First Thrift Shopping Trip of 2024!

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First thrift shopping venture of 2024! Fun, fun, found lots of cool stuff!

Hello sweet friends!

Guess what I did this weekend? I went thrift store shopping for the first time in a long time…and of course the first of 2024! It had been way too long. I do have several larger pieces in the garage that I am slowly working on but I had nothing small to share with you guys.

So it was definitely time!

Somehow, I managed to buy THREE things that I did not get photos of though! Duh! Who knows with me. lol
You’ll just have to wait and see those I guess. Most of everything I’m sharing is really cool pieces that I came across that I thought you’d love to see.

Have you been thrift shopping this year yet? Find anything good??

First Thrift Shopping Trip of 2024

wood chest with carvings

Look at that detail. How unique is that?

price tag on wood chest, 70

wood curved chairs

Pretty wood chairs, just need new seats!

wood flatware box

Since I was mainly looking for small things, you know flatware box came home with me!

poker table with green felt top and wood chairs

Check this one out. A poker table, I think that might be a first for me!
That’d be fun if you had a game room.

wood ornate cabinet with glass center area door

So much detail. They don’t really go with the style of my home but I do love them so.

wood sideboard with curved glass doors, ornate carvings and mirror

Curved glass doors on this one. So beautiful.

mcm with greek key hardware china cabinet

I have something I’m looking to do in our house (changeup) and I really wanted to take this one home with me to re-do. But it was much too wide for where I wanted to put it so I had to pass.

victorian hall tree

Isn’t this hall tree so unique and amazing? Would be beautiful refinished and in the right home.

wood dresser with very heavy, ornate pulls and decorative mirror

Another very ornate piece! Look at those drawer pulls. Wow.

small round coffee table with glass top

Considered bringing this one home to do something with but decided against it.

small gold metallic pedistool type table

How about a metal table? Not for me. ha!

circle weaved trunk

This one would be so cute in a teen girl’s room. It’s kinda groovy, haha, love it.

wood end table with cane doors

I see this one painted and in a coastal-styled home. What do you think?

old wood desk with folding top open

This one was SO unique! I’ve never seen anything like it. In this photo, it is open with the top folded back and part of it standing up.

old wood desk with top closed

And this is how it looks closed. Wild, right??

old wood desk with folding top open

And open again but with the entire top folded down.
I considered this one too! But I can’t buy any other larger pieces right now. lol

wood piano top closed

Look at this gorgeous piano. I think the price was 3k+ and you aren’t allowed to open/touch it.

picture of piano open

So they put this photo on top to show how it looks open. Isn’t it just so amazing??

old very ornate organ/piano

And look at the detail on this one. I love all the craftsmanship they used to put into old furniture.

square end tables with lip edge

Can you guess what my first thought was when I saw these??
Perfect tops for tile!! Did you guess right??

price tag 25 for the pair of end tables

And not a bad price for two!
I really should have bought this set. But I got distracted looking at some other pieces and then forgot. I might try to go back for them but at that price, I doubt they’ll be there!

large black nightstand

Two wood nightstands…

large black nightstand

…exactly like a pair I bought a couple of months ago for our bedroom! SAME exact. I couldn’t believe it.
This set was $30 for each, not bad at all, and about the same as I paid for the set I got at a different thrift store.
Do you know how expensive nice, heavy, wood nightstands are? I was not about to pay it! lol So I’ve been looking for several years, thrift stores, FB, for the right width (needed to not be too wide) and height (wanted taller) plus wood, and finally found this set. Stay tuned for them…I’m hoping to share them on Thursday!

old gold frame print of girl playing piano and girl playing violin

Lastly, I saw this one and thought, hmm, that feels like it might be worth something.
So I looked it up! Sure enough, Ebay has one for $1275 and one for $2000 listed. Another auction site said the value of this print (in this frame) is around $700-1,000. I saw others listed for less but they weren’t in this frame. It seems this frame, from my research, is the original and brings a higher price. I paid $50, so we’ll see!!

And that’s it! Except for the other 3 things that I bought. Silly me forgetting to take photos of them!

First thrift shopping venture of 2024! Fun, fun, found lots of cool stuff!

Did you enjoy seeing all these ornate wood pieces?? It’s amazing the work and craftsmanship back in the day. In houses too. Just so much care and thought put into things. Sad that we have lost that somewhat these days.

Have you ever found something worth anything at the thrift store? I have really too much. Small things, yes, but nothing like the print above.
I do have an old pencil drawing that I found some years back. I briefly looked it up but didn’t find too much and just put it away. I need to pull that out and see if that one may be worth something too!

Have a great week!



  1. Can’t wait to hear an update on the value of the picture! That would be awesome to score such a find!
    Here in Maryland, the thrift stores have really been lacking and the prices have gotten pretty high on most things. It’s crazy when I see stuff that came from Dollar tree for $2 in Goodwill! I am leaning more heavily into marketplace finds here.

    1. I know, I can’t wait to dig a little deeper on that. I’ll definitely update once I know more. And yes, I couldn’t believe the finds I came across this weekend. Definitely not the norm lately, for sure! And oh my gosh, I have seen the same with those cheapie things at the thrift store like that! So crazy. FB Marketplace can be good!

    1. Yes, it was surprising to me there were so many! You should come this way sometime!! I used to go over your way periodically in the early days. (before we did our videos) I don’t have it in me these days!! Haha!! Only if I can see you would it be worth it!! ;) xoxo

  2. Wowowow!!!! That hall tree and the piano! Gorgeous!!!! And what a find on the picture! The thrifting world is definitely better in your neck of the woods than mine! LOL!

    1. Isn’t that hall tree stunning? So different and unique! The piano was amazing too. I know, I can’t wait to dig in on the photo to see what I can find out! Stay tuned on that! xoxo

  3. Hi Nancy, I look forward to seeing what you do with the table that has the cane fronting. I have something so identical, but much much smaller and don’t really know what to do with it. Also, the hutch that has the in lays is attractive, and reminds me of my bedroom set that is Mostly oak, but has an inlay design just like the hutch. Again, would love to paint it all white but not touch the inlay. Good luck. Look forward to your ideas. Dawn.

    1. Aw, I did not get that one Dawn! I left a few behind that I wish I hadn’t! But I’m trying not to buy large pieces right now because I have 4 pieces of medium to large in the garage that need to go first! ;) I’d buy them ALL if I had a warehouse for them! lol It’s so hard to pass them up, to be honest. xo

  4. I never find good stuff like this in Utah! What store were you shopping? Can’t wait to see what you do with the things you did buy. That picture is amazing!

    1. This particular store is really more of an estate store. They buy estates and sell in the store. (I’m in Coastal Virginia) I’ll be sharing them soon! xo

  5. I do love an antique hall tree, and the desk that folded up was amazing. But I can’t see anyone paying $350 for it. Can’t believe you didn’t take the end tables. They definitely say Nancy-tile-top all over them 😁

    1. The hall tree was so cool but yes, so was that desk. I have never seen anything like it! So odd, almost looked like a door on top when it was closed. But I would not have paid $350 for it. Well…funny you say that, guess what I did today??? I went back for the end tables and they were still there! Now they are home with me! Yippee!

  6. Soo many nice pieces ! Hard to find vintage furniture in my area of CO – near Denver. :(
    I love the curved glass cabinet, and also the taller one with the oval ish glass in the door.
    My grandparents loved local auctions – estate sales. They refinished several. I have one of the simple ones.
    I look forward to your creations !!
    And I hope you find more about the art piece. Verrry interesting.

    1. Yes, so many wonderful ones, most of those all in one place too! What a nice treasure you have. :)
      And thank you, yes, I’ll definitely update on that one!

  7. Would you share where this store is? I’m guessing on the boulevard, but would love to know where since I live in the area.


  8. WOW. Our thrift stores are nothing like that one. Holy moley.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve done – and do hope those little “needs tile” tables are there when you go back. You do tile work on tables so well, Nancy.

  9. Hi Nancy,
    I look at everything u and Christy do. She did a black and gold French Provincial dresser for me. My daughter lives in Poquoson and I would love to know what store that was! We hang out a lot and I would love to take her there. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Cheryl! Oh, that’s awesome, bet it’s a beauty!
      And of course! It’s called The Yard Sale and is in Newport News VA. (right off Mercury Blvd in Newmarket Square) Have fun! xo :)

  10. Nice group of stuff. WOW!!! If you kill it on the picture….I am keeping fingers crossed so you do! I love those rattan/wicker type chest….BUT…I stay away. Fearful of BEDBUGS and eggs hiding in there!!! Not only from owners here but maybe from Taiwan, Viet Nam and all the other countries where they make them. I am very careful for baskets too. I spray with bug killer or alcohol and then give a good washing and a hot sun dry.
    YES!!! those tables are perfect for tiles!!!!…Just what I need!!!!!……….AD xoxo

    1. I hope I do!! Haha!! Wouldn’t that be cool after all these years of thrifting? To actually find a treasure? I will keep y’all update, for sure!
      And ugh! I didn’t even think of that. Yikes but there has been a resurgence of those pesky boogers so I need to be more careful about that. Yuck!
      I went back for those tables…got ’em! :) xo

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