Robin’s Egg Blue Beach Box Makeover (Budget Friendly Decor)

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Old flatware boxes are perfect for creating little decorative storage boxes, like this beach box I recently  made for our master bedroom.

Originally published 9-17-2015 Updated 2-15-24

Hello friends!! The master bedroom is rolling along. So excited to be putting all these pieces together for it.
I’ve got several other things to share yet but hoping the room will be done very soon.

In case you missed it before, or are new here, this is the mood board for the room.

bedroom mood board

You can read more about my plans and see more here. –>> “Master Bedroom Plans

I’ve already posted about the lamps I’ll be using on the nightstands.
They were a super thrifty find that I made over recently. –>> “Coastal Lamp Makeover

I’ve still got two “love” signs to make and a picture that I’m using from our Florida trip as a huge centerpiece over the bed.
I’ll be sharing all of that soon.

UPDATE: That is all past, we have changed (and changed!) our room since 2015. You can see some of the latest here. I’ll be doing a whole bedroom reveal in 2024.

But first, I found this silver/flatware box at the thrift store last week for a few dollars.

flatware box before

I come across these flatware boxes all the time.
They are great to makeover and use for storage or just pretty decor for the home.

And I turned it into this pretty Robin’s Egg Blue Beach Box

blue flatware box with shells on top

Quite the difference, huh? Like I always say, a little paint changes everything.

And yes, I know fall and summer are past but my home is decorated in a coastal style all year long.
Plus, this will be perfect in the master bedroom.

I gave the box a light sanding and cleaning as always.
Then I taped up the edge on the inside (I didn’t want that part painted)

inside flatware box red with tape

After that was done, I took it outside and sprayed it with Rust-Oleum Matte Robin’s Egg Blue Spray Paint. (<–I think that is now discontinued but this one is very similar!)
It’s a gorgeous color. Especially for spray paint, right?!

Robin’s Egg Blue Beach Box

Then I created this graphic for the top…..

beach graphic

I printed it out to the size I needed/wanted for the top of the box and then positioned it to transfer the image…
(You can see this post, and this one for more details on transferring images this way)

beach printable on top of box

I sometimes transfer using this method, however. (yet another way to do it)
For more transfer methods, see this post I’ve created of all the ones I use.
Click here, “How To Transfer Graphics

If I’m going to be painting with white for the lettering, I will usually use chalk or a white watercolor pencil (for the back transfer area).
But I went with pencil since I had such small writing at the bottom of this graphic.
I really wanted to make sure the bottom print would be visible enough to paint/color in.

Here it is transferred…

transferred with pencil beach graphic

Now all that’s left to do is “color it in”.
I sometimes use a tiny artist’s brush and hand paint it in but I used a  Chalk Ink Extra Fine pen this time instead. You could also use a paint pen too.
The Chalk Pen is washable (meaning you can remove it) so it needs to be sealed if you don’t want it to come off.
I liked that it was removable since I was doing such small lettering.
I’d be able to easily fix any mistakes, re-do and then seal when done.

colored in graphic with chalk pen

It didn’t take all that long to do this with the pen. Love that!
It would have been much more time-consuming if I had been using a small artist’s brush and paint.

I lightly sanded the lettering (and edges of the box to distress) and took it outside to spray with Rustoleum Pearl Mist (sooo pretty, I want to spray everything with it!).
Yep, I wanted it to have a pearly finish …..but oooops!!!

top after spraying with pearl paint

Darn. The pearly spray is so pearly my white lettering was all but invisible.
So I had to do it over. Whomp, whomp, whomp! (you can see where I’ve already done the first line again)

Thankfully, as I mentioned, it didn’t take long to do. (or I might have cried!!lol )

So I finished redoing the letters and then sealed them with  Krylon Crystal Clear Spray Paint.

blue beach box with shells

All is well that ends well, right? ;)

Sometimes things don’t go as planned but that’s okay. You know that if you’ve followed me for any length of time! ha!
Either fix it, start over, or throw it out the window!! Haha…okay, don’t do that last one. ;)

top of blue box with shells

I sprayed the handle with gold spray paint.
Such a beautiful shade of gold! Sort of vintage-looking.

blue box with seashells

I decided to go ahead and replace the inside with new fabric AFTER I finished painting the outside.

ripping inside out of box

Okay, and let me tell you, that is no joke! (I had to get the hammer out)
They really wanted that interior to last….and last and last. haha! Wow.

I am a little sad (and embarrassed) to say I knocked my (5-month-old) phone off the counter while trying to do this.
TWICE. Because apparently once wasn’t enough of a lesson –> to move my phone elsewhere.
Nope, I picked it up off the floor put it right back in the same spot, and got back to the removal process.
(which was tough…and quite jerky with the box…which then hit the phone again to the floor)
Can you guess what happened on the second fall? Yep, cracked screen right across the entire length of the phone.
Just take a look at the above photos where you can see the edge of it (right by where I’m working)….and right by the EDGE of the counter.

Oh well, it’s such a small thing in the scheme of things but darn that box and that stubborn interior. haha
I told my husband when he came home from work and he said “Why don’t you put your phone away from where you are working?”.
Haha…he’s so helpful. But it’s true, I should have.

Okay, back to the box, I got WAY off track there but I just had to share.
Keep the phones away from the workspace, y’all.

So I finally got all of that out but it was still a mess inside. No way all that glue was coming out and it was bumpy. Yuck.

I decided to cut a piece of an old car cloth to use on the bottom to hopefully smooth that bumpy bottom.
If I had had some felt, or something similar, I’d have used that instead. (it would have disguised the bumpiness better)
But I wanted to go ahead and finish this thing up.

fixing inside of bottom box

I hot glued it to the bottom and then cut the fabric to size and hot glued it over it and the rest of the interior.

pretty blue and coral fabric

No real tutorial here as I winged it! I laid it in and folded it under at the edges. Then I ironed those edges so they’d be thin and tight.
I came back and hot-glued it methodically down the box.
I did have to cut a bit more but I just went bottom down, side to side.
Sorry, I don’t have a tutorial for this. Next time.

Does that fabric look familiar, by the way?
It’s a Waverly fabric and the same one that I used on this little chair here –> “Vanity Chair Update

Here is how it ended up…

fabric inside box with shells

Not too bad!

before and after inside box

And much better than what was there…for our purposes anyway.
I plan to let my husband use this for his wallet, watches, rings, glasses, change, etc in our bedroom.
It will be a nice spot for him to keep his stuff tidy. (although I don’t think he was thrilled with the pink interior, hee, hee!)
Oh well, it matched, it was leftover material and no one else will ever see it or know….except all of you! lol

before and after outside box

The master bedroom is coming along nicely. (UPDATE: And it’s coming along nicely in 2024 too!! lol We are in the midst of “re-doing” some things again since this post was originally written)
I have mirrors, yay! If you don’t follow along on Instagram, you may have missed those.
I found them at the HomeGoods/TJ Maxx store but they were the wrong color (but the RIGHT price).
I posted over on Instagram the other day showing the new gold shade they are now (same as the handle on the box).
Sadly, I’m still on the search for nightstands. I’m hoping to find them soon so I can wrap this room up!
Another update! Funnily enough, I never found them. I just redid the ones we had (and redid them AGAIN here). Only recently, in 2024, did I finally come across the perfect ones! You can see them here.

Want to see how I turned this same “beach” graphic/printable into a pillow?
Click here to see!

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Robin's Egg Blue Beach Box - (Thrifted Flatware Box Makeover) - BEFORE - #beachdecor #coastal #DIY artsychicksrule

Want to see more?? You can check out a bunch of flatware boxes (and jewelry boxes) I’ve redone here >>> Flatware and Jewelry Box Makeovers

And my latest on here!

See it here, now!

Happy weekend, friends!



  1. Pretty, Nancy! I still am hoping to run across a flatware storage box when I’m thrifting. This is going to be perfect to corral your husband’s things. Knowing my husband, he’d just put his things on top or beside the box….

  2. This is brilliant, I need to do more DIY, off to investigate the other boxes you’ve done. I love the colours, I can see that your husband may not be as impressed, I however think they’re wonderful :) Shame about your phone though.

    1. Thank you Aine! :) Yes, but he’ll be okay!! And yes, bummed about the phone but it’s okay, I’ve gotten fairly used to that crack being there now!

  3. Nancy is so delicate…. These moments you’re projecting& making your loved project ( master bed) are unique, I can’t wait to see the whole project. Meanwhile keep on posting this beautiful pieces.


  4. Absolutely beautiful. I have a silverware box in my garage that belonged to my parents and has been around over 50 years. I now know what to do with it to preserve it.

  5. I have a ton of cigar boxes my b-i-l brings from work. They are fairly delicate even when made from wood. I suspect your box is some sort of sterling or plate flatware storage box. The interior construction gives it away. I have a couple from marriage #1, but they still contain the original sterling…that never gets used.

    1. Oh yes, Anna, that is exactly what this one is. (or was! ;) ) They are usually made so nicely and so make a good repurpose for other uses.
      None of the ones I’ve come across have ever still contained the silver though!

  6. It looks so pretty Nancy! You have more patience than I do to try and get out all the inside fabric. Love the color, cant wait to see your bedroom makeover. Have a great day!! :))

    1. Thank you Sandra! :) Yes, that was definitely a lesson in patience! I had already started so had to finish but oh boy!
      Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Rose! :)
      Thank you! Oh, they sound like a beautiful gift.
      Thanks for linking up the story too! Will stop by and read.
      Have a great weekend!

  7. I just passed up a silverware chest! Who’da thunk? I love waiting to see what little project you’ve finished. They are all so beautiful & fun! Thanks for all the links to transfer methods. I almost felt this post was especially for this old lady! lol.

    1. Oh no! ;) That’s okay, I’d be willing to bet you’ll come across another.
      So happy you like the projects. They are fun to do! :)
      Oh yes, and you are so welcome. I just don’t want anyone to feel they can’t do this.
      Anyone can! The transfer methods make it so simple. (and there are those several ways)
      Hope you have a great weekend Carol!

  8. Have to say I’m very impressed with the few things I have seen so far, I’m older, but am new to DIY. It’s been many years since I’ve done anything. Your giving me some great ideas! Thank you for sharing!
    Sincerely JK Snow

    1. Thank you Joan :)
      And that’s great! If you do make or create something send me a photo! I love to see what others are doing too.
      Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Marie!! Thank you! :) And yes, sooo masculine, lol.
      Yes, the phone issue does suck but I’ve gotten used to the crack going across the screen…sort of. ;)
      Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I just love your stuff!!! I bought the robin egg blue and painted a wrought iron towel holder. Yup used the whole can. Buying more soon as I always want a can of that on hand. Going to tackle a silverware box tomorrow. Keep up the inspirations.

    1. Aw thanks so much Vicki! :) And yay!! Isn’t that Robin’s Egg color so pretty? It’s the perfect shade of blue.
      Good luck on the box!! How fun!!

  10. This project is fantastic and just tugging at my heart! I am squealing here in delight as I have a silverware storage box exactly like this. I have several cigar boxes too…woo hoo! Mine has all the silver plated flatware (full set!) and I paid $20 for the whole thing at a garage sale. I didn’t want the silverware but figured that when I finish the box, I could gift the whole thing or whatever. My original idea was to paint it white and stencil the top with french text but I like your duck egg blue very much. The inside is exactly like yours, I may need to keep it as is to fit the silverware…thanks so much for sharing amazing projects!! You sure are a talented chick!

    1. Oh my goodness Rupa!! What a great find! Mine were empty. :)
      And thank you so much for the very kind words too!!!
      Good luck with your project and have fun.

  11. That is one pretty box. Now with the corona virus I can’t go out and shop the thrift stores. I will be looking online for things to do with what I’ve got. (I wish I could go out.) Thank you for always having great ideas. May you and your family be safe and healthy.

    1. Thank you, Marian! Yes, true!! I am glad to have a small stash from previous shopping trips…thankfully! I can stay busy and share here on the blog. And thank you, may you and yours stay safe and healthy too! xoxo

  12. I laugh reading your posts! You’re so honest about all the “dumb” stuff we all do! The box turned out beautiful! Love the color!

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