Coastal Console Table Makeover

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This coastal console table got a new look with wood bleach and a little white paint!

This coastal console table got a new look with wood bleach and a little white paint!

Hello sweet friends!

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But by the time this comes out tomorrow, one lucky winner will be very happy to be receiving some happy mail soon!
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So much fun!! Stay tuned! :)


Today, I thought I’d share what I did with this “console table” that I believe is probably really a desk. I’m calling it a console table because that is how I’m using it.

It’s one of the pieces that were in the beach condo when we bought it. There is a matching dresser and just one nightstand still.
I am going to get matching nightstands but I think I’m going to refinish the dresser and keep it down there.

Here it is in the beach condo…

coastal bedroom with bed and nightstand

It’s over there in the corner.

See the nightstand? Wish there were two.

Coastal Console Table Makeover

Here it is before…

console table before

It had some sort of “wash” on it and bright yellow around the edges.

console table yellow edge

other angle of console table

I actually liked the “washed” look but it was all but ruined.

console table top with water rings

So I knew I was going to have to strip it to start again.

I sanded but it didn’t really do much. Well, it did get some of the rings off but some of them were deep into the wood.

console table top after sanding

I should mention that there was a wash on the wood but no poly. No kind of sealer at all, so that is why it had rings all over it.
You can still see the rings a bit above. And that really large one over in the corner which ended up being the bear of them all.

After a little more sanding I decided to try out this wood bleach I bought a month or so ago. You might have seen this on my Instagram stories as I shared it while I was doing it.

table top with zinsser wood bleach

I did two applications and still this ring stood out. Ugh!

table top after bleaching once showing large ring stain

So I gave it one more application and voila! Gone!

table top after using wood bleach

It did bleach the wood nicely but not as much as I’d hoped it would. But this table/wood really had some weird finish on it.
I am planning to use it on another table I’m making over so stay tuned. I’m hoping for a better outcome on that one.


I mixed up a little white paint with water to create a wash and applied it to the console table.

table top after wood bleaching and apply a white wash

Subtle but makes the wood look more “bleached”.

I decided it was still too orange-ish so applied a little watered down water-based stain to counteract that.
AND I wanted it to match the table I already have out here on the screened porch.
Remember the greenish-hued stain I used on this table?

table top after apply water based stain

After the stain was dry, I went back over very lightly with more white paint watered down.
Sort of layering to create this look.
You don’t want it thick or heavy, very pale, washed look. So make sure your watered-down white is not too thick.

Want to see some of these projects in “live” time? Hop on over and follow along with me on INSTAGRAM. I’m always sharing in my stories as I’m doing projects, finding new furniture, fun finds….just all the day to day behind the scenes. 

Here it is next to that table I mentioned.

comparing the new table to the old table

Pretty close.

showing the top of the finished console table

Once it was dry, I applied 2 coats (drying in between) of Gel Top Coat, the same one I used on the round table.

The two little drawers have these crazy hardware pieces. They are IN THERE.
So they stayed. I did want to change them but didn’t feel like wrestling with that.
Have you ever seen anything like it?

inside of drawer showing metal wrapped hardware

The base got my old standby White Linen chalked paint.
New to chalk paint? You can check out this post here >>> How To Chalk Paint Furniture (tips and more)

white painted distressed leg

I did distress a bit.

table front with distressed edges

Curious about chalk paint?? I wrote an entire post devoted to all the pros and cons of using it, here >>> “Pros and Cons of Chalk Paint For Furniture

And then gave it a coat of matte finish poly (Fusion, linked above).

finished table from the front view with drawers

close up of metal hardware

I considered placing the table this way because I don’t love the other side. Or I am just undecided if I do or not. ;)

console table flipped around to the other side

console table styled while turned the opposite way

Or this way…

console table styled while turned right side out

top view of styled console table

What do you think? Hardware/drawers in front or back?

The screened porch will be done for spring this year! Yay! lol
I tried hard for last fall but we were way too busy with the beach condo to wrap it up.
Which reminds me, we are getting ready to get back to work down there to finish things up.
I’ll be sharing all the happenings over on my Instagram stories, so stay tuned for that!

Here are a few more wood “bleach” type of projects: 

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This coastal console table got a new look with wood bleach and a little white paint!

I’m sharing this beauty next. (and she’s a beaut!)

yellowy wood dresser

UPDATE!! See it now, here!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I would probably wrestle with that hardware..I had a piece that had that same hardware but different in front. I didnt change them because it had 15 small drawers. Other than that, the table is gorgeous

  2. Haha, I’m voting for the drawers in front! It has so much more character that way and to me, those pulls resemble butterflies at rest. You can always lighten them if the contrast is too harsh for you. Turned out great!

  3. Great job with this piece Nancy. I like the drawers in front(could be useful) but would paint them so they blend in. I adore the white wash top!

    1. Thanks so much, Christina! Oh yes, that’s a good idea too! I am leaning that way..(leaving them in front) Thanks for chiming in on it! xoxo

  4. I think the drawers and hardware to the front looks great. If you don’t paint the hardware it picks up the black of the tv above it. Beautiful job as usual.

  5. Hi Nancy!
    The pulls remind me a scissor handles! It’s a cute little table, and I love the bleach/wash effect! What was the difficulty level this process? (The drawer is a good spot for the TV remote. ;) )

    1. Oh my gosh, yes, they sure do, Ann! I would say it’s about a 5. Not really hard at all but there were some steps to it. :) And yes, that is so true! xo

  6. I’d leave the drawers/hardware in the front. I like the contrast, plus you have a couple drawers to stash stuff in if needed.

  7. I would leave drawers facing out. Maybe you could paint the black handles to look aged with a greenish blue patina?

  8. I would put the drawers against the wall because those drawer pulls are weird. Plus you could have some secret hiding places with the drawers against the wall.

  9. I would probably leave it with drawers in front in case I need storage, then when tired of that look, turn it around! Rings and water marks are evil! Glad you got it taken care of. So, was the bleach worth the trouble or would you recommend going another direction? The 2 tables match so nicely! Great job!

    1. Perfect plan, Cecilia! Get the look of both! Love it! Hmmm, the bleach didn’t work so well on this one (as I’d hoped) but this really was a weird finish on this table so I am not giving it a thumbs down…yet. I am going to use it on another (normal wood) table so stay tuned! :) xo

  10. Good Morning, Nancy
    As always your projects look fantastic. I think the table looks great either way. With the handles on the front it gives contrast and storage. The look softens when the table is turned around. Either way it’s a win – win!!! Great job, love the bleach wood look!!!!

  11. The table looks great! I’d place the drawers to the back because I like the look of the straight edge better than the curved edge that has the drawers. Placed in either direction you’ve created a beautiful piece.

  12. It’s everyone’s taste to their own but I like the hardware. I have never seen anything like them and they’re rather fun.

  13. Ooh cute table!! Love the bleached look, and I don’t mind the pulls so much, but you could always wrap them in jute? Just a thought! Hope I get to see you soon…it’s been too long! XOXO

  14. Well it seems the majority have drawers to the front and that’s exactly what I was going to say. They look like little upside down hearts! So I thought they looked really cute. I have never seen a handle like that before though. Tough stuff!

    Cute table either way you do it! Great finish and way to go with matching the other table!

    1. Yes!! That does seem to be the consensus, for sure. And I’m leaning that way. Oh my, they sure do look like hearts, love that! And me either, it’s like super thick, heavy duty iron or something. Crazy! Thank you, Vicki! xo

  15. I like the drawers in back! Besides, humidity might swell drawers and they won’t open.
    The drawers in back also give table a cleaner look

  16. Drawers in front! otherwise it is very plain and drawers are always handy. Get out some pliers and get those pulls off….a little effort will rid you of the pulls that you don’t like! Great job on the table!

    1. Oh, I am not sure pliers will do the trick on these! They are thick and strong, thick iron/metal. It’s the craziest thing! Never seen anything like it before. Thanks, Kimmy! xo

  17. I really like the hardware in the front and appreciate that the color really gives it some personality. Good job, either way!!

  18. Looks great! I can’t believe what it took for you to fix those rings. Wow – no protectant and no use of coasters. People scare me, haha.
    Gotta go with the masses- I think those pulls in front look cool.
    I love black, so like them as is.

    Went to Amazon to see about buying some of your listed bleach – unfortunately out of stock at this time. What a shame. Thanks for all the links and inspiration, Nancy!

    1. Haha, I know! And the matching dresser at the condo…same thing! Yes, I am leaning towards leave them out. :)
      And ugh, I know, I saw that! Bummer. Hopefully, it will be back in stock sooner than later! xo

  19. Drawers in front! It gives the piece some character and those pulls are interesting. I really love this piece even though my home is not coastal style at all I’d love to try this on a small piece of furniture. Thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge about paint/bleach/stain, etc!

  20. Nancy, what a beautiful transformation and keep the sweet little drawers showing. I refinished an old armoire with identical hardware and I thought no way are those things coming off without damaging the wood-but I was wrong! My husband used pliers and it took a few minutes. The pulls look like they are really anchored in the drawer Interiors but they’re not. Love your posts!

    1. Oh thanks for that, Peggi,I may have to just see if I can. If not on this one definitely on the matching dresser at the beach!! So good to know! xo

  21. Love the table. The bleach top works perfectly with the base color. I vote for Hardware in the back. It’s okay but I like the simple look. Take care.

  22. Nice job on this console table. It looked like it would difficult to remove all those rings! But you managed to pull it off quite well. Looks new and much better with your white wash finish. I think I like the drawers in the front! Besides you never know when you might need to stow some stuff especially when unannounced company decides to stop by to enjoy your porch!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  23. Hi Nancy,
    I like those strange little drawer handles. I have never seen anything like them. They give the little table unique interest. I like them showing. Good work!

  24. I like the drawers in front – the hardware is unique and adds personality. I might make them look like turquoise aged copper or less bold than black.

  25. Nice job! The table looks good either way. While I like the idea of a hiding place, with drawers against the wall, convenient storage is way too valuable to waste, so my vote is for drawers facing out.

    A verdigris paint finish might look good on the hardware., especially for that atmospheric seaside look.

  26. So Pretty! I like it with the drawers showing, think it has more character that way. If you wanted to do something different with the hardware you could use the Patina Products from Dixie Belle to get that patina blue or green look. Or just lighten them up if you really don’t like them. I think it looks great.

    1. Thanks, Debra! Yes, I think I will be leaving it facing out and painting them to either match the white paint or something lighter. Great tips!! xoxo

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