Patio and Porch Updates

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New chairs, new paint, new Blackstone griddle, and more!! Patio and porch updates!

Hello friends! I mentioned on Tuesday’s post that I’d be back today to share a few updates on our outdoor areas. I added some new pillow covers, chairs and did some painting and more. So I thought I’d show y’all.
I probably should’ve named this post “Meet Piper Part 2” though. Haha! You’ll see! ;) If you missed who Piper is, check out this post here.

So our outdoor spaces looked like this in my last update… Screened Porch … hop over and take a quick look so you can see what I changed.
And the patio space  … here … too.

Patio and Porch Updates


I had been wanting more comfortable chairs…like these… around the fire pit for a long while. But dang these things are expensive!
I found these on Wayfair … here … and so much cheaper than most other places.

black adirondack chairs around a firepit on patio

And the quality is great!

Not only that, but they have drink holders that hide away.

Now you see it.

swivel cup holder on chair arm

Now you don’t.

cup holder swiveled to hidden on chair

Love that feature.

black adirondack chair

They are really great quality and even fold up flat easily if that is something you’d need them to do.

This rocker set on the right is new as of last year. I found it on FB Marketplace. It was brand new but the person who bought it said it did not fit on the deck of their condo as planned. So I added these new pillow covers for the throws this year. The link I had for these no longer works. Boo.
However, these are similar and the same as the ones I bought for the porch (just a different color). You can find them here.

blue cushioned black rocker chairs with glass topped table

blue cushioned chair with orange and blue pillow

One of my many hydrangea bushes behind this chair. This particular bush looked like it was on steroids this year with the amount of blooms!

This bench has been around for a very long time now! I spray-painted it to give it a fresh look.
It’s one I built years back. You can read all about it here. (and how we used recycled wood for it)

black wood bench

Considering I’ve used it to spray paint all kinds of projects out back for several years! Ha!
It’s looking good again now though. This is the spray paint I used, loved it!
I love having the extra seating at the back of the firepit.

We built our firepit some years back. More recently we decided to put a smokeless Solo stove inside. That was a great improvement and we really enjoy it.
This is the one we got, here.

stone and metal firepit with black adirondack chairs

And this was another FB Marketplace find. It started out bronze colored but after getting these other two new things (Adirondack chairs and rocker chair/table set) that were black, I decided to repaint it in black also.

This is how it looked before.

black tarp on grass with bronze/brown colored chair table set

And now looks like this.

table chair set painted black with tan seat cushions and tan umbrella

I don’t love that the glass is brown but watch ya gonna do? ;) I’m not replacing it!
I do have tan seat cushions and a tan umbrella so I’m calling it good!

And I do love the finish on this spray paint though. It’s a soft black that is matte in finish. Not a harsh, dark, shiny typical black spray paint.
Love it so much better black! (here is the link again, it’s the same one I used on the bench above)

up close of metal painted black and brown glass insert

It looks so good that I think it looks like this set came this way from the get go.

The other view.

stone firepit on patio with black chairs around it

As comfy as these are, they are even comfier with pillows so I may add some to these chairs.

And this one watching me shoot photos. lol (and Ryder to the side there, you can see his floofy tail)

gray and white puppy looking through screen

She’s going to look so different once those ears are fully standing up.

We also got a Blackstone Griddle! Woohoo!! I’ve been wanting one for forever and found it at Costco for $100 off from what Lowe’s was selling the exact model for. It went out of stock before we got back to get it so had to wait for it to come back into stock. Which is did a few weeks later, thank goodness!

Blackstone covered griddle on patio

It did not come with a cover so got this cover here.

By the way, that’s one of the cornhole pits back there my husband built a few years ago. They are great!

We have yet to use the Blackstone griddle because I think we have to do some prep first. (seasoning, etc.) But soon!

Blackstone griddle closed

Isn’t she pretty? I can’t wait to cook all the things on it!

Blackstone griddle open

I’ve had this iron “smasher” for a while but have never used it. I can’t wait to make smash burgers with it! lol

iron smash press

I also got this set of accessories to go with it. You can find it here.

box of blackstone accessories closed

You can NOT beat it for the price. SO much came with it!

box of blackstone accessories open

I gave this little stand a little bit of aqua color. And set the pretty flowers I got from my cousin on top.

hot pink flowered plant in black planter on aqua stand

Aren’t they gorgeous?

hot pink blooms flower with green leaves

Screened Porch

Okay, let’s see what I changed here.

table with aqua chairs brown carpet white sheer curtains

New chairs!

The old chairs were not holding up as well as I’d hoped. The caning was old already so they were just very tired looking.
AND I was tired of looking at them! haha I was just ready for a little change.
So I got these pretty aqua ones for several reasons. Adding a splash of color out here, liked the style better and better for weather conditions.

They are the same ones I have at the beach house. Love them there too! (they are inside there around the table…you can see them here)
Love em?? Here’s where I got them>>> aqua chairs.

And new pillow covers on the couch.

tan and brown outdoor set with blue, white and orange pillows

tan and brown couch with blue white and orange pillows

You can find them here.

I love the splash of color they provide. Everything was neutral and blue/aqua.
Which I love but also loving the splash of color too!

wood table with aqua colored metal chairs\

And then there are these shenanigans going on as I’m snapping photos with them two up here on the porch!! haha!!
Piper trying to eat the rug. lol

gray and white pup with blue eyes chewing carpet

And the fringe on this throw rug, haha!

gray and white pup chewing fringe on rug


gray and white pup pulling fringe

Caught ya. ;) Look at those pretty baby blues. She looks so innocent, doesn’t she?

gray and white pup with fringe in mouth looking at camera

Nothing to see here. Haha

Love this one!!!
Gosh, she sure is a pretty girl. How cute is she going to be with those big ears standing straight up?!

pretty blue eyed gray and white pup looking at camera

Then there is this one! Love it even more!!

white golden looking down at tiny gray and white pup jumping up to see him

How absolutely precious is this?? Love, love, love.

Can’t believe I caught that one on camera!

Oh, we also added lights all the way around the patio since the last time I shared. We absolutely LOVE them. They add so much beauty (and light) at night.
Highly recommend doing it!

black and tan patio and decor with aqua planter stand

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our changes outside! And our Piper girl and Ryder boy.
They are slowly learning about each other. If you want to see a quick little video of them, hop over to Facebook.

Any guesses where Piper was as I was writing this post today?? Or how about Ryder??
Piper in my lap sleeping…Ryder at my feet sleeping. lol

Have a wonderful weekend my beautiful friends! If any of you own a Blackstone griddle, I’d love all the tips!



  1. Absolutely LOVE the updates to the back porch & patio… the black on the glass-topped table & chair set took it to NEXT LEVEL! And the brown glass looks just fine, I don’t think anyone would think anything other than it’s a beautiful set. If you wanted to make some pillows, placemats or even a table runner to really bring it together, I found this vinyl fabric online (
    Not that I think it’s necessary, but just a thought.
    And Piper is just the CUTEST! Glad she and Ryder are having fun together.

    1. Thank you, Sheila!! You know, every time I look out of our kitchen window, I see that table set and just love the new look! I’ve even gotten used to the brown glass and think its fine like that! So glad you think so too!! Love the ideas for bringing some brown in on the pillows to pull it together. That is gorgeous fabric! Thank you for sharing it. :) xoxo

  2. I also love very thing you did. The dining table and chairs are perfect, love the paint color. We have a similar set that needs painted. I am curious how many cans of paint it took. You did an awesome job, as always.

    1. Thank you, Anita! I think it took about 3 cans. And I’m telling you, it looks like it came from the factory that way. That paint and paint color and finish is perfect for outdoor furniture. Give it a try! xo

  3. Great changes, everything looks very fresh and ready to use. You must be very good with a can of spray paint. The patterned pillow covers do add a nice punch. What is a corn hole pit? Never seen or heard of one before.
    Your new puppy is so so so cute!

    1. Thank you, Mary! That spray paint was kind of the bomb. I think it is the perfect color/finish for outdoor furniture. Very impressed. Corn hole is the game you play with boards and bean bags, throwing to go in the hole. The corn hole pit are where you stand with the boards and throw across to the other board/pit etc. Just a fancy way to play instead of having to stand in the grass. ;)
      And thank you, she’s definitely a keeper!! xo

  4. It all looks great! I like the the earth tones in the throw pillows paired with the blue! Ryder & Piper are quite a pair!!!! Adorable!

  5. Your backyard updates look GREAT, Nancy! WTG!!! What a nice difference. Bet you’re spending lots of time back there!!! Whoo hoo!!!

    1. Thanks, Michele! Little changes add up I think! And it’s always nice to do some here or there to freshen up a space, right?! xo

  6. Your outdoor space is beautiful! Your porch also. Love everything you’ve done. I love those chairs. We have the plastic ones and I’ve wanted to replace for a while. Enjoy your new griddle. We were gifted one from my son for Christmas for our camping site which we took home once we left the campground. We use it a lot. Can do anything on it. There’s also a heavy metal cover you can get for it. That one pic of Ryder and Piper is so cute. Wish we could know what Ryder is thinking lol. I happen to love her ears half floppy as they are. She is adorable.

    1. Thank you, Debra! We’ve really worked hard on it over the years. It’s come a long way. :) We are so loving the griddle. Have used it quite a bit already! And yes, her floppy ears were so cute. My husband loved them too but they are up and tall now! Which I think is absolutely the cutest thing ever on her tiny little body. I’ll be sharing more of them on the blog soon! xoxo

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