Different Ways To Use Printables & Graphics (techniques and ideas)

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All the different ways you can use printables and graphics for your home and more!! All in one post! Plus brand new printables for you.

Hello beautiful friends!

I hope you enjoyed checking out our latest vacation to “paradise” on Wednesday. Just had to share because it’s just so amazing there.
Today, as promised, I am back sharing a post on how to and all the different ways you can use graphics/printables.

I wrote a post a while back, Creative Ways To Use Free Printables, in which I shared some ideas. I’m going to dive a little deeper today and share all the different techniques and ways to use them. All in one post!
Something easy to look back on when you need to know how to do something with them.

But I’ve got something else I’m sharing today too! I have been asked repeatedly for graphics/wordage that I create to be used commercially as well as personally. Well, the printables in my FREE library can only be used personally BUT I am creating printable bundles that can be used both ways! I’ll be sharing more details at the end of this post so be sure to scroll all the way down and take a look if you are interested in pretty printables! (new printables, you can find them here!)

Different Ways To Use Printables & Graphics (techniques and ideas)

So, as you know, I offer tons of printables over in my FREE Printable Library. Words and images, both kinds.
I offer them free to all subscribers to use for personal use only.

I have had a lot of emails lately asking me different questions about using them. Some of the questions are even from readers who are “new to printables” and not quite sure what they can do with them.

I thought I’d dig a little deeper today and share different techniques and ways to use them. And put it all in one post to make it easier for y’all to find and utilize.

How-To & Techniques

Print and Transfer To a Large Project With a Projector:

transparency projector onto furniture

There are multiple ways to do this. You can find clear printer paper and print it out yourself OR take it to Office Max (or the like) and have them print it on clear transparency paper for you. (see this finished project here)

Print In Reverse and Transfer:

printed in reverse paper on board

If doing a small project, simply print in reverse and lay like so, rub with a pencil over all the letters to transfer the printer ink to the project.
If doing a large project, you can use Block Posters to print larger. (see this project here)

Print and Use Transfer Paper:

printed graphic on breadbox

This is a great way too. Simply print out and then use the transfer paper to transfer the image by tracing the lettering with a pencil.
(see this project here)

Transfer To Fabric:

word pillow in chair

Easy! You can find the sheets to iron onto fabric in many places. (I’ll have links to everything I’ve talked about at the bottom of this post)
Simply print out the printable on the iron-on sheet, cut it out, and iron it on. (see this project here)

Use a Silhouette or Cricut Machine:

black and white sign

Having your own graphics, you can use your machine of choice to cut them out.
(see this project here)

Print and Decoupage:

floral decoupage on wood box

This one is pretty simple too. Just print out what you want, then decoupage it to your project like so.
(see this project here)
And as I talked about in that post, there are several ways to decoupage. Decoupage wet with a brush, decoupage and dry, then iron. Or decoupage/transfer the graphic by using a transfer gel like this.

Print On Canvas:

bunny in white frame

I love this canvas I found recently. It definitely takes your project to another level than basic printer paper.
(see this project here)

glass box with words etched in

Use etching cream to create on glass. (see the project here)

Craft/Home Decor Ideas

Make Signs For Your Home:

sign with lettering

This is a great way to add some seasonal style to your home. (see this project here)

wood framed sign on porch wall

So much fun making them ourselves, right?? (see this project here)

sign on kitchen counter

Or something sweet for every day. (see this project here)

Make Labels:

hand lotion label

I printed these on clear labels (linked at the end of post).

Print and Go:

As you can see above already, there are lots of ideas.
One of the easiest is to simply print it out on white printer paper and pop it in a frame and enjoy!

floral printable in green frame

Make Pillows, Totes, T-shirts, and More:

word pillow

Using iron-on transfers you can make pillows, totes, t-shirts, and more.

graphic on white tote

printable on tshirt

The sky is the limit. How about tea towels too?? So many ideas.


printed card

Creative unique and clever cards to give.

words on front of cabinet

Create unique pieces of furniture with graphics. (see this project here)

word design on wood tabletop

Lots of ideas here! (see this project here)

Get Crafty:

word design on white tray

Create a unique and personalized tray! (see this project here)

word design on white jewelry box

Create something colorful and beautiful like this. Turn a jewelry box into a “writing” box.
(see this project here)

Materials Used:

PIN it to save it!

All the different ways you can use printables and graphics for your home and more!! All in one post! Plus brand new printables for you. artsychicksrule.com

I hope this post will be helpful to you! I get lots of questions about the printables and really wanted to have someplace to direct you to in hopes of helping you with your projects in the future.

But wait, let’s talk printable bundles! As I  mentioned I am going to be creating even more printables/graphics for you all. I am making seasonal bundles (and more) that I will have over in my shop right >>> here. I will upload them as I create them.
I’ve actually just added several “spring” type bundles for you and a Mother’s Day bundle too. 
Hope you love them as much as I do…and enjoy using them in your home and more! (remember, you can use these commercially or personally, yay!!) Enjoy!
You can find them all here. (I’ll be adding to these so keep an eye out!)

Happy weekend, friends!!



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