Colorful Mid Century Modern Office Makeover

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My colorful Mid Century Modern office makeover is DONE. Bright, fresh, and wonderfully inspiring new space to create in! 

The colorful mid century modern office makeover is DONE! Yippee! All the sources and more in the post.

Oh my gosh, you guys, I am FINALLY sharing my office makeover.

I can not even tell you how long I have wanted this and how long it’s been “in the works”.
A really long time! lol

And you know how it goes, finish all the spaces that “are more important” and those that other people see.
Boy, let me tell you, I lived that right there.
All the spaces that people see got first dibs on every single makeover plan. Our master bathroom which was in major need of a remodel was one just like that.
We pushed it to the end of the list repeatedly.

I am SO happy to have that done as well. And our master closet too.
I’m super happy to report that we are also this close to finishing our master bedroom and my husband’s built-in closet system too.


BUT before we get too far into this makeover reveal, let me first congratulate “Mother Deer” (J) for winning my latest giveaway!! Yippee!!
A huge congratulations to you, my friend!

And I have some fun news too. 
Did you catch my stories over on Instagram this past weekend?? We were at the beach condo doing some work (trying to finish up the whole remodel by summer) and I went to my favorite shop on the Outer Banks… The Cottage Shop.

Well, I bought up a bunch of goodies for my next giveaway, in March!! I thought I’d do something special for you, instead of the regular paint/craft supplies, I put together a gifty/boutique style box instead. I can’t wait to share it all and excited for this happy mail to land on one lucky winner’s doorstep! So stay tuned for that!
If you don’t follow along on Instagram, be sure to so you won’t miss any of that, AND if you don’t already, be sure to subscribe to the blog so you won’t miss any of the fun stuff either!


Okay, now back to the big Mid Century Modern office reveal!

Mid Century Modern office view from doorway

I’m so thrilled to be sharing it with you. I am also cringing at sharing the “before” photo. haha
But let’s continue to keep it real around here so here goes…

office before

Now, this is a photo from 2014 a couple of years after I started my blog, and when I was determined to give my room a makeover.
I was in the midst of it here … but sadly it ended up not happening. Boo.

What you can see here (besides the mess) is the old closet door in this room that had yet to be changed. (all the rest had been changed out at this point in 2014)
The “desk” which is really a table that I am in the process of giving a makeover to.
And just generally dark colors, dark walls, etc.

And a more recent photo from just a couple of months ago when I began again.

office before in process

Getting ready to paint the walls here in this photo, etc.
This photo is one I shared on my stories over on Instagram, by the way.
I KNOW I took a “before” photo of it more recently but I spent over an hour looking on all my phones, camera, computers, etc and I can not find it.
So, that is why I had to share the one from 2014 instead. It’s close enough but a bit messier since I was cleaning out the closet at the time, etc.

EDITED to say I found one! It’s not the one I took most recently but it’s from 2018 and pretty similar to how it looked now.

Old office before makeover with black desk and chair

This was when my office was also our closet. Remember when we were building out my closet in our bedroom recently?
We had to hang all our clothes in here while we did that. (and this was taken also before I made over that little green end table…which you can see, here)
A little more real-life for ya! Including “duckie” there on the floor that now lives at the beach condo. AND the one toy Ryder gets totally excited to see when we get there! We always tell him when we are leaving for the beach, let’s go see duckie! haha

Anyway, none of that matters because look!

mid century modern with chandelier

So bright and airy.
And so happy with lots of fun colors too.

I wanted to go in a completely different direction than how I normally decorate.
I LOVE color but keep it pretty soothing and spa-like downstairs for my coastal decor.
So I let loose up here in my office.
I think it leans a bit Mid Century Modern with the desk and chair choices so called it that.

I filled the wall behind me with lots of inspirational things.
Believe, inspire, create.

inspirational wall with quotes and signs

Most of that wall art came from At Home. I will link what I can at the bottom of this post.

picture shelves with inspirational quotes

inspirational sign

A place to inspire…and be inspired as well!

I even got a new computer to go with my new office. That’s been fun too!
My dad has always built all of my computers for me so this is the first time I’ve actually gone out and bought one.
My dad is 86 now and still plays around a bit with rebuilding laptops and such but not as much as before.
(the old computer I had for years that he built for me is still kicking, by the way, but it was just time for something new)

desktop with computer and keyboard

I like to keep positive reminders here on my desk too.

pink flower and spring sign

Like one of my free printables that’s perfect for spring or anytime really, as I will keep this here year-round.
Want it to? You can find it, here.

How about the little triangle dish with rocks/white sand and plant? It’s a “stress-reliever” (push the rocks/sand around with the wood rake) my son got me for Christmas.
And of course my love of old antique blue bottles that I plopped a bright and happy hot pink flower in.

Behind my chair is this small table that my dad actually built when he was in high school.
I am using it for the time being for my Silhouette Cameo until I can build something a little smaller for it.
I love having it right here because I can plug it into my computer as needed.

Desk corner

You might remember my plant stand? I used it as a side table downstairs for awhile.

plant on plant stand

And you remember the pretty blue armoire, right?

blue armoire with choose happy signs

You can read all about that makeover, here.

I keep my faux florals, fabric, and extra odds and ends in these bins on the side.

plastic bins with fabric and florals

The basket up top is great for all my vinyl for the Silhouette. (and as you can see, we replaced the closet door too)

basket with vinyl

This office is small (smallest bedroom in the house) so I have to use space wisely.

Over the top of the blue armoire are these prints I found at TJ Maxx recently.
More positive reminders to surround me as I work.

choose happy signs

And that little glass/wood thing to the left is one of my favorite things, ever!
It’s like an essential oil diffuser except it doesn’t use water. It’s called a nebulizer.

I will have everything linked at the bottom of this post.

I found this pretty bookcase on Amazon and painted the black metal gold.

bookcase with baskets and books

The baskets came from TJ Maxx and were $5 each. I gave them a quick and easy makeover which I’ll be sharing on Thursday.

plant with books

I am using them on the shelf to keep all my ribbon…

white pottery and books

And craft paints, etc…

craft paint in basket

Glitter, cards, and more.

baskets and books

And how about that light?

full view office with colorful rug

Now you see where I got my inspiration for my vinyl-wrapped drawers/nightstand makeover.

I originally had this in our laundry room before we gave it its latest makeover, here.

crystal chandelier and white drum shade

I think it’s perfect in here!

I call it our office but as my husband says, I put a desk in my office for him. Haha…he’s cute.
I mean hey, he has 3 other offices (his work locations) besides this one so I can make this one mostly mine, right?!
But when he’s home, he’s been using any space he can downstairs (dining table, island top, etc., not really ideal for him)

Want to see his side?

I wanted to keep his side flowing with the rest of the room but also make it a little more manly.

husband's side of the office

husband's office desk and chair

coffee mug on desk

Heh, heh.

And it wouldn’t be fitting to share it without sharing how it looks every day…

White golden on rug in front of desk

…the most important part, Ryder boy.
He is always by my side.

Okay, that’s enough of that, Mom, I’m taking a nap. lol

white golden sleeping on rug in office

And one more, close up, just because.

Closeup of white golden

If you liked anything you saw in our office reveal, you can find most of it here:



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The colorful mid century modern office makeover is DONE! Yippee! All the sources and more in the post.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our little space here. It’s a room I really thought I’d never share here on the blog.
But it is finally worthy! ;)
Whew…it’s about darn time too. I spend a LOT of time in this little room and now I actually LOVE being in here.
Like an amazing breath of fresh air!
Lots of amazing things coming this year…this is the perfect beginning to it all. :)

See you on Thursday with a super quick and easy basket update!



  1. Love, love, LOVE your office space!! Love Ryder demonstrating how peaceful your space is now.
    Love the colors, the white, accent pieces, inspirational pieces… really wonderful!!! I know you love it in there now and that’s the best part!!

    1. Thank you so much, Christina! :) And yes, Ryder loves this space, haha!! I really do! It’s like an amazing breath of fresh air to work in here. So so so nice! xoxo

    1. Haha! Yes, gotta keep it real, as much as I cringe about it sometimes (and I do!!lol), that’s how I want to be with everyone here! :) Thank you, Susan! xoxo

  2. I can see this is definitely your sanctuary! Every detail is so well carried out with such style. I can’t believe you actually bought wall art! Your printables are so lovely and you can make any sign imaginable. I know, time is a factor when trying to pull it all together! My work space is in the bonus room with the vaulted ceiling and I hit my head often when I stand up :( Seeing how functional your office is makes me want to scrap all the mix-matched furniture and start fresh. Great job!

    1. Oh yes, it so very much is now, for sure! Thank you, Cecilia! And haha…yes, you know it! Sometimes you just want it done! Yes, do it! If it’s a space you spend any amount of time in…I say go for it. It has made SUCH a difference for me. I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to finally have this amazing space. It really has been a very long time coming and way overdue. Especially with the amount of time I spend in here. Make your workspace pretty too!! You’ll love it! xoxo

  3. Nancy!!!! You hit this one out of the park! Oh my gosh I LOVE every single detail (Ryder especially :)). Beautiful office!

    Wendy :)

    1. Thank you so much, Wendy!!! :) I’m so so happy to finally have a space like this to work in. And Ryder is the best addition to it all, of course! :) xoxo

  4. WOW Nancy ! I’ve been struggling on what to do with my small extra bedroom upstairs in our high ranch (I have a mother/daughter set up)where we mainly stay. When my daughter got married I took the bedroom downstairs and created my craft room (which I do use as my “escape space”). My extra BR is where I take care of of all our household bookkeeping (I was a bookkeeper for 20yrs) so you can almost guest that the things in there are so ancient and yes I still use a tape calculator LOL! Your office makeover just lit me up this morning. I quickly measured my room to see if I can get 2 desks set up (one for my hubby who uses the kitchen table downstairs uuh!). I’m ready to room. Thanks for the inspiration, enjoy your new office I’ll be thinking of you when I’m following you on your blog.😉

    1. I love a tape calculator because I like to SEE what I’ve done! I totally get it! lol I don’t have one anymore but I definitely used them back in the day! And oh, I am SO thrilled to hear that!! Do it!! This was the best thing ever fitting a desk in here for him too. He was doing exactly the same thing…at the table, island, etc. It was less than ideal for him…and me! lol Thank you, Kathleen xoxo

      1. Good Morning, I just want to apologize for the spelling in my post, darn auto correct. Lol I will keep you posted, have a great day😉

  5. Your new office looks SO good! I love the pops of color. When it takes several hours just to write one blog post, you need as much happy around you as possible! XOXO

    1. Thanks, Christy! I went completely away from my regular decor style! So fun! And yes, you’ve got that right, so so true! xoxo

  6. WOW! Nancy! What an amazing transformation! I bet it brings such light and peace and joy and inspiration for you. It’s stunning. I so need to figure out how to work in two desks here. I like your set up. VERY well done, ma’am!!

    And Ryder, he’s the best. What a cutie.

    1. Thank you, Michele! Oh it really, truly does. And bringing in my husband was nice too! I love having him around but also love not having him and his work stuff spread out all over the downstairs table or island!! lol ;) xoxo

  7. I like the “before” better!!!…..NOT!!!! What a great refresh!!! ….but aren’t going to move????
    You’re going to make it harder to move…Love it all!!!

    1. Haha!! You are so funny, Addie! I’m so happy to have such a happy space to work in now! And yes!! We are … someday! lol We are actively looking and have walked through and visited several properties so far but nothing that knocks our socks off! We love this house and really have it how we want it now but there are certain things that we would like to have in the next one. If we don’t find exactly what we are looking for, we won’t jump on it. So it might be a while…or not, you never know what’s going to come up available! We’ll see! ;) xoxo

  8. So cool! I love the white with the pops of color. I love the gold, the rug, the desks, all your inspirational messages! What a beautiful transformation. This gives me hope for my space. I am more into painting and sewing, so my space would need to have lots space for fabric and sewing “essentials.” But you have given me lots of inspiration to forge ahead. Thanks so much, too, for daring to share the before and after! Absolutely stunning. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Sue! :) Yes, get your space transformed too, it’s an amazing feeling to finally work in a space I love! xoxo

  9. Love the makeover. The room is beautiful and functional! Playing devils advocate here; what if you turned the rug 45 degrees? Softens the angles and adds an element of surprise! Looks beautiful as is but it’s what popped into my mind. Fyi, this comes from someone who layed hardwood on an angle in a family room. Not for everyone as it breaks tradition ;)
    So cool that your dad is able to build computers! Most people in his age group are not so technologically saavy. Actually impressive for any age! You’ve got good genes, what a blessing.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! Yes! I might try that actually. Because I love that idea…I actually had our dining room table (years ago, it’s here on the blog) positioned like that too. Something different and I loved it. (like minds :) ) And yes, he still does a few but not like he used to. Thank you so much… xoxo

  10. Well your office is so breath taking and so fresh looking! It’s so much brighter and more inspirational for you I bet. Nothing like surrounding yourself with beautiful things to show us all the beautiful things you can do! Love it!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Vicki! Isn’t it amazing how much brighter it is?? I can’t even get over that and I’m sitting right here in it! Oh my gosh, so much more inspirational. I can’t really even describe the feeling I get working in here now. So much more joyful. (maybe that’s the word!) :) xoxo

  11. For some reason, Nancy, I missed this post when it came out. But you did an awesome job on “your” office! Also on Wally’s! :) You have such great touches on both sides but you always have the best touches that really finish an area! I’m sure it makes all the difference in the world when you are working there! Nice job! <3 xo

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