Two Trays, Two Ways

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Two trays two ways!! Fun with decor transfers and updating old, boring finds, turning them into glam new decor!

Hello beautiful friends! Today I am sharing two trays, two ways. Fun, fun!

These two trays are part of my recent shopping trip that I shared in my last post. You can catch a glimpse of them in my cart here >>> Flipping Smalls #1
I thought I’d jump right in and makeover these two small trays.

Two Trays, Two Ways

Here they are “before”.

two white trays before

One is a simple, “cheapy-ish” tray (on the right) but no worries, I am going to make it look so NOT cheapy-ish!
The one on the left is actually for Restoration Hardware.

backside of white tray with restoration hardware stamp

I didn’t have to do much to the Restoration Hardware tray. I love that it was heavy-weight and polished-looking to begin with.
Very well made.


These are the decor transfers I am using.

two transfers on counter

I had thought I’d add all of these florals from this transfer.

white tray with pink and purple flowers

But as usual, I decided to do the “less is more”.

I knew for sure I wanted to change the stark, shiny silver edge so I pulled out my Bronze Gilder’s paste.

bronze gilder's paste

I just love this shade!

Just look at that. #hearteyes!

bronze gilder's paste before and after

And it’s so easy too. I just rub it onto my finger and then onto the metal.

Once that sat for a day or so, I finished by spraying it with a “triple glaze” topcoat for a shiny look.

gold rimmed white tray with pink flowers

Beautiful!! And what a difference, right??
Simply beautiful.
It’s funny how the creative process goes, isn’t it?? Or maybe it’s just me.
I always start out wanting to fill every single space but as I go I decide to go a different route. Usually a much more simplified, less balanced route. The “less is more” route. Which funnily enough ends up looking just right.

Do you do that too?? Just me??

The second tray, two trays two ways…

black metal tray with white gilded florals

…got spray painted with a Satin Black spray paint.

Then I decided to add these “gilded” (pretty “hint of gold”) florals.
As I usually do, (and as mentioned above), I added more but chose less in the end.

Guess what? I only ended up using the main piece. I saved the other smaller pieces for another day…and another project!

rubbing on the transfer

Transfers are so easy to use. I know they can look intimidating but I promise, easy!! I’m going to do a post with all the details this week or next. Stay tuned as it will be a good one to save for future reference.

Since I’m using gilded florals, I also wanted to put some gold wording too so pulled out this transfer.

gold French transfer

It’s a gorgeous transfer and I didn’t want to “disturb” it too much by taking away something that would affect the overall look.
So I settled on the “38 rue Bourbon, 38” section that I could easily omit from the full design for later use.

black tray with white florals and gold accents

So even though I painted this tray black I knew I wanted the handles to be gold so I needed to cover everything well so I could spray paint the handles.
Of course, I have metallic paints I could use but sometimes it’s just so darn easy (and quick) to just spray paint it!

plastic bag covered tray with tape

Plastic grocery bags are great for this and my favorite Frog Tape “delicate surfaces” since I recently painted the black areas.

plastic bag covered tray with gold sprayed handles

This works great!

gold sprayed handle

I love the “hammered” paint, especially for this metal type of tray.

As long as you tape well, and make sure your bags have no gaps, you are good to go.

up close of finished gold sprayed handle and black tray

I just love the gold handles and how glam this little nothing to look at tray is so pretty now!

gold and black tray with white floral and gold lettering

I finished this one with a matte spray topcoat. (I didn’t want this one “shiny”)

black tray on dresser with gold birds and white florals in white vase

And the other one…

gold and white tray with pink florals

gold and white tray with pink florals and gold birds

So, so pretty with the “gold” (which is actually called Bronze…it’s just a very rich color).

gold and white tray decorated on dresser

How much fun is it to update plain and boring ‘ole trays like this!

two trays after makeover

And aren’t they so much better??

Pretty and ready to be reloved!

PIN it to save it for later!

Two trays two ways!! Fun with decor transfers and updating old, boring finds, turning them into glam new decor!

Have a wonderful week, friends! Get crafty! ;)



  1. Wow just WOW! You knocked this one out of the park for a double home run!!! At first I thought meh this one is going to be so so. I absolutely love both trays. You amaze us all with your talent and I’ll stay tuned always

    1. Aw, thanks so much Debora!! I’m never quite sure how things will turn out but it’s fun when they turn out like I hoped! ;) Thank you again! xoxo

  2. Stunning trays! Didn’t think tray with handles could look so good – I was wrong! You are remarkably creative!! Did you put a sealer on the trays???

    1. Thank you, Laura! Those handles are what makes that one I think. I am so glad I decided to paint them gold! And yes, I sure did! Oops though I listed them in the “materials list” but then forgot to talk about them!! I used two different sealer sprays. (one glossy and one matte) xo

  3. Love the tray outcomes. My fav is the black!!! Probably cuz my living room and dining room are cream, blue and black.
    Look forward to more projects,

  4. So much better now, Nancy! You really showed restraint on both, I can imagine how hard it is to keep from covering the entire surface but they definitely benefited from the “less is more” treatment 😁

    1. Thank you, Marcie! I know, haha, I always want to fill it up!! But then I back it back down every time. I’m glad I do because it’s always so much better than my initial “vision”! xo

  5. Beautiful as always. Anxious to see the upcoming post on doing transfers. Could I ask you about the bronzing paste.Do you, or does it require to be sealed? I would like to use it on cupboard hinges. And thanks for advising that the bronze color can look like gold without being shiny or brassy.

    1. Thanks, Susan! Yes, I will write that very soon. :) The Bronze paste does not have to be sealed, no, but you can if you choose. You can definitely use it on hinges. I’ve done that and more. (and my light fixtures too) :)

  6. Those are yummy. You did it again, as always, lady! I hope I can continue to learn from all of you upcycle experts. You continue to make me a better designer.

  7. I’ve followed you for years & usually like/love almost everything you create. However, while think the white tray is awesome, my favorite is the black. I agree “less is more” for the white tray, but the flowers on the black tray just aren’t enough (for me). It almost looks as if you were being stingy with your transfers (oooh, I hate to criticize your hard work!). Like everything else about the trays…

    1. Hi Patti! No worries at all!! Everyone likes what they like and that’s okay! I like to hear other viewpoints so please feel free to share! xo

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