Repurposed Dresser Ideas (perfect for storage!)

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Repurposed Dresser Ideas – SO many uses, such great ideas for storage and decor! Get a sneak peek of how I use mine in my decor (4 of them!) and what I keep inside! 

Updated 7/2023

Repurposed Dresser Ideas - SO many uses, such great ideas for storage and decor! #repurposeddresser #dresserideas #dressermakeover #repurposedprojects

Hey there beautiful friends!
Today I’m sharing all about repurposed dresser ideas. Things you can use them for and ways you can use them in your home.
Besides clothes in a bedroom! Right?!

I love using dressers for other things besides clothes. They’re just really great for storing so many things.
I should know, I have quite a few in our living area. lol

Repurposed Dresser Ideas (for storage, decor, and more!)

Buffet/Dining Cabinet

And as you all know, probably my absolute favorite dresser turned dining room/study, buffet/cabinet is my Aubusson Blue dresser.

This one…

denim blue dresser with decor on top

It’s the one that I found at the thrift store for $35 many years back now. You can read all about the original makeover, here.
I did give it another mini-makeover recently…

denim blue dresser with weathered wood top

Which you can read all about, here.

But as I mentioned above, I’ve had this in my dining room and my study. (this room was both at different times)
I hadn’t really used it as a dining hutch/cabinet until now, however. I just stored other random things in those drawers.
And wow, what a fabulous place to store all the things. Who would’ve thought it?

Well, now it’s all about dining! Here’s a peek at some of the things I store in these drawers.

gold flatware in drawer

Fancy silverware. That I don’t use often but when I do, it sure is pretty.

Platters and dishes…

pretty platters in drawer

pretty bowl platters in drawer

bowls in dresser drawer

It really works nicely for this.

Placemats, tablecloths, napkins, etc.

placemats tablecloths in drawer

Who said dressers had to store clothes?!

Tea towels & coasters.

small kitchen towels drawer

Would you ever have thought of this?? Dressers are beautiful pieces of furniture.
And using them in this way brings beauty to your space.

Did I mention that I have 4 repurposed dressers in my downstairs living area??
Yep, I really do!

Here’s another idea.

Repurposed Dresser Turned Coffee Bar

This little lovely was a gift from a friend.

aqua dresser with gold bar handles

She was moving and offered several pieces to me.

coffee bar with shelves and aqua dresser

Of course, it didn’t look like this when I got it. None of the ones that I’m sharing today did.
You can see the “before” AND all the trim/legs and paint additions I made to this one above, here.

Want to see what I use those drawers for? Okay, I’ll show you!

Top drawer, coffees, and teas.

dresser drawer with tea and coffee

So, so perfect for this!

Second drawer, extra tea, cups, and tea towels.

coffee mugs in drawer

This dresser has nice deep drawers on the bottom two so I am able to store taller things which is really nice.

The bottom drawer is leftover bakeware and things from the kitchen.
I don’t have a ton of storage in our kitchen so having these repurposed dressers around here certainly helps that situation.

baking items drawer

And it’s close by to the kitchen so works out perfectly.

Another Repurposed Dresser (more universal, it’s been in every room at this point!)

This one…

aqua and white tall chest with nautical graphic

I created that fun, nautical graphic for the front of this pretty Provence and White dresser.
This is one I painted quite a few years ago too. You can read all about this makeover, here.

I have seriously had this in almost every room. It was in the dining room at one time, then became the “coffee bar”, in what is now the morning room, for a short time and it’s now in the living/family room.

aqua chest with nautical graphic with record player on top

In this awkward little corner, we have in here.
Don’t mind that mess on the left, that’s our Wi-Fi, etc, etc, and on top is an old retro record player my son bought my husband for Christmas.
Now he can play all his old albums. Remember those?? lol

Here’s a sneak of some of the drawers here.

koozies in drawer

Why do we have so many koozies?? I mean who needs that many?
But for some reason, they are like collector’s items. haha

Waffle makers, coffee grinder and electric knife, etc. (more kitchen items)

waffle maker in drawer

Want to hear something funny?? I actually forgot I put these items here and thought I must’ve gotten rid of my coffee grinder when we redid the kitchen…so I bought another one!! haha oops.

Living Room Dresser

Remember this lovely?

off white dresser with gold hardware with gold mirror over

The first makeover I gave it was this…

tan dresser with french black graphic painted on front

Which was nice for many years but it just didn’t go with my decor. BUT I did use it in my living room and still do.
It’s sitting here in the other odd corner of this space, opposite the dresser I shared just above.

I recently gave it a brand new makeover (the white stain one you see above). Want to see all the details on that??
Click here to read all about it.

Here’s a peek at what I use these drawers for.

essential oils in drawer

Essential oils.
Lots and lots of essential oils. I used them all the time and for everything.
All-natural perfumes (I love to make them!), home scenting, cleaning, natural bug spray, etc. I just made some lovely perfume blends this past weekend. If you follow along on Instagram, you probably saw my story I shared when I was making them. That is all I wear. I had thought I’d maybe make some pretty blends for the shop but haven’t gotten around to that yet. Maybe one day!

I should probably organize that drawer a little better though. One day I’ll have a nice, big cabinet for them because this is only some of the oils I have.
More are upstairs. haha!

Interested in learning more about that? I have a post dedicated to essential oils, here.

Old movie DVDs, games, workout videos, workout items.

exercise dvds in drawer

More tablecloths and things.

tablecloths in drawer

Dressers are just the perfect thing to add to a room, in my opinion. Form and function.

And okay, I know this is not a repurposed dresser but it is similar and I do use it to store items so I thought I’d share it here too.

Secretary Desk (not a repurposed dresser!)

aqua secretary desk

I love this sweet little secretary and use it in our dining room.
This is one I gave a snazzy paint job to with 3 colored waxes and a touch of gold too. I never intended to keep it but fell in love with it after I finished it so here it is still.
Click here for all the details on this makeover.

Here’s some of what I use these drawers for…

aqua secretary desk with drawer full of photo albums

Photo albums.

drawer with photo frames

Extra photo frames.

The other drawers have papers and things I want to keep handy.

I can not tell you how nice it is to have all of these repurposed dressers around here to store all these things. Otherwise, where in the world would I keep it all?
I like a tidy house that doesn’t look cluttered (it’s a struggle! lol) so this truly does help that cause.

Do you also use old repurposed dressers in your home this way??
If not, maybe you might now, right?! :)

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Repurposed Dresser Ideas - SO many uses, such great ideas for storage and decor! #repurposeddresser #dresserideas #dressermakeover #repurposedprojects

I hope this post has inspired you to look at things a little differently. It seems kind of crazy when I say I have FOUR dressers in my downstairs living area.
But it’s really not!
To me, it makes perfect sense. They are lovely additions to our decor as well as providing much-needed space for things we have and use.

Let me know if you also use dressers this way…or if you are going to give it a go!

Wishing you a wonderful week, my friends!



  1. WOW!! Nancy, you have rocked the repurposing of these beauties on SO many levels. Thank you for the inspiration!!

    1. Thanks so much, Christina! Dressers are probably my favorite to do. I’d love to find more but they are harder and harder to come by! :) Happy weekend to you! xoxo

  2. All your dressers are beautiful! I really like the way the coffee bar one turned out. I must have missed the secretary makeover! Interesting about the 3 waxes. I’m going to try my first Prima transfer on an old 1930’s chest and want to paint it something like your whitewashed dresser. Your knobs just make such a perfect punch to your pieces. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Cecilia! Yes, that one is a favorite too! Oh, what am I saying, I love them all, it’s so hard to choose! ;) And oh fun!! You’re going to love the transfers. It’s going to be so lovely!! Happy weekend to you! xoxo

  3. Hi Nancy,
    I have a “thing” about dressers, and have a hard time getting rid of them, and adding new ones. I have absolutely used dressers for all sorts of purposes in every room. We are dresser soul sisters! My fave is your Aubusson blue one. My next is repainting a dresser Dior Gray by BM, which is going to me my coffee station in our TV room.
    After that, I’m doing a different dresser Aubusson blue and I don’t even know which room it’s going in, but I just love that colour.
    The Ottoman you did this week was amazing too!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

    1. Hi Tracey! Oh fun, dresser soul sisters, yes! :) That Aubusson Blue color is just so good. Anything you paint with it would be amazing! Your coffee bar sounds nice too. And thank you, I need to get busy on the bar stools and more tufting! lol Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. Love this post!! When we moved into our little cottage I had a small dresser that just fit a small nook in the bathroom. I store so much “stuff” in it. It’s one if my favorite things. Your post makes me wish I had a few more nooks for more dressers!!

    1. Aw, yay! That sounds perfect in there! Don’t you just love all the storage they provide? Plus they really add to the decor in any room. :) xoxo

  5. Love your favorite dresser. I need wide based furniture pulls like what you have on the bottom drawers. Can you tell me where you found them? Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Lori! Oh bummer, those are the pulls that came on the dresser. Sorry! Maybe try Ebay or Etsy??

  6. I love ALL your posts—this one, in particular, is a gold mine! These dressers are beautiful!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Gracie! So nice of you to say!! And I am so glad you enjoyed this post. I do love dressers in my decor! I’d add more if I had the room! ;) xoxo

  7. I love dressers! I picked up a two drawer dresser off of Craigslist for $20 bucks. I thought is was smaller when I saw the picture and was sure it would make a great entertainment center. When I went to pick it up it was huge! Two big, deep drawers that I keep dad’s, photo boxes, and my yoga mats in. No clutter and there isn’t dog fur all over everything! I have German Shepherds lol

  8. Love this post. I love a repurposed dresser. I have a few myself. Side note – you’re worth using the fancy flatware every day.

  9. ANOTHER winner (where’s your chix dinner????)
    Sent this to my daughter (you may have another stalker).
    She has a useless coffee bar and this would give SO much more needed storage.
    You rock woman!

  10. These are all so pretty! I agree that a dresser can be used anywhere. I have one in my office for chalk paints and office supplies, and I may use one instead of a sideboard in the media room. I really like all of these blue dressers and the little secretary. It’s my favorite. Great post!

    1. Thanks, Lizzy!! Perfect!! They really are great for so many things. And beautiful pieces of furniture too. I almost didn’t keep the secretary, but loved it so much I did! xo

  11. Love the dresser ideas. Exactly what I need for an odd area in my kitchen. Never occurred to me to use a dresser. I just keep looking for kitchen cabinets, but the dresser would be super great. Need space for all of my teas, coffees, spreaders and forks, serving trays and dishes and special tea towels. I I’m quite excited to do this project. The hunt is now on for the right dresser. I really enjoy your posts and am a huge fan of your friend Christie. I am very appreciative of your willingness to share your knowledge and beautiful work with the rest of us. Thank you for your great inspirations.

    1. Thanks, Sue! Yes, a dresser would be perfect for that and make an interesting piece in your kitchen. I’m so glad to hear that. I’m a huge fan of Christy too…she’s a talented creator and great friend! I’m sure I can speak for her too that we love sharing all the things we know and have learned to help others do all the things too. Have fun looking for your “new” dresser! xoxo

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