Old Shutters Repurposed (into coastal photo art)

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Thrifted old shutters repurposed into a cool new photo display! Perfect for hanging on the wall and displaying your favorite photos. Thrifted old shutters repurposed into a cool new photo display for your favorite photos! Perfect for hanging on the wall. artsychicksrule.com

Hello beautiful friends!

I hope you had an amazing weekend! If you follow along with me on Instagram, you might have seen that my hubby and I had a pretty great one. Not only did we celebrate Father’s Day with family but we also celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on Saturday. We are “foodies” and love to try out different restaurants so I planned 4 different stops, from breakfast to dinner!
It was a full day, for sure. And it ended up being full of fun and new experiences. We had an amazing time but were ready to go home at the end of it all! haha

Tonight we are visiting yet one more new (to us) place (so keep an eye out on Instagram, I might share a photo or two ;) ) because… TODAY is our actual 30th-anniversary date.
We were married on June 22, 1991.

Oh my, how the time has flown.

Here is a little video of our lives together,  I thought I’d share it here.
(I couldn’t get my player to work so I just put it in a link below…click over if you’d like to watch…some photos are blurry but hey we are old so they are old, haha! ;) )

30th Anniversary Video Link

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Old Shutters Repurposed

white shutter blue photos

As far as projects, I’m sharing another one from the thrift run I did a few weeks back.

old wood shutters before brown

This old window shutter.

First I removed the outer hardware and filled the holes.

removing hardware from wood shutters

Then I spray painted the whole thing with an aqua color for the base color.

wood shutters painted aqua

After it was dry I painted it white.



painting white over the aqua

I didn’t really try to cover it fully because I wanted it to have a distressed look.

white wood shutters

However, one coat did cover pretty well.

Once that was dry, I sprayed these clips white…

6 small bronze clips

…glued them to the shutters and lightly sanded to distress to bring the pretty blue through.

white shutters distressed with blue underneath

On the back, I attached this hook to hang it and also stabilize it.

metal hangers on back

I flattened out and attached another one at the bottom to help keep it stable. (so it wouldn’t be bendy)

metal hook on back

Once that was done I printed some of our photos from one of our Florida trips and called it done!

white shutter with beach photos clipped

The hydrangeas came out of my yard. All different colors on 4 different bushes.
I put some from each in there.

white shutters with photos and pink flowers

I’m actually considering offering some of the photos I took in Florida as downloads for you guys. (to use framed, etc, in your home)
I’m also planning to take some photos in and around The Outer Banks.
Would you all be interested in something like that?

white shutter and bird on beach photo

blue water photo with seagull

sunset beach with sand and bird

white shutters with blue water beach scene photos

Up close of the distressing…

distressed white shutters with aqua up close

up close of white and blue shutters


Pretty simple makeover!

I think I might take this one to the beach house. (and replace with photos I take or have already taken of OBX scenery, of course!)

PIN it to save it!

Thrifted old shutters repurposed into a cool new photo display for your favorite photos! Perfect for hanging on the wall. artsychicksrule.com

Have a wonderful week! I’ll be back later this week with a really fun lamp makeover!

UPDATE!! See it now here!



  1. Happy Anniversary!! How wonderful!!! Great plan for your day yesterday and a bit today as well.
    I adore what you did with these shutters! Great idea and I think it would look great at your condo!
    Here’s to a completely delightful Anniversary today for you and your husband!!

  2. Love what you did with the shutters. They look marvelous.
    Beach photos to frame would be wonderful.
    Thanks for all your great tips and ideas.

  3. Love this, Nancy! I always see old shutters at the thrifts and think about redoing them. This looks so good, and not too hard to achieve, even for those of us who aren’t as talented as you are. Happy anniversary to you both, and many more!

  4. I love the shutter idea! I live in Florida, but your photography is far superior to mine! I would love some beach pics, especially some from the outer banks!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! This is so cute and looks very easy – I have a full shutter that is in my stash that I had no clue what to do with – now after seeing this I’m coming up with some ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Happy 30th Aniversary! I love the video pictures of you and your family. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy a “walk down memory lane” even if it is not mine! HA. Such a handsome family, too.
    Clever makeover for the shutters. I really do like the distressed look and I think this would make a perfect addition to your beach condo. BTW, I would love to see your pictures as downloads. You take some striking photos of the beach and the wildlife there! Thanks for sharing and continue to enjoy your special week.

    1. Thank you so much, Sue! :) And thank you for chiming in on the photos, I am glad to hear that! Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend! xoxo

  7. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful family and beautiful life y’all have created! Love the shutters. I have a set I’ve been pondering on; thanks for the inspiration! I have ties to Florida and OBX so would love to display your beautiful photos. (I’ll trade you some Oregon Coast photos 😁).

  8. Happy Anniversary, what a beautiful video, so many memories.
    Love your project…..I see them offer but never put photos and shutters together. Yes, I think your photos would be a great download.
    As always, thanks for your inspiration!! Here’s to another “30”!!!

  9. The shutters re-purposed look awesome – but def. the star is the showcasing of those amazing photos! I think making them available to your subscribers is a fantastic (and generous) idea!

    Happy Anniversary. Funny, my sister celebrated her 29th on Father’s Day – just a year behind you two. May you have another wonderful happy 30 years together. Hugs.

  10. I have some old shutters that I would like to paint, but I don’t know how to keep them functional. I mean that I would like the little louvers to still work. How do you keep the paint from keeping them permanently closed? Thanks!

    1. If you use spray paint and spray light thin coats, you should have any issue with that. I actually don’t want mine to move and they are kind of stiff. (but they already were before I painted) :) xo

  11. Nancy,
    The video was very sweet . Beautiful children, handsome husband, gorgeous wife!
    Thanks for sharing and congrats on your anniversary

  12. Your anniversary video is precious! Thanks for letting us peak into your last 30 years!!
    Congrats! xo

  13. Happy Anniversary! I have a question opposite of the one above…how to you get the levers to stop functioning? I have several I’d like to repurpose but don’t know exactly how to make them working, thank you! PS Thanks so much for the free printables!

    1. Mine were kind of stiff before I painted and don’t really move. You could put something on the back that would inhibit it. Like for example, glue or nail a piece of wood all the strips on the opposite side so it would make it impossible to move. Or even just nail one single piece so it doesn’t move and it will inhibit the rest from moving since they are all attached. That should do it! :)

  14. Love this simple yet so functional makeover! Your photos are amazing!! I know ya’ll had a wonderful anniversary..what a fun day you planned! Congratulations on 30 years of bliss! XOXO

  15. Hi Nancy,
    Did you ever download any of your beach photos? I would be interested in some for my beach-theme bedroom. Thank you.

    1. Hi Anna! No, I sure haven’t yet, sorry! I need get on that. I only have ones I’ve taken with my phone currently and they are probably not large enough to download and print. I will see if I can get some taken with my good camera in the next couple of weeks while we are down there. :) xo

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