Blue Removable Wallpaper Ideas (and a few home updates!)

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Today is all about home updates plus bunches of removable wallpaper ideas and options! 

Hello friends!

So, today I thought I’d share a few things that I am considering doing in our home. You know how it is (or maybe you don’t, lol!) you get tired of how things are looking and want to change it, right? I know I sure do.
Sometimes a few new pillows, a throw, or something small will do the trick.

But sometimes it just won’t.

That’s where I’m at right now. I’ve had a few things rolling around in my head for a while. Things I’d like to change here and there.
Well, today I’m going to “put it out there” to you all and see what you think!
I mean it’s time for a little home remodeling, right? That’s what I do around here. I am ready to pull the wall paint, etc., back out!
No, not changing that Sea Salt that I love but adding to it.

So let’s begin.

Blue Removable Wallpaper Ideas (and lots of updates I want to do…am going to do very shortly ;) )

Laundry Room

If you’ve been around here a while you know our laundry room got a big makeover some years back. It had a few smaller ones before that.
For a refresher, here is where our laundry room began…right after moving in.

70's vintage laundry room with gold and orange vinyl flooring, wood paneled walls

Here it was after one of the makeovers…

laundry room with gold painted cabinets blue rug

And here it is after the big makeover…

bright and light laundry room with white shiplap, white cabinets and blue rug

Here it is currently… (we changed the flooring since and a different rug)

white shiplap laundry with colorful rug

This is the room I’m wanting to change the most. When we first made this over back in 2017 our style was more coastal-farmhouse.
I have since changed every room in our home to reflect a more modern, somewhat “glam”(and by glam I mean touches of gold ;) ) coastal feel. Doing away with the more rustic feel that I had in places.
I didn’t change the laundry room at the same time because we had recently done it and I actually loved it.

BUT it’s time. I am very ready to give it a more updated look. One that would be a better fit with the rest of our home’s current style and decor.

So here is what I want to do. 

  • Paint the cabinets
  • New hardware
  • Paint the shelf brackets
  • New light fixture
  • New, freshened-up decor on the shelves
  • Add hardware to the cabinets on the right (there are none now)
  • Refinish the wood countertop

Ever since I painted that antique cabinet in Willowbank, I have been wanting the blue somewhere in here.
And I thought, why not the cabinets in the laundry???

Here’s an idea of what I mean…

dark blue cabinets in laundry room

And if you want to see a bunch more inspiration, check these out here.

Okay, so first up was the color of the cabinets, some sort of medium/dark blue.

Next, hardware.

I want something gold-ish but muted, not “in your face” gold. If you know what I mean.
I suppose an antique gold is what I am after. (similar in style to what you see above on the cabinets)

Our shelf brackets are bronze now, I’d keep those but paint them gold.

white shiplap wall with white shelves and decor

And I would like to find something in gold that looks a little less rustic/farmhouse for the clothes rod here.

white shelf with bronze clothes rod and baskets

The light fixture will have to go too, unfortunately! I can’t wait to see what I can find to replace it.

white wall and ceiling with bronze farm house style light fixture

And lastly, the wood countertop.

I want to refinish it.

Sort of like what I did with this Aubusson Blue dresser of ours.
I refinished this top twice. The first time when I made it a dark walnut brown…

And then decided to bring it more in line with our home and decor a few years ago.

I want to do something similar to this with the laundry room wood countertop.

Once I pin down all the things I will do in here, I’ll create another post for the laundry room makeover and all the details.

Guest Bath

We gave this bathroom a mini makeover not too long ago. You can read all about it here.

guest bath with tan cabinet green plant and shelves gold mirror

The only thing I want to do in here is add wallpaper. As much as I love that Sea Salt in this room too (it’s in other rooms of our home), I’m ready for something fun. I’ve been wanting to add some wallpaper here and there for a while now but I’ve been haunted by all the 70’s/80’s wallpaper I had to remove when we moved in here!! haha!! It was a BEAR.
So, I’ve decided to use removable wallpaper instead. (I change my mind too often to use regular!!)

I will probably paint those shelves white once I add wallpaper. AND…I may add some pretty gold/brass brackets underneath even though it doesn’t need it for support. Just to give it a more elegant look. (I haven’t decided but I like these or these)

Here are some of the removable wallpaper ideas I’m considering: (links to each are below)

blue varying designed removable wallpaper ideas

Starting at the top, moving to the right and down.

  1. Waverly Classics
  2. Guildford
  3. Navy Boho
  4. Vera Bradley
  5. Wicklund
  6. Abstract
  7. Decor Direct
  8. Bohemian Demask
  9. Persian Demask


I would LOVE to wallpaper our ceiling in the foyer however, it has texture. So I don’t think I will tackle that headache.
Removable doesn’t really work well on textured surfaces (and neither does regular, to be honest).

Sea Salt foyer with white trim and dark brown wood floors

So instead I’m thinking a dark-ish blue would be stunning.

Sort of like this.

foyer entry with dark blue ceiling and white walls

Isn’t that gorgeous? I even love the color.
I get a little hung up on the Sea Salt and what might go nicely with it because I will keep that color. Or I should say, I want to.
But who knows, maybe I’ll wallpaper in here and paint the ceiling a gorgeous dark blue. Hmmm.

We also changed the light fixture in here already. Before Christmas! I’m sneaky, lol, I just have not shared it with y’all yet. :)
I love it and I’ll share it when I share what I do with that ceiling.

This is what was in here. (and the one I painted here, remember?)

white and gold light fixture on ceiling


This wall in our kitchen…

patina'd mirror on wall

…I’ve been wanting to do something different here for a long time.
I have asked you all and you’ve given me some great ideas.

But…I think I know what I want to do! Well, one of two things I’m considering.

  • A rod with hanging cutting boards like this…

cutting boards hanging from a wood rack and metal hooks

I love the idea of searching for and finding old antique cutting boards and/or unique new ones. Maybe some of both mixed.
Sort of an eclectic look.

  • Or skinny shelves and do something like this…

small wood shelves with various kitchen items and cutting boards

With maybe a few smaller items and mostly still a collection of cutting boards since the wall area is also a walk-thru.

I’ve thrown around the idea of painting the upper walls in the kitchen too. Not sure what color though?
OR even wallpaper in the morning room.
If I do either of those, it will come later.

So that’s it for now! Those are the updates I’m considering (that I’m doing, I don’t know why I keep saying it like I haven’t fully decided yet!haha) in our home.
Stay tuned because I’ll definitely be sharing as I go. And I’ll be sharing updated posts with what I decide on too.

PIN it to save it!

Today is all about home updates plus bunches of removable wallpaper ideas and options!

I’m so excited!! I love changing things up. I love “re”decorating. Or just decorating, in general. I can’t wait to get started.
I hope y’all will follow along with me!

And please, tell me what you think below. If you have any other ideas or thoughts, I’d love, love, love to hear them!



  1. I love the different wallpaper you have chosen. The Waverly Classics and Vera Bradley are my favorite. Regarding the kitchen ..isn’t collecting the bread board more farmhouse style..I love that look but I have a small kitchen so I have 3 placed together. Can you imagine the fun collecting all those breadboards. Hey its going to be Summer, you are supposed to be enjoying yr cottage and the nice weather instead of being inside. Lol!!

    1. Those are both really pretty, Lorri! I’m SO undecided though! And yes, the collection of cutting boards could be considered a farmhouse look. But I also think it could go with any style kitchen too. I’m really leaning more towards the skinny shelves though as I love the idea of having some pretties up there along with a couple of cutting boards. Something to decorate a bit, you know? And yes, you are right, I’m doing it wrong!! haha! We’ll be out and about this summer, promise! :)

  2. I love the blue cabinets. I painted my guest room furniture navy blue last year and I am in love with it. I used Naval by SW.

  3. I love the idea of the dark blue ceiling in the foyer. I had navy walls in my bedroom and navy on the ceiling and I loved it. UNTIL I had to paint over it to sell the house. That was bad. LOL I love navy and gold!

  4. Hi Nancy!
    I love the inspiration photos that you chose. I am curious about the dark ceiling in the inspiration photo it looks like it reflects light off the ceiling, if you paint it dark blue will it actually reflect the light or did they somehow paint it to look as though it is reflecting light? I walked around my house, and I don’t see any reflection off the paint. Just a thought! You picked the same wallpaper that I chose love that pattern. Look forward to seeing all the updates!

    1. Hi Vicki!! It looks like they chose a paint with a higher sheen finish, maybe Satin?? You probably have flat paint on your walls so you are not going to see much, if any, reflection on the paint. I used to always use flat but have moved to Eggshell finish which has the tiniest bit of sheen to it. It’s good for homes that don’t have a lot of natural light (like mine, we have lots of huge trees around us) as it will reflect light into your rooms somewhat. However, it will show flaws more readily too unlike flat paint. Flat is easier to touch up as well. So there are drawbacks to having sheen too! But I will probably use a higher sheen on the ceiling like they did, either Eggshell as the rest of our home or Satin.
      Oh, and which one of the wallpapers did you choose? I am having a tough time deciding on which of those I love best!!

  5. I thought you were going to move? I think you need to move….you are bored. Your home is lovely the way it is….and it still will be after this upgrades. I get it that the rates are up and prices are too. Have fun.

    1. Hey Addie! Yes, we have been looking since Jan 2021. Well, we quit looking months ago. Just have not found anything we would be thrilled to move into, unfortunately! I think we may have to build at some point but it’s off the table for now. So we will stay here just a bit longer. Oh, I am not bored, I can assure you!! lol We are busier than ever, just need a little refresh here and there. And I enjoy a little change every once in a while. Plus, it’s sort of what I do here on the blog. Share ideas about home, DIY, furniture, room makeovers etc. So my home is my “showcase”, if you will, for the blog. Changing it up is par for the course there!

  6. That’s a lot of projects, Nancy! I used peel and stick wallpaper in my kitchen that looks like tile and it fools most people 😉 At least it does until you get up close. It’s pretty easy to use, just remember that it’s VERY sticky, like contact paper. It’s a challenge with an older house that’s not square, but you’d have that with regular wallpaper too.

    1. Yes, it is! I’m going to take it one day at a time. ;) I love projects though so I’m excited for a little change up. Glad to hear about this wallpaper! I haven’t used this type before on a project like that. Looking forward to it playing with it. Now to decide which one I like best! That’s always the hardest part. xo

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