Screened Porch Refresh (aqua and brown)

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This aqua and brown screened porch refresh is cozy and inviting with pillows, throws, baskets, greenery, and more!

This aqua and brown screened porch refresh is cozy and inviting with pillows, throws, baskets, greenery, and more!

Hello friends!

I am finally sharing our screened porch refresh…reveal. You know, the one I was supposed to share last year! haha
So happy you are patient with me.

Better late than never, right? We are slow but dang, we have a lot of irons in the fire ’round here.
I can not tell you how incredibly happy I am that I finally finished the last few things on this space. Yippee!! Just in time to enjoy it with the warmer weather.

Before I get on with it, let me give you a little refresher. Hop over and visit this post first.
This will catch you up on where we began with this porch (like how it looked at move-in) to where it went after that … to now.

Okay, now you can scroll down to see it now. I’m so thrilled with how it turned out.

 Screened Porch Refresh

If you went over and visited the other post, you saw that we had a blackish-gray outdoor carpet out here. I was ready for that to go!
I wanted something warmer (in color) and something that would go with this new brown furniture below.
I certainly did not want just the cement flooring as seen below.

screened porch with cement floor before

I did consider painting it (again, that is a sponge roller painting I did years ago). I also considered tiling it.
I would have loved it tiled but who has time for that? lol Not me!! ;)
So I set out to find another outdoor carpet solution.

And I found this…

outdoor carpeting in brown

Pretty close to what I wanted. And it comes on a roll so you can cut it to the exact size. WIN!
Plus, it’s cheap. Double win.

And it creates instant coziness. Triple win!! lol

Anyway, I’m team outdoor carpet even though I am sure there are those that aren’t.
My daughter said, no, mom… but hey, I like it!

You can find this outdoor rug here >>> Outdoor Espresso Rug

I mean, just look. So cozy, warm, and inviting. It wouldn’t feel like that without this carpet.

aqua and brown porch with tan pillows and brown carpet

I actually considered adding a decorative area rug in the “living area” where the couch is but decided against it.
It does get wet sometimes so that is a no-go. We have a lot of humidity here and I really don’t want to have to deal with mold/mildew so skipped it.
But wouldn’t that have added to the “layers” and coziness? Yep. Oh well.

Ignore the ceiling fan, it is getting changed out. There is no globe because the lighting portion has long not worked.

The patio set I have here is no longer available but I found this one that is very similar here >>> Patio Set
(ours did come with a glass-covered coffee table also but we didn’t have room for it so gave it away)

And on the other side of the porch is this table for outdoor eating. 

bleached wood tabletop with brown and white chairs

You might remember it.

Close up of the goodies on the table.

basket centerpiece with aqua hydrangea and white/black gather sign

When I came out to finish up the decor, I added lots of layers.
That’s what really cozies up a space.
Things like plants, throws, pillows, baskets, layered baskets, etc.

I think this basket was a thrift store find, the hydrangea and ceramic dish came from Home Goods.

close up of aqua hydrangeas and basket tray

The sign came from The Cotton Gin in the OBX. I picked it up this past weekend.

brown basket tray with hydrangea and gather sign

The perfect finishing touch, don’t you think?

Add a throw for a cool night, lots of pillows to snuggle in with.

dark brown wicker patio furniture with aqua and tan pillows

close up of patio couch and pillows

A pretty tray on the ottoman/coffee table for drinks and such.

ottoman coffee table with aqua mosaic tray

(which is a pretty tiled tray from Home Goods)

Remember this little white table?

white table with brown basket

And basket?

basket with small shrub and blue bird

Here’s the other side of the porch.

screened porch wall with tv and console table with white shutters

I painted the shutters white, added a faux fiddle leaf fig (also from Home Goods), and a few other things.

sideview of tv wall

I found the small throw rug at TJ Maxx.

Console table I made over…

And this basket? I ended up keeping it.

dark brown tall stained basket with white throw and blue pillow

It’s perfect out here for holding extra throws and pillows.

Layering baskets/trays…

basket tray with basket and white starfish in front of mirror

Remember that mirror?

Believe it or not, I came across this frame “print” when we were cleaning out the junk/extra bedroom a couple weeks ago.
I had it in a thrift store stash and had planned to give it a makeover. I’ve had it for years.
But no makeover needed! It works perfectly out here. Frame, print, and all.

driftwood look frame with ocean scene

By the way, the print is actually just the paper that is used to sell the frame. You know, like when they have photos of people in new frames, etc?
But hey, it’s the ocean and it works…for the time being anyway. ;)

Here’s the small wall on the other side of the french doors.

small floor shelf with various coastal decor items

Some old things, some new things on these shelves.
Remember this shelf? And the basket?

And oh, hey, look who wants to come outside. lol 

glass french doors with white dog looking out

Hey, Roo.

living room doors open with white fluffy dog

Happy boy wants to go find Frank. (our yard turtle, he’s been around for several years)

He’s actually obsessed with Frank. haha!

backside of white dog looking out of screen

See him under the table looking outside for him? That’s how he spends his time out here.
Going around all the sides, looking for Frank the turtle.

Don’t say “Frank”…

white dog on brown carpet in screened porch

Or he’ll really go crazy looking. lol

white dog looking out screened porch door

I love when the weather is nice enough to open these doors wide open.

view of french doors open to inside living space

It makes this space feel roomier and the inside space seem so open and bright.

view from inside living space to out in screened porch through french doors

See Ryder’s tushy over there? haha Squatting under that table to look for Frank.

I told Ryder to go back in for a few minutes so I could take more photos without him in them.
Haha…and he was not having it.

white dog looking out of the opened french doors

“Can I pleeeasseee come back out, mom?”

Now I want to show you how the porch looks with all the curtains closed.

patio furniture with sheer white curtains behind

So cozy.


dining table round with chairs screens open


dining table with curtains closed

They are very sheer but provide a tiny bit of privacy which is nice.
I wanted them to do that as well as “hopefully” keep the pollen out in the spring. And keep the rain out.
Which they actually do pretty well. They are “waterproof” curtains.

You can find them here >>> Waterproof Sheer Curtain Panels (the rods are from IKEA)

It did work a bit but we are right across the street from the Chesapeake Bay so there is wind off the water quite often.
The weather cooperated with me today and let me take photos! But they do blow around sometimes.

dining table with sheer curtains pulled closed

It is a nice option though.

We really love our “new” space.

full view of screened porch and patio furniture

Now to work on the yard. Our flower beds need some loving.
But I just noticed today that our hydrangea bushes have the most blooms on them that I’ve ever seen!
I am floored.
We have 3 large ones and about 3 smaller bushes. I can’t wait till they all come out.
I’ll try to share over on Instagram stories when they do. Keep an eye out over there if you love hydrangeas. :)

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This aqua and brown screened porch refresh is cozy and inviting with pillows, throws, baskets, greenery, and more!

Have a blessed weekend, friends!
And a wonderful Mother’s Day to all of you mothers too. Hugs!!



  1. WOW!! I adore your redesigned porch! I’m jealous! lol I did not see the curtains so when you showed them closed, I gasped. Beautiful!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!!

    1. Thank you, Christina! I really love the curtains too! The last ones we had in here didn’t open like them at all. I am so loving how they close all the way up now. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  2. It looks so cozy and inviting! You are lucky to have an outdoor screened in area, and it is such a large space to enjoy! Happy Mother’s Day weekend, my beautiful friend! XOXO

    1. Thanks, Christy! It really is now, especially with the curtains! I just need a pretty pool like you and I’ll be all set!! lol Happy Mother’s day to you! xoxo

  3. It’s sooo very nice, Nancy! I love the way that carpet ties it all together, but… you have vacuum? THAT I would NOT like. It would drive me crazy because here in SE Kansas we get a lot of wind and where we live is very close to a plant with rock/gravel parking lots where the trucks come and go from their docks. Ugh. Hard to keep anything clean. Does the moisture affect the wooden pieces? You did a really great job on this makeover! Have a Happy and relaxed Mother’s Day!

  4. Nancy, this is such a restful place! The curtains are beautiful and change the look of the entire porch. What does Ryder do when he sees Frank? That is so dang funny! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day friend!

  5. Hi Nancy! This is so nice!! I love how you can close the curtains for privacy. It is so cozy. Happy Mother’s day to you as well.

  6. Your space looks great and I know you love opening it up to the house! Thanks for the curtain link- I need them:)

    1. Thank you, Barbara!! I LOVE when the weather is such that I can open windows and doors. It’s my favorite! You are very welcome!! xo

  7. Hi Nancy, what a great post, I loved seeing all the before/after photos through the years! You guys have transformed this property into such a gorgeous home and tranquil oasis outdoors. I am definitely with you on the carpet, it adds such great warmth, texture, and coziness to the room. I love it all.

    1. Hey Kaycee! Thank you so much. It’s been a labor of love, for sure! Happy weekend to you! xoxo

  8. That is absolutely beautiful. I live in central NC and we get a lot of wind. Also rain storms can come in fast. What do you do on those rainy, windy days? Don’t the seat cushions, pillows and throws get wet?

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! Oh yes, same here. I let it roll! haha I close them the best I can (with the wind) and it just does its thing. Thankfully the fabric on the outdoor furniture is slick-ish so doesn’t get too wet and dries quickly. And for some reason, only one side really potentially gets wet. The other side hardly gets wet at all. The table and chairs rarely get wet, fortunately! xo

    1. Thank you, Vicki! It’s definitely cozier with these curtains than before! Yippee!! Happy weekend to you! xoxo

  9. Oh my, it’s beautiful! Now I need to makeover my porch! I must ask about Frank. lol! What does Ryder do if he’s in the yard with him? Does he go up to him and sniff? Does Frank care? Ryder is great. Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Thank you, Kimberly! Well, he barks!! haha And barks!! That’s about it…he’s a big chicken but sure does love to see Frank. Frank is not impressed, however. lol :)

  10. Nancy- I’m moving into a new home in a week and you are making my mind explode with ideas!!! Thank you!!

    Question, if you could only buy one, would you get a Cricut machine or Silhouette Cameo?

    Have a wonderful day!
    Laurie ❤️

    1. Yay!! Congrats, Laurie, how exciting! Hmmm…I know the Cricuts are super popular but I’ve only ever used the Silhouette. So I am biased but probably not a good one to ask since I’ve not used the Cricut. Happy weekend to you! xoxo

  11. What a perfect space, love everything about it. It’s such a great size! Now I’m thinking I need curtains for my porch. I have a wicker set that I thought would hold up ok as it’s not really near the open area (mine is not screened) but I can see the weather is affecting it. Maybe those curtains would help. Ryder is so adorable. Enjoy your newly redone space and you also have a very Happy Mothers Day.

    1. OH yes, the curtains really add a little something-something! I love them! I would bet they would help keep things a bit dryer for you. And thank you! xoxo

  12. WOW!!! NICE!!! Are you still considering moving? Your home is lovely and I am sure would sell very quick. I know, “just one more thing…one more thing….” BUT really don’t knock yourself out.
    can I have some of your energy? Have a great weekend!!! xoxo

    1. Yes, we are, Addie! But we have (sort of…unless we come across a “dream house” lol) put it on the back burner for the time being. We have SO much going on that it’s more than I can handle at the moment. haha I need some more energy too!! ;) Happy weekend to you, friend! xoxo

  13. Oh, my word, Nancy! Your screened porch is amazing!!!!!
    It really looks perfectly inviting!!!! Would love to have a space just like that!
    Well done, ma’am!

  14. I am just now catchint up. It’s wonderful. Everything flows so nicely. Waterproof curtains. You clever girl. What a great place to enjoy your coffee and an evening meal. Use it, use it use it! Everything fits together so well.. It pays to keep “stuff” around because you never know when you’re going to use it; especially after you’re finished with it. And just when I thought you had one thing missing….Ryder….and there he was. I think we just read your blog so we can see him. LOL….Enjoy…have a party and show it off.

    1. Thank you, Kathy! Yes, you know it! Several of the things I used out here I have been holding onto unsure where they would go. Love that they work perfectly out here. And so funny you say that…I just told my husband the other day, I think there are folks who follow along just so they can see Ryder, he is truly the star of the show!! haha Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  15. I am echoing Sharon’s & Cheryl’s comments/questions. How do the wooden items, your pillows & throws react to the humidity & moisture from the rain (even with curtains blowing around)? Is your rug waterproof? Will it smell with the dampness? When we move to Houston (90% humidity 345 days/year) we will have a balcony on the 9th floor. Want to do something similar but don’t want damp/wet fabrics or wood that might be affected. No carpet for us as there is a grill in the vicinity (food drippings, etc).

    1. Hi Robin! The wood things don’t really ever get wet. The table and chairs never get wet, thankfully. Usually only within a few inches into the porch will get wet occasionally. Any blowing rain doesn’t really amount to much inside the porch. The rug is outdoor carpet and dries quickly, so no issues there. (it’s pretty thin and made to get wet, etc) So it’s a perfect choice for a porch. It’s breezy enough here most of the time that the humidity isn’t a problem either. (and we certainly have high humidity here on the east coast! ;) ) Maybe a wicker set like ours might be a good choice as it’s plastic and will withstand the wetness/humidity. The seat cushions have special fabric too. Doesn’t “soak” and dries very quickly. :) xo

  16. Beautiful, Nancy! You did a great job making that space feel cozy and inviting! I also love to open doors and bring the outdoors in. It always make both spaces just feel like one big awesome area! I love the fresh air, even though I’m still running the air conditioner! I know, silly, but I live in Florida and I need that A/C! xo

    1. Thank you, Karen! We love it!! Isn’t that the best?? (opening doors/windows) Oh I understand! We have already run ours too. We got into the 80s but now back to 60s. This weather is SO odd! lol xo

  17. Lovely…. so inviting… I love the way you layer your pieces. Taking lessons..😋 Wish I could have an area like that at night time… do you get fireflies? … if you do, it is probably magical!!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Lorri!! And yes, layering…textures, etc, is what really brings in warmth and coziness. Yes, we do! A little later in the season but yes. Sadly not as much as when I was a kid though. It seems they were so much more plentiful back then. xo

  18. Your porch is lovely! Inviting, refreshing and brings an attitude of renewal of one’s spirit! Simply delightful!

  19. Love, love, love what you have done with everything. It looks so warm and comfy. You are so very talented and give me so many ideas.
    You’re not going to believe it but I have that same exact little white table that you have. It was something that an uncle picked up to refinish about 30 years ago, along with several others. I have carted it around to long without doing anything to it. I just gave it a little refresh and I’m passing it on to a cousin along with a couple more that he collected and I just refinished. All going to family to be loved for many more years.
    Thank you for giving me inspiration to get things done.
    Now after looking at all you photos of your screened in porch I’m wanting to add one to the back of our house…. or maybe just a pergola… or

    1. Thank you so much, Wilma! That is so funny you have the same table! Love that!! So nice that it will stay in the family. :) I love sharing and inspiring …thank you for letting me know I’ve inspired you! xoxo

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