Flipping Smalls #2

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Flipping smalls take two! These thrifted small decor pieces are a great way to decorate your home on a budget!

Hello sweet friends!

I’m sharing a couple of small makeovers today! Smalls are fun to play around with. The sky is kind of the limit with these. You can do just about anything without too much of an investment or worry that you may mess up, right?

Smalls are great to decorate with too. I love thrifting and snagging a deal when decorating my home. I’ve done it many, many (MANY) times over the years.

I had planned 3 different makeovers but one is a basket that I decoupaged with napkins and it was just way too many photos for this one post. I’ll be sharing that one on Thursday instead.

Flipping Smalls #2 (the mirror)

The first one up is this Dollar Store mirror I’ve had for a few years. I bought it to decorate with and never ended up using it.
I did use this other one that I got at the same time in our office makeover though!

photo of office with white desk and tan chair

Here is the one I’m making over today. (the one above was exactly like this, a different style that I also painted)

small black mirror with gold accents

I decided to paint it in Copper Metallic Paint.


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painting mirror copper color

One coat was all that was needed. It didn’t need to be covered fully.

painting over copper color with blue color

Once that was dry I did one quick coat of the French Eggshell.

And then I got a damp paper towel to wipe off some of the paint before it dried.

wiping the blue off to reveal the copper on the edges

I wanted to reveal the Copper underneath.

small bottle of gold paint

Once I was satisfied with that, I used our Gold Metallic to just hit the edges with.

using finger to apply gold paint

To get the paint off the mirror I just used a little razor. I came right off.

That’s it! A brand new look for this little Dollar Store find.

up close of blue/copper/gold mirror

I love the glimmer of gold.

framed print, seashell and small painted mirror

framed print, mirror and seashell

It would be sweet in any grouping like this. Or on a shelf. You could add it to a wall grouping too.
Lots of things you can do with these small mirrors.

This is where I ended up putting it. (in our laundry room – that yes, we are still giving a mini (sort of) makeover to…new print up top too!)

mirror in tray on shelf in laundry

And you’d never guess you paid $1 for it!

Flipping Smalls #2 (the 3 hanging wall plaques)

3 small plaques with words and fruit images

I knew immediately what I’d do with these when I bought them at the thrift store.

Paint the indented lettering black…

painting the words black

…then use my micro roller to paint over it in white. Leaving behind the black in the indented areas.

rolling white paint over plaques

Well boo. That didn’t go as planned!! haha!! The indented areas (most of them anyway, some were deeper than others) were not deep enough.

So I had to go back over them. I used our Antique Brown glaze and some black paint.

painting the words/lettering black

I didn’t want it too dark so that is why I added the glaze.

Wax on, wax off. lol No, but really, paint on, then wipe off.

wiping away excess black


3 white and black plaques

Some of the “indented” lettering was mostly flat so it didn’t really stay well. That’s okay, I wasn’t going for perfection. I like the little bit of worn look.

I decided to use these florals from the transfer I linked above in the “Materials List” block.

three plaques with floral transfers laying on them

And I positioned them like so.

transfers laying on plaques in the way that they will go

Ta-da! A brand new look!

three white hanging square plaques with flowers on each

They’d be pretty hanging in a bathroom maybe?

3 white decorative hanging plaques with flowers and black lettering

Or a girl’s room.

up close of pink flower

Love them so much better.

front view of floral transfer wall plaques

There are SO many smalls at the thrift store that just need a little makeover to freshen them up and/or bring them up to date. Or just change them to your liking! Lots of ways to decorate on a budget, for sure.

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Flipping smalls take two! These thrifted small decor pieces are a great way to decorate your home on a budget! artsychicksrule.com

Have a wonderful week! I’ll see you right back here on Thursday!



  1. Hi Nancy! I love painting smalls. Taking something ugly and giving it a whole new look. Much better!

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