Meet Piper!

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Meet Piper, our new long-haired Chihuahua! We are in love!

Hello, sweet friends! Guess what?

We got a puppy. 

Oh my goodness, she is the absolute cutest thing ever! AND since we got her on Sunday I haven’t gotten a thing done!! haha!!
So today I thought I would tell you all about it and share a few photos of her with you.

And how she came to be…with me! Because we were not looking.

My friend recently got a 9-month-old “puppy” that had an apparent “oops” pregnancy and no one even knew she was pregnant!
So after the puppies were born, (there were 3) my friend was letting one go but keeping the other two.

Until she sent me this photo a few weeks later.

When she decided to only keep one and let this one go also. 

blue eyed puppy with gray and white fluffy fur

Well you know that was it, right? How could you say no to that face?! I sure couldn’t…I was immediately smitten.

Then a few days later I went to meet her in person. (this is me holding her that day)

blue eyed puppy with pink tongue hanging out

And that was all she wrote! ;) I texted my hubby and said “Guess what, we are getting a puppy!” haha!

So over the next long 4 weeks, I visited about once a week.

me holding the puppy

And brought my husband to meet her too… I think this is exactly when he got smitten! ;)

puppy laying on hubby's chest

By the way, she is a long-haired Chihuahua. I grew up with Chihuahuas, two different ones at different times.
Munchkin and Shorty, original, I know!! lol

puppy laying on my chest

One week in and I loved her so much already.

puppy outside with tongue out

It was hard to wait four weeks to bring her home but my friend sent me photos of the puppies most days and I visited about once a week.

blue eyed puppy with pink tongue out

Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?

gray and white chi with blue eyes

Her and her siblings a week or so ago. She is the biggest of the 3, in case you couldn’t tell. lol (she’s on the far right)
And look at those pretty blue eyes of hers. It’s the funniest thing, her mom is gold and white and has gold-colored eyes. The black and white one on the left has dark eyes, the gray one in the middle has gray eyes and our Piper with the gray and white fur has blue. It’s so wild how that is with all their eyes being 4 different colors and literally matching their coloring.
By the way, the “gray” fur is called “blue”.

black and white chi with dark eyes, gray with gray eyes, and gray and white with blue eyes

Her ears are so big they are still flopping and look twice the size of the other two.
I love the “mustache” on the black/white one and the white feet and tiny ears on the gray one. Their markings/colors are all so pretty and unique.

Piper and her sister on the couch

Well, that’s it for now. I just wanted to share her with you. I know how much you guys love Ryder! Now you will be seeing two pups in my photos around here.
I can’t wait for them to get to know each other. Right now he is pretty much uninterested in her.
He only wants what she’s eating and her toys and that’s about it!! lol
But I know once she gets used to us and grows a bit more, (meaning, she is bouncing all around and barking at him heh heh) that he will have lots of fun with her. And you just know she is going to be the boss, right?? The new little princess, for sure!

gray and white puppy looking up in the grass wtih blue eyes

Stay tuned for more.
I’ll be updating about her often (with pics) I am sure!

Oh, and I’ll be back later this week with a screened porch/patio update. I’ve done a few things, added a few things, etc.
Just thought I’d share the updates with you!

Have a wonderful week!




  1. While all three are very cute, Piper is the best looking one! You’re friend must live a distance away because I would have been there every day to snuggle with her!

    1. Aw, thanks, Carol! No, she only lives about 10 minutes away. I surely wanted to go more often but I didn’t want to bug her too much!! ;) xo

  2. Oh my GOODNESS!! Piper is the cutest little sweetheart! We had a long-haired chihuahua when I was a teen, and she definitely ruled the roost with her big personality. (I don’t think she knew she was so tiny!) Ours was black and her name was Cricket. Looking forward to seeing more pics of her in your posts.

    1. Thank you, Sheila! Oh I love that. I think most Chihuahuas don’t know they are tiny!! ha! I think that is what I love about them. And yes, I’ll definitely be sharing more! xo

  3. Who doesn’t love a cute puppy and she is certainly a cute one! Congrats on the new member of your family!

  4. Oh my goodness I’m smitten too! So precious!!!! Congratulations!!! Can’t way to see all the photos of them together in the future!!!

  5. She is CUTE beyond words, Nancy. How odd that just the other day I was on YT, watching a Cesar Millan video on how to train a puppy. I don’t have a puppy and won’t be getting one, but I love his methods for training people.
    Good luck with her!

  6. I am not lying when I say that she is the cutest Chihuahua I have ever seen!!!! Pretty sure I would not have been able to resist her either!!! Can’t wait to see pics of her with Ryder!

    1. Awww, thank you, Audra!!! I’m pretty partial but I think so too! :) I can’t wait to share some of them playing and having fun together! xo

  7. Oh my goodness!! Those blue eyes. I want a puppy but I don’t know how my senior spoiled dog would react. Enjoy your new family member.

    1. I was wondering how Ryder would be, being the only dog here for 7 years. (and so spoiled and loved on) He’s been great so far. But he’s such a sweetheart I knew he would be! xo

  8. You are a very lucky new Mom, congrats! She is beautiful, along with pics can you talk about her vet journey also? The shots and stuff like that. Thanks

    1. Thanks, Mary! Oh yes, she had her first visit today as a matter of fact. Only one shot! My vet does it very slow with the little ones. I will be taking her out to socialize her but from the safety of my arms only, until she is completely finished with her shots. :) xo

  9. Very fun and so adorable… I always wish that dogs could keep their puppy looks! They are all so lovely… that runt would have stolen my heart. Love Piper’s blue eyes! Congrats!

    1. Thank you, Julie!! Aw, yes, I totally get that!! The two little siblings of hers have the tiniest, sweetest little faces. Piper’s face is not only a little larger but also longer. :)

  10. Nancy, I adore your new little Piper! I am a chihuahua lover. We had two long haired babies that my kids grew up with. Now I have chihuahua mixes (in particular chihuahua/terrier and I love that mix).

    Piper and Riley will likely end up great friends. Enjoy your new puppy. He is sure a lucky little boy to be adopted into your family. <3 xo

    1. Thank you, Karen! And that’s so neat!! I don’t know if I’m familiar with chi/terrier mixes. Will have to look them up! And thanks for the sweet comment…I feel so lucky to have her! :) xoxo

  11. So cute and exciting!! Believe it or not, I just got doggie #3! I have 3 dogs under 3years old! (What was I thinking?!) … dogs are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!

    1. Hi Laurie! Thank you!! And yay, congrats on #3!! And that’s perfect, they can all grow up together. :) We are wishing we didn’t wait so long with Ryder. But I get it, haha!!

  12. I know I couldn’t have said no to that face. Oh my goodness, she is precious! I’ve always been a big dog person yet have always wanted to get a really small one as I’ve never had one. I hope Ryder take to her and they become best buddies. Puppies are so much work. Have fun with that lol. Seriously have fun with that as they grow so fast just like babies. Looking forward to seeing more of pretty Piper!

    1. Oh, for sure, I could not!! hah! I’ve had both over the years. Big dogs have my heart most definitely. There is just something about them. However, I am excited to have a little again for the first time in many years. Ryder is slowly getting used to her but she’s got a bit over the top puppyhood to grow out of I think before they enjoy each other fully. And yes to that, it’s like having a baby! Not the fun part but that sweet face makes it all worth it! lol You’ll be seeing a lot of them here plus I’ll be updating how they are getting on too! xo

  13. Oh!!!! Soooo very cute!!! I am a crazy dog person and I believe life is not worth living without a dog….or two!!! I only have one now, Bill, he is a lover!!! Keep us updated.
    You lost a daughter and got a new one in your home!!! Piper is a cute and perfect name for her too.

    1. Thanks, Addie! I feel the exact same way!! I always have to “pet the dog” etc etc whenever we are out and about and we see one. I just adore dogs. They are the absolute best. Yes, daughter is grown and married so now we have a wee girl again around here! ;) xoxo

    1. Thanks, Christy! You’ll have to come meet her sometime!! We need to do another lunch date (or breakfast, those tunnels..ugh!! haha) xoxo

  14. He is darling! I highly recommending reading Caesar Milans puppy book and all of his info about raising a really good dog. You have the perfect opportunity to get started with a tiny puppy. I thought i knew everything about dogs( i had three) but i was so happy that i learned about “ the dog whisperer” when i got my puppy 13 years ago!! My dog became such a great family friend!

  15. OMG, she is love…. and look at those blue eyes… I’m happy for you and thank you for all your wonderful posts… I feel like we’ve been friends for years!

    1. Yes, she really is, Linda!! The sweetest little thing. And awww, I absolutely love that!!! So happy you feel that way, I really do feel like that as I’m writing to you guys too! xoxo

    She is adorable. Love her.

    I got a new little Maltipoo recently, so I am sharing in the joy of a new baby too. I am so happy for you!

  17. Hi there Nancy! Piper is the cutest puppy ever! I used to have a short haired Chihuahua;my dad found out she was being abused & brought her home! Alot of medical issues, but we loved her! I’m sure Ryder will eventually think she’s his little girl lol! Best of luck & thanks for sharing your precious new puppy photos!

    1. Thank you, Linda!! That is so great your dad rescued that poor pup!! So happy she had a chance at a wonderful home. And yes, Ryder is still getting used to her, haha! xo

  18. Oh My GOSH!!!! Piper is just the cutest wee little blue-eyed bundle of love EVER! I can completely see how you were smitten!!! She is soooooooo adorable and will keep you busy!
    Hope Ryder and she become fast friends. ADORBZ!!!!

    1. Thanks, Michele! She is the sweetest thing ever! Smitten for sure!! haha!! And yes, she is most definitely keeping me busy. It’s like having a baby!! lol We are still working on Ryder and her becoming fast friends…she’s got a little puppyhood to grow out of before that happens I think!! ;)

  19. Nancy, you are so lucky…..starting a journey of pure love. I had a long haired tiny Chihuahua named Puka (poo-ka. Tiny in Hawaiian, like the little adorable puka shells) Like your Piper, she had a huge personality and definitely ruled the roost! Make sure you get her used to other people or she will threaten to remove the hand of anyone who even thinks of getting close to you or her! I’m so happy for you. Diane

    1. Aw, thanks, Diane!! I love that, journey of pure love, yes! I love that name, Puka, so fitting. And yes, I can totally see her trying to rule the roost. She has the absolute sweetest nature though too. I know Chi’s can be snappy though and she is still in puppyhood and loves everyone. So we are trying to socialize her (as much as we can until she finishes up her shots), taking her places (in my arms), letting her see people, noises, etc. Thanks for the thoughtful reminder though! xoxo

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