Create a Vintage Look with Paint

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Create a vintage look simply with paint! Very quickly add “age” to just about anything, can be used on decor, mirrors, and furniture too!

Hello friends! I know I said I would try to be back today with the nightstands but, well, we hit a snag! haha! That’s always fun, isn’t it? Not. Nope.

But it happens. 

So, they were completely finished and all was well. Then they had to go up to our bedroom. They are SUPER solid and heavyweight, so we took the drawers out (as per usual when moving furniture) to move them up the stairs. Some of the drawer glides were already a little janky but they got super janky upon putting them back in. Several need replacing. My sweet husband is working on that as I type this. So hopefully we will have them ready in our room to share next week! Stay tuned.

I thought, well, I’ll make over one of the smaller finds from this weekend’s thrift store shopping. I can get it done this morning and photo/write this afternoon, right? Will surely try!
But then I realized they were still in the back of my husband’s truck. We both forgot to unload!! (it’s covered) lol And of course, he was not home.
So, take two. I’ll run up to the local thrift store here in town and see if they have something I can change up and make beautiful quick-like.

And they did!

A set of 3 pedestal candlesticks of varying heights. Plus a set of two tall, glass stem globe style candlesticks. Yay!

I took them up to the register to check out and one lady took the glass ones to wrap with newspaper. The other lady grabbed the 3 pedestal ones (they are made of a resin material) and dropped them into a paper bag. (literally dropped them) They made a terrible clanking sound and I looked up with wide eyes like “Uh-oh”. And she said, “Oh, don’t worry, those won’t break”.

So I finished paying grabbed my items and started to leave. I happened to look in my bag on the way out and saw that one of them did indeed break. I was so bummed! My nice set of 3 was now 2. Boo.

Then when I got home, I was oh so carefully unwrapping the glass ones and I hit the corner of the base a little too hard on the countertop and you guessed it!! Haha! I broke part of it off.

Gosh, batting a thousand today, aren’t I?!

So today, I am sharing two very simple makeovers with these 2 sets of 2 thrifted candlesticks.

Create A Vintage Look With Paint

candlesticks before

Here is how they started.

MATERIALS SOURCE LIST To Create a Vintage Look with Paint

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And here is the broken base of the glass one.

broken glass candlestick base

I attempted to glue it. Eh, not the best but it’ll do!

So these were pretty straightforward and definitely simple!

glass globe candlesticks with gold stem bases

All I did with these two (besides clean them up really well) was paint the base hammered gold. That’s it!

up close of glass candlesticks with gold stem bases

But look at how different they look now.

These were $3 each. So $6 for the pair.

table with tray and decorative spheres and 2 candlesticks

I looked online to see how much these sell for and found these:

My find was not too bad at $6! I’m guessing there were 3 originally.

The next set got a good cleaning and then also spray painted. 

SPRAY PAINT (your choice of colors, but something metallic is best)

candlesticks painted dark metallic silver

But I had a “look” planned for them and this was not it. This hammered pewter shade was just the first step…and what would end up being the “base”.


I pulled out my Parchment paint because it is a nice, cool white, and thought it’d be perfect for the cooler pewter color.

painting white over silver

Then I simply started adding paint right over top of the spray-painted candlestick.


I used a dry old t-shirt cut into squares to “wipe away” the paint.

old t-shirt

You’ll want to work quickly so that the paint does not dry before you have a chance to wipe away.

base of candlestick paint wiped away

Wipe, leaving it behind mostly in the crevices but also a thinnish layer everywhere.

I worked in sections so the paint would not dry before I could wipe it away.

painting the next section

And repeat, for each section.

painting the last section

Pretty simple, really but gives it such an interesting look! And if you make a mistake, it’s so easy to just go back over it with more paint and wipe again.

A little visual for you to see how they looked “before” and now with the addition of the vintage paint “wash”.

one candle stick with paint added, one without


Once they were dry, I decided to add this Beeswax Finish to protect them and also to give them a little sheen. You don’t have to as Fusion Mineral Paint does not require a finish coat. However, if you use chalk paint or something similar, you will want to add a finish coat of some sort.

beeswax finish in hand

Simply apply and rub away the excess.

applying the wax to candlestick

Then I buffed them up and done!

These were the only candles I had. And they are a solid “no” colorwise with these candlesticks, haha!

two candlesticks on table with cream colored candles

I think I need to create a vintage look with those candles too! ;)

Anyway, I did want to show what they looked like with candles on top.

two candlesticks on table without candles

A few up-close shots…

up close of candlesticks

up close of candle finish

I really love this vintage-looking finish. It can be used on so many things, even furniture details.

lantern seashell and candlestick on fireplace

Nice sheen they have now with the addition of the Beeswax Finish.

I looked online to see how much these sell for too and found these:

Still, not bad at $3 for the whole set! (and this set actually was 3)

These were both oh-so-easy to makeover! And quickly too. Just can’t beat the savings!

painted candlesticks on kitchen island

Think you’ll give creating a vintage look a whirl?? Try it on something small like this. Something with lots of detail for sure.
Maybe an old mirror, perhaps??

PIN it to save it!

Create a vintage look simply with paint! Very quickly add "age" to just about anything, can be used on decor, mirrors, and furniture too!

You might enjoy this similar project below:

gold base with white inside details

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And another set I did some years back.

See what I did to them, here!

I hope you enjoyed these quick and easy makeovers today! And learning about creating a vintage look with paint.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!



    1. Thanks, Cheryl!! And oh gosh, they do look like cement!! Might have to do this on my large plastic urn/planters that my ferns are in!! Would love the look of cement/plaster for those. Stay tuned! ;)

  1. Both sets are so pretty. I especially like the crystal ones with the painted base. Seems to really bring out the sparkle of the crystal. Also love the ones you did previously that were aqua that you added to.

  2. Both sets look really great! What did you do to the broken base? I would have considered throwing out the whole glass, but you managed to save it. Great job!

    A friend gave me two candlesticks that are maroon. YUCK! Can’t wait to get some paint on those babies! lol

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Nancy. My grandson is also celebrating his birthday today. He is 222. and the love of my life.
    I hope you have a most wonderful day with lots of fun and cake.
    Sue Mc

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