold chair, blue sofa

How about a shell table right out of 1985?

seashell and glass coffee table

We stopped by another place that had TONS of collector items. (it was called Odd Balls)

blue ball mason jars on shelf

I adore blue Ball Mason jars but already have more than I can use.

multicolor blue insulator glass caps

SO many fun things to look through in this store.

And even saw this crazy thing too…

tall carvana glass building with cars inside

The Carvana glass building full of cars… wow.

We had a great day!
My hubby and her fiance joined us later for dinner. A wonderful day in Richmond…look forward to another when we go back to hit all the antique shops instead!

Now, what did I bring home to makeover??

Thrift store finds galore! Lots of goodies on this thrift store outing!

Some of the things I showed you already and a few you didn’t see yet.
LOTS of fun makeovers to come! Stay tuned!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Love all your finds, purchased or not! Our H4H Restore has been getting really pricey, but I still love the hunt! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your updates on the pieces you did get!

  2. That mustard chair in the 70’s room is the bomb! Some very cool stuff but the prices don’t seem thrifty. I guess it changes depending on the area. I’m totally jealous at all the thrift stores you have!!! Can’t wait to see what you do.

    1. Yes, thrifty doesn’t mean the same thing it used to, does it?! I am thankful we have so many to choose from here! So much fun to see what I can find each time. :)

  3. This post of yours made me laugh–the thrift stores in Gainesville, Fl are experiencing the same problem with inflation that you ran into. That is EXCEPT my favorite, the Humane Society Thrift store. INFLATATION!!! Hum they get everything donated!

  4. RVA is a decent place to thrift. Love Diversity Thrift. All kinds of good things for a good cause. Odd Balls is where I have a booth! Thanks for stopping by. Dust is new to me. Surprised you didn’t stop at Class & Trash. Two locations Scott’s Addition and on Rt.1 towards Ashland. Love your blog and posts 😍

    1. Fun to hop into places I’ve never been for sure! And oh yes, my daughter has taken me to Class & Trash before! Great one!! Scott’s Addition is the one we went to previously. I didn’t know about the other one, will have to check it out. My son goes to school up that way. :) xoxo

  5. What a great day! Thanks for bringing us along. I love the items in your haul, especially the wooden tray with the metal corners. May I say that you and your daughter look more like sisters!

    1. It was so fun!! I think we are going to do it again in a couple weeks and visit different stores next time! :) Aw thank you so much for that sweet compliment! :) xoxo

  6. Hi Nancy! Sounds like you had an awesome day with your daughter. Thrift store prices are outrageous. It doesn’t help us furniture flippers at all. I had a small secretary like the one you saw. I wish I had kept that one. I painted it in Vintage Duck eff. It was so pretty. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what you do with all of those goodies.

    1. Hi Cheryl! We had great fun! And look forward to doing it again soon too. I’ll bring y’all along that next time too! And yes, the prices really are crazy at most places now. :) xoxo

  7. Like everyone else, I cringe at the high prices these days. Since thrifting has become trendy, people will pay more, so stores can charge more. Our Restore and Goodwill have weekly price reductions, based on price tag color, and that’s the best time to shop.
    I’m amazed when people buy a Victorian settee, but I’ve seen them enameled in bright colors with vivid upholstery. Goes to show there’s something for everyone 😉
    I must visit Dust the next time I’m in Richmond – I think I love that teak lamp with the magazine rack attached to it! Worth a trip is the Goodwill outlet on Midlothian Pike – you pay by the pound instead of by the item. You have to be patient and sift through a lot of junk to find the few treasures, and I think it’s fun to do at least once!

    1. Thrifting has become trendy…yes, that is the truth exactly! And yes, I need to get better about shopping those sales at Goodwill, etc. You really can save if you do.
      And yes, me too, I would LOVE to see where that one went! (the Victorian piece)
      Dust was like walking through time…it’s a small place but fun to see for sure.
      Ohhh…thanks for that tip, my daughter and I are going to do this again in a few weeks so we will have to go there. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Marcie! xoxo

  8. You look like sisters! Just out of curiosity, how much were the blue mason jars and insulators? I just love the chest with the wavy drawers! Fun going with you. Where are we going next?

    1. I love that, thank you, Cecilia! :) I think they were around 15 to 20 each…and on sale. I didn’t buy any because I’ve already collected more than I can use!lol The wavy chest was so cool. Well…my daughter and I are going to do this again in a couple of weeks and visit different stores! Stay tuned! xoxo

  9. Your dating yourself AGAIN with the “Jetson’s” comment!!!! Some may not know what you are talking about….I do!!!!! BUT!!!! you are not dating yourself with the picture of you and your daughter!!! TWINS!!!! The wedding will be beautiful…I am sure.
    Nice haul…..and YES!!! Prices at the thrifts have gone up!!! I love to see haul posts!!!! Fun to see what is out there across the country.

    1. Yes!!! hahaha!! Oops! ;)
      And aw, thanks so much!!
      We had great fun and plan to do this again in a couple of weeks…different stores next time, stay tuned!! xoxo

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