Coastal Farmhouse Laundry (all the details & sources!!)

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The big day is here, friends! And wow, what a whirlwind it was.
I can’t believe we got this Coastal Farmhouse Laundry done in time for the One Room Challenge Reveal.
We had so many projects to complete and I really wasn’t sure it was going to happen!
All the way down to the last few days, even.

But we got it done! (well, mostly, we still have some finish trim to put up but overall, DONE! ;) )
Before I share it with you, let me just say thank you for following along on this crazy journey.
And let me also say thank you for all the help, opinions and thoughtful comments you gave.
I truly appreciated every single bit of it! :)

This was not only stressful because of the short time frame, but also because there were SO many decisions along the way.
And none of those decisions could really be mulled over for a time. I had to decide and decide quickly or we’d get too far behind.
Not only that, but doing this with thousands of eyes on you can be a little unnerving. Mainly because you don’t want it to suck! ;)
And let’s not even talk about living in a house that looks like a hurricane went through it for 5 weeks! Whew, so glad we can get out of construction mode and put everything back in it’s place. :)
Well, let’s get on with it….but first! …. go grab a cup of coffee or tea and maybe even a snack too. It’s a long one!

Here was the ‘plan’ for the room….

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - moodboard #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Are you ready to see my brand, spanking new Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room? 

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - DIY shiplap #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

I’ll try to add links and/or affiliate links to all of the items in the room (or most of them anyway) so you can find the exact items. You can see my disclosure, here.

Let’s refresh your memory on what this room looked like when we moved in 13 years ago….

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - before - #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Side by side, I tried to take the exact same angle. Wow!

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - before and after #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

BIG difference when you look at those two, huh?!
I lived it and I can hardly believe it’s the same room.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - before and after changes #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - with rug #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

And yep, that’s a rug in there.
But not the rug (or rugs) I showed you. It’s the rug that I had in here before the makeover. (money saved, yay!)
It’s not quite as “aqua” as I’d like but I like the way it looks in here.
It’s a bit more plush looking (and feeling, it’s wool) and I think it’s going to stay.

Here it is without the rug….

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - vinyl farmhouse planks #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

I just feel as if the room has so many dark and wood elements that the rug brings in some nice softness.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - blue wool rug #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Not only that, but it is about 1-1/2 feet shorter than the other rug so more of the flooring shows with this one.
I think that helps and is probably the reason I like this one.

I had thought I would like wood stained shelves but once we moved through the process a bit, I realized it would just be too much wood.
Plus, I really, really, liked the light, bright open feeling removing the upper cabinets gave the room.
So I painted them the same color as the walls, Nano White, Behr, so they’d “blend in”.
However, when we put up these dark brackets, I thought “oh, no, too dark!”.
I hemmed and hawed (and fretted and hemmed and hawed some more!) and finally said, I’m painting them white tomorrow!
My poor husband didn’t know what to think. haha
Then I woke up the next morning, went in with fresh eyes, and it looked perfect to me. So I didn’t paint them.
Plus, my daughter, son and husband all thought it would be too much white if I painted them.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - laundry shelving #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

This was my first “vision” for the shelving.
Glass bottles for the fixings, drink dispenser for the laundry detergent…very utilitarian, useful.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - shelf decor #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry - One Room Challenge REVEAL!!

I even created labels with my Silhouette for laundry items.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - labeled bottles #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

But then I thought, no, I can use this handy new cabinet my husband built…..

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - cabinet storage #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Easily accessible so I don’t really need to display it and I can keep the shelves pretty.
(the laundry is a walk-thru for bathroom visitors, after all :) )
We have a halfway shelf in the other new cabinet, on the other side.
I wanted this one left open for a few reasons.

So I changed things up a bit and added some decor…. see the shelves?

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - industrial lighting #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

And again, without the rug. Which do you like better?
I’m curious to hear your thoughts since this is a different rug and the room is now complete.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - room shot #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

And you might remember I had my blue laundry sign hanging over the window before.
I decided to put it here and I’m so happy I did. I really like it in this spot.
I also gave it a bit of aqua in the form of Provence Chalk Paint. I just lightly went over the blue area and gave it another coat of poly after.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - industrial brackets #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - more shelf decor #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Which way do you like better?
Which way would you have it if it were in your own home?
Decorative or utilitarian?

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - blue mason jars #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

I love that sweet picture of my son and husband fishing some years back. :)
And of course love displaying my antique blue Ball Mason jars with shells and sand.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - seashells #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

I’m glad I was able to use this old aqua insulator in here along with a huge shell my son found on the beach on a recent field trip for Oceanography class.
He actually found 2 like this. (different colors) You can see them on Instagram where I posted a photo of them awhile back.

And a little recap of the “before/after” of our brand new coastal farmhouse laundry..

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - room views before and after #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

I’m almost as excited about the makeover the water shut offs got as I am about the whole room! ;)

Here’s the door I stained with General Finishes Gel Stain.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - wood door #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Looking towards the other side of the room…

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - other side #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

We now have a nice, long counter top for folding, etc.

Notice how we added another shelf and just rotated the clothes rod?
We did have to cut it down just a bit to fit.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - DIY wood counter top #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

I’ve also decided to forego a window treatment of any kind in here.
I like the clean, unfussy look.

I reused the baskets I had in here previously.
I thought the dark was a nice contrast to all of the white.
Plus the coloring is similar to the floor so it’s a nice tie in.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - clothes rod #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

I’m using them to keep extra rolls of paper towels for the kitchen.
And don’t mind that screwy uneven ceiling. Remember the trim I mentioned?
We have the ceiling, quarter round and trim on the sides of the wall cabinets to do.
Hopefully the trim will hide that uneven ceiling a bit.

And look….clothes can hang properly now! ;)

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - industrial clothes hanger #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

And I just love this little goody I made.
We had some old pallets out back and my husband cut a couple for me.
I cleaned them up and attached these cleats. (sprayed with Metallic Soft Iron)

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - nautical wall rack #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Perfect for hanging dog collars/leashes and such. :) (details and tutorial, here)

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal -pallet wood wall rack #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

The little blue decorative glass sailboat plate came from the ReStore.
I thought it would be nice for bringing in some color.
The bucket came from At Home and I filled it with hand towels.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - galvanized bucket #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Now….the counter top.
We made it with white pine and I gave it a little stain and weathering.
I’ll have a tutorial up soon. :)

But it was another I agonized over.
I had originally wanted a very light, whitewashed counter but that was when I was using a darker, gray weathered floor.
I spent most of Sunday testing wood samples for all kinds of variations. Tons, really.
I finally came up with something I liked and thought would look good in here. Thankfully!

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - hiding electrical box #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

And the glorious hardware. So glad y’all talked me into putting it on.
I just love it. 
The pulls were an “iron” finish so I sprayed the bronze hinges and knobs to match with the same Iron Spray Paint I used on the cleats.
I still want to find some hardware for the wall cabinets on the other side but have had no luck yet.
I’d love some inset, flush ring pulls but have found none that will fit.

The counter top finish…

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - aged wood counter top #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Bringing in more color….

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - flowers #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

And another little recap of the “before/after” of our coastal farmhouse laundry makeover…

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - several before and after shots #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

And here’s what’s going on behind the door…. 


Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - ironing board behind door #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

I thought this would be the perfect place to hang a little ironing board.
We used to have one shoved behind the hamper (you can see just the tip of it in the “before” photo of the washer above)
I think this is a much more user-friendly space. Plus it’s hidden most of the time!

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And so, here’s a final recap of all of the “before/afters” of our coastal farmhouse laundry room.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - full before and afters #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper


So let’s talk about all the things. Here’s what I used in the room:

And here’s a wrap-up of what we did in the room:


So there you have it! I feel like dancing! haha…in the laundry room, of course! ;)

PIN IT to save this Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room :) 

(or the “before/after” PIN above, whichever one you like)

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Reveal - one room challenge #coastallaundry #coastaldecor #coastalhome #farmhousedecor #farmhouselaundry #laundryroomideas #industrialdecor #moodboard #coastalprojects #farmhouseprojects #fixerupper

Want to see the progress of our coastal farmhouse laundry as we went along? 

Week 1 Plans
Week 2 Painting Cabinets
Week 3 Shiplap & Lighting
Week 4 Painting Shiplap and Room Progress
Week 5 Vinyl Plank Flooring
Week 6 You are here!


I can’t tell you all how glad I am to have this done. As you can see, I’ve given this room a few small makeovers over the years.
But we’ve always wanted to give it a proper one. New flooring to replace the very temporary one we put down.
A larger cabinet, longer counter top, etc. Well, now we finally have it.

So many times we’ve discussed and dreamed and planned….but had never gotten around to it.
It was always good enough, even though not what we really wanted, and there were other rooms, things, that needed done in this 1978 home of ours.
And the same goes for the master bath and closet. It really got shoved to last place.
We have done much of nothing in there over the years. But that’s about to change!

As you might remember, I posted our plan for the space literally just before we decided to take on this ORC for the laundry.
You can see it >>> here if you haven’t and don’t know what I’m talking about. :)

We are taking a MUCH needed break before we get back to that though! ;)

I’ll be back soon with tutorials and more information on some of the things I did in this room.
In the meantime, hop on over and visit Calling It Home to see everyone else’s big reveals today!

AND, today is also decorating day with my Decor Enthusiast friends.
Hop over to my “Outdoor Decorating Ideas” post to see all the ideas (mine and theirs!).

I’ll see you next week with something! ;) I have nothing planned yet so we’ll see what I come up with! ;)



      1. So, so impressed! I adore white! I can never come up with stuff like this. Always have to copy!!!thank heaven for Pinterest! Ha!!! This is amazing!

  1. Such a huge transformation, which I think is even more impressive in a small space. It looks great! I love the planked walls, the hooks, the shelving with that industrial clothes rod and all the other sweet little details. I’d probably leave it without the rug – it’s nice but I don’t think you need it.

  2. Oh Nancy that is a vast improvement!

    The dog collar hanger is so beautiful too. I love the use of cleats. Well done


    1. Thank you Elizabeth! :) OH yes, I usually keep his leash in his basket of toys, this is so much better. I can grab it and go! :) xo

  3. Amazing! Just enough wood and metal to balance the white. Nice flow, very yin and yang:) Love that you left the shelves white and agree it gives the corner a more open feeling. Also love how you camouflaged the fuse box with paint and a clothing rod. Beautiful and practical!
    I think the blue rug adds 1. warmth and softness and 2. a subtle pop of color that also pulls in the laundry sign.
    Thanks for sharing part of your home and life. You are an inspiration.

    1. Yay!! Thanks Rebecca! :) I think this rug does exactly that too. I do understand those that don’t like it though! So glad you like the room and thank you for the kind words too! xo

  4. Hi there, just love the after laundry room. I think the rug you have down now shouts luxury and fits in beautifully. Congratulations on a job well done. Love your work. Cheryl db.

  5. This must be the most beautiful laundry room I have ever seen! I absolutely love it! The floors look amazing. I love the old rug in the room. You did an awesome job covering up the old fuse box. Everything looks clean and inviting. I want to come over and use the guest bathroom just so I can walk through your laundry room. Glad you left the shelves white!
    You have an amazing eye and talent for every little detail Nancy.
    Congratulations on yet another perfect makeover! Great job!

  6. This is beautiful Nancy!! It’s so fresh and clean and airy! I love that stained countertop and how it pops against all the white. It will definitely make laundry just a little bit more enjoyable ;)

  7. Wow, Nancy, this laundry room makeover is totally fabulous! I love how open and clean everything feels. The white cabinets and the counter tops are amazing. It’s going to make folding laundry so much easier. Great job, CoCo

    1. Thanks CoCo! I’m really excited about the extra folding space we have now! Maybe no one will dread doing laundry in this house anymore!! ;) xo

  8. I love it! I think the “old” rug looks good in the space. My washer/dryer are in the garage and you just can’t do a lot to improve the space. :(

    1. Thanks Nancy! :) Oh yes, that’s true but you could pretty it up a little! Although, I have to admit, if mine were in the garage, I probably wouldn’t! Out of sight and all. ;)

  9. I have shut-off valve conceal envy :) that is one of my biggest eyesores in my laundry room, well that and the popcorn ceiling and the huge fluorescent light. ALL of which needs to GO!!!!!!!!! Girl, you need to pat yourself on the back! Your previous update from the move in pic was very nice also, but this just made it even more light and bright!! WOWEE!

    1. Haha and I totally get that Tammy!! I have hated those shutoffs since day 1…which was almost 13 years ago! ;) SO glad it’s finally done. And thank you!! I’m loving and bright and happy it feels in there! xoxo

  10. GREAT job, Nancy… probably one of my all-time fave laundry room makeovers/renos. <3

    LOVE the rug! I actually like it better than the original two. Somehow, the fretwork just looks 'right'. AND, it looks TOTALLY different from when you had it in there before! Crazy, huh???

    Love the hardware. I think the knobs on the doors were a great choice. (With the darker elements you used, it's just perfect to break-up the white, just a smidge.)

    I actually really like the drink dispenser for your detergent on the shelf. SO pretty. But, the way you decorated the shelving is beautiful, too. I say go with the decor until you *need* the shelves for utilitarian 'stuff'. (And, you can always add some portable shelving in the lower cupboards for more use! (That's My Wee Abode self kicking in… use every bit of space you can… which I'm sure you have already thought of. ;-) )

    The breaker cabinet… you don't even notice it! And love what you did with the shelf and close hanger. Perfect!

    I was going to say, "Where did those pretty hooks go you had on the wall before?", then I saw the new hanger. VERY nice, and perfect! The other hooks were more french farmhouse… the new one is def industrial farmhouse!

    Thanks for sharing. I know it's a lot of work to do a reno, and even more of a task to blog about it! You're a blessing!

    1. Wow,really?! Thank you so much Julie! :) And yay!! So glad you like the rug, I’m really liking the looks of it in there too. And yes, it does look totally different now, crazy how that is!
      Yep, I like that and think I’ll do just that! Great idea! Keep the pretty and change it out later, if or when needed. Why not, right?!
      And I’m really thrilled that the breaker cab seemed to mostly disappear with paint. I really hadn’t expected that. Such a nice surprise!
      Thank you again and also for the thoughtful response and the sweet words! So humbled and grateful for the chance to meet so many wonderful people, like you, through this blog of mine! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Julie! xoxo

  11. Wow, Nancy! Y’all did a fantastic job! I just love it! I’m not sure I can even pick my favorite thing, but I do love those shiplap walls!!! Everything really looks great! You and Wally definitely owe yourselves a pat on the back for this one!!! xo

    1. Thanks Karen! I don’t know if I have a favorite either! If I had to choose it’d be the floor or the walls! ;) Hope you and that sweet grandbaby of yours are doing well! xoxo

  12. Night and Day!! It turned out gorgeous!! I know you have to be so pleased with it! Love how you fixed the hanging bar. SO much goodness in one space. Well done!! Now you can breathe ha ha! XOXO

    1. Thanks Christy!! Been dancing all day!! ;) I’m SO happy it’s done. Going to take it a bit slower on the next makeover we are doing!! haha And now to get the rest of my house back in order! ;) xo

  13. I love the new look! I vote for “pretty” on the shelves since you have plenty of space for functional and the must have laundry stuff. I love the repetition of the “mason jar blue” and think I’d go without the rug. I do agree it adds softness but the color is just a bit “off” for me and it would drive me crazy. I LOVE that floor anyway. If you must have a rug I think holding our for the perfect color is the way to go. Wonderful transformation!

    1. Thanks Crystal!
      And yep, I think the “pretty” won out! I will hang onto the dispenser though because I “may” put it up with the pretty decorated tray at some point…or not! We’ll see!
      Yes, I have always wished the color of the rug was a bit more aqua, even when I had it in here before. But since I bought it several years ago, I may as well use it until I find something else. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  14. Turned out wonderfully!!! Yes I love the rug. I felt a disconnect with your other rugs but this is perfect!! Goes better with the flooring!! I like the shelves for fun decor. You’ve got handy cupboards to keep things in their factory labeled containers. I love your hooks!!! One thing we use our hooks for in the laundry is for towels. While we wait for a load, damp towels don’t sit in the hamper!! It is a huge help. Just an idea. Love all the white and dark accent touches!!!

  15. What a difference between the before and after! I love how bright and airy it is now – such a lovely room to do laundry. Your long countertop is fabulous and lines up under the window so much better now. The floor is also lovely but I do like that pop of color in the rug. The flight fixture is fab too. Great job, Nancy!

  16. What an beautiful remodel! You and your Honey should be really happy with all you have accomplished transforming this room. I think you made all the right choices :)

    1. Thank you Annie :) It was tough trying to decide on the fly! So glad it all came together..whew!! xoxo

  17. I love what you’ve done Nancy! Lovely. The shelves look amazing and I really like your rug. Adds in just a touch of color, provides a soft space to stand, and I agree the length is great and allows you to see some of that pretty wood floor!

  18. Everything looks great! We found some recessed ring pull hardware at Lowes for our coat closet and pantry door. Our laundry room barn door slides over them, so we needed something inset. they were silver and I spray painted them. Love them. Oh, yeah, they were with the hinges and gates.

    1. Thanks Lynn! OH, I’ll have to check that out next time I go in! I didn’t look in that section. Thank you! xo

  19. Very nice! I love the color palette. The choices you made with the details pull the whole room together. Laundry may not be so bad in a nice room like yours! :)

  20. Nancy,
    Beautiful work! I love it!
    I have redone my laundry room and I have my soap in tea dispenser , Can you tell me if the one you got and say comes from Amazon is it a good one? I have 2 dispensers I need them to work. The one I have on now is so slow. Is yours a fast flow? I really need some input
    Thank you

  21. Your new laundry room looks amazing, the difference in the before and after pictures is astonishing! The white colour definitely is better than the dark brown, it opens up the space a lot and makes it more welcoming. We did a renovation to our 2 bedrooms a couple of months ago, and we also got white doors for them, the result was perfect, it looks so neat and clean.

    1. Thanks Jane! :) I agree, night and day! Isn’t it so fun to recreate these spaces? I’m in the middle of a few more mini makeovers and it’s just so refreshing!! Have a great weekend! xo

  22. Nancy, I just read this post. Let me just say it is absolutely amazing! I just love all the choices you made. The mix of wood and white finishes is perfect. I like the carpet for added color but would look good either way. Congrats on a stunning makeover!

    1. Hi Melva! Thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful words! I appreciate them and your input on the rug, too. :) We are definitely enjoying this room! :) xo

  23. When spray painting hinges, are there precautions one needs to take to keep from freezing them (open or closed) with the spray paint?

    1. Well, you typically only want to apply thin, even coats of paint. Doing this will help prevent the hinges from getting stuck in any position. I don’t usually have any trouble with that. You could spray them and then bend them into another position and spray again, etc, if you are concerned about that happening. :)

  24. I got my dispensers figured out!
    Thank you for your inspiration.
    The sprayer you recommended Works great!
    I got the dispenser also and they work great they don’t clog up like my others. I paid for the really good ones and so worth it!
    I put in the sewing machine drawers and helped to keep a cleaner look!
    Thank you

  25. I read this post after seeing it mentioned at the end of your “My Chalk Painted Cabinets (4 years later-how did they do!?)” post and I’m curious at this point, a year or so later, which paint is your favorite? Is this milk paint just as easy to work with (I’ve used Annie Sloan on furniture before but not the GF Milk paint)? More importantly, how have they compared in durability? I know you mentioned using the FLOOR urethane in the kitchen over the chalk paint but has this held up well too?
    I’m working on a re-do of my kitchen and am researching every type of paint I can before making the plunge to painted cabinets.

    1. Hi Valerie!
      Yes, I’d say they are similar to work with. Both have held up very, very well. The kitchen was 5 years old when we did our complete remodel this last summer/fall. The paint was in really good shape overall but since the actual cabinets were 40+ years old, they had to go. Now, again, this is not with wax (which I don’t recommend at all), but with the floor varathane.
      Both of those are good for repainting in a kitchen. Both similarly require little prep which makes the job extra nice! But, there are other great paints out there for kitchens, such as Sherwin Williams, ProClassic Waterborne Acrylic Enamel, which is what I used on our kitchen island this go round. Can you get samples of the paints? Your best bet is to play around with each and see how they are with application, etc. They all have slightly different properties. The Pro Classic I mentioned has self leveling properties so it’s helpful to keep things smooth as you go. With the CP and MP mentioned, you would probably need to sand a little in between applications to keep things smooth. So it’s really a give or take on prep. Do it beforehand and use something like SW, or little to no prep with the others, and a little more work during. Good luck with whichever you choose! I’ve had good luck with all 3. :) xo

      1. Thanks for the thorough comparison of the 3. Since those are the 3 ideas I’ve been looking at that really helps!

  26. Hi Nancy,

    I am new to your site. I really like what you did to your laundry room. It looks like you moved to a new home. As you can tell from my email name, I am a beachy kind of girl. I love all of the nods to the sea.

    1. Hi Sara, I have all of the links to the items I used in this room at the bottom of the post. You will find it there. (they are from IKEA but I bought them on Amazon) Hope that helps! :)

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