Flipping Smalls #1

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Flipping smalls today! Two fun makeovers using transfers to completely transform them and get them ready for some reloving! 

Hello wonderful friends!! I have recently picked up a bunch of smalls from the thrift store so thought I’d start a new series called “Flipping Smalls”.
I do lots of smalls so thought this would be a good way to share several at a time.

Today I am sharing two but I will share 2-4 most times, depending on size and what I’m doing to them. So two for the price of one today! Haha!

Smalls are fun and a great way to dip your toe into the thrifting/makeover world. It’s the perfect way to try out a new technique, practice with transfers, and more. Plus you can create fun new decor items for your home too.

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Flipping Smalls #1

Here are the two small items I am making over.

smalls before makeover

A small keepsake/music box and an off-white metal container with handles.


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I painted the small keepsake/music box white with white spray paint.

small white box

The entire thing! Yes, it was made to have a photo or something there but the hard film on top had yellowed terribly. Instead of replacing I just decided to paint it all and put something pretty there.

I used the Butterfly Dance transfer for this. I cut out some of the “words” and put them on the top.

small white box with words tranfsfer on top

Similar to what I did with this >> Butterfly Tray that I loved so much! (and gifted to one of you several years ago)

Then put a pretty blue butterfly over top of it.

small white box with blue butterfly

Then I put a little floral surprise inside, of course!

small white box with pink flower inside

As you can see, I also decided to lightly sand all the edges. It just felt like it needed some distressing to me!

small white box with pink and green flower and stem

small white box with words and blue butterfly

I gave it a quick spray with the topcoat (linked above) and done!

For this one, I had considered painting it but I thought the finish was perfect. Plus I loved the gold rim.

I cut one of the sheets in the “Bright Meadow” (also linked above) transfer set to fit this side.

small white canister with pink flowers

And used what was left over for the other side even though it was shorter.

small white container with pink florals on the side

Where there was space up top I thought I’d put these words from the Butterfly transfer.

small container with pink florals and words on side

But I ended up only using one and liking the offset way I applied it.

pink florals and words on side of container

small container with pink floral transfer

I put the other set of words I was going to use there inside instead.

small container with words inside rim


Then I surprise flower down on the bottom inside.

small container with pink flower inside bottom

It’s amazing to me what a little decorating in the form of transfers does to a piece.

white container with pink floral transfer white flowers inside and little white box

Hard to believe these are the same two pieces!

little white box with blue butterfly on top

little white box open with pink flower

white box with blue butterfly

white container with pink florals on side

white container with pink florals and words

How pretty is that now?

white container with pink flower in bottom

white container with pink florals and white flowers inside

Both are all ready to be reloved!

Here are a few more of the smalls I found recently (plus more not photographed!). AND another flatware box! Yippee! This one even has a drawer on the bottom (I cut off the photo where the knobs are but there is a drawer there at the bottom).

cart full of thrifted finds smalls

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Flipping smalls today! Two fun makeovers using transfers to completely transform them and get them ready for some reloving! artsychicksrule.com

Have a wonderful week! I’ll see you right back here on Thursday!



  1. Those smalls really do need lovin’ and I’m so glad you have decided to take them on! They’re great also for when the furniture sales droop a little. Love what you did to both of them.
    How did you get the top edge color on, or was it already colored?

  2. Both of these makeovers are beautiful, Nancy. I want to learn to use transfers. Do you have a post with a tutorial for applying them? It looks really easy. Is there a specific surface that would be best to start with for a beginner?

    1. Thank you, Naomi!! Oh they are pretty easy to use but yes, I think I will write a post on this. Maybe add some video if I can too! Stay tuned, will try to get it done in the next two weeks! xo

  3. Hi Nancy! That planter turned out so beautiful! That transfer made a statement for sure. I love it. Thank you for sharing that with us. I remember I copied your butterfly tray a couple of times years ago and they sold right away. I just made another one but i didnt put the writing down and it does look empty. :(

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