Wine Box Makeover With Transfers

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This thrifted wine box makeover with transfers (and paint) makes a beautiful presentation for a gifted bottle of wine! 

Hello, amazing friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We didn’t do much because the weather was just awful. And cold! What in the world? It sure doesn’t feel like it’s almost June. That’s for sure. Is it weird where you are too??

Well, today I am back with another from that last haul, as promised. And instead of sharing the other one I have finished on Friday (I’m a little behind this week! Forgot today was Tuesday so this post is coming to you on Wednesday instead) I am going to share an amazing vacation I went on with my sister (and our hubbies) She invited us to come along with them a couple of months ago so it was already planned. The timing ended up being perfect for some time well spent together after our Dad’s passing and such a beautiful and peaceful place to spend it.

We were in The Abacos, Bahamas. I can’t wait to share the pure beauty of it with you!! It surely was paradise.

Wine Box Makeover With Transfers (and paint!)

But today I’m sharing this!

wood staind wine box before

Just a sweet little wine box (I think?) or well that’s what I’m calling it! If you know differently, please tell me.

It’s another one from that last haul of mine.

before furniture sitting on driveway

I cleaned it up and then sprayed the inside black… (looked like this before)

paper design inside wine box before

Next, I sprayed the outside with primer since it was so dark.

spray painted exterior wine box white primer

Then painted the outside in Cobblestone.

paint brushing the paint on the outside

A nice beige-toned shade.

finished painting wine box

It’s hard to tell in this photo. It was so nice out that I was working on our porch…at night. lol
Anyway, I lightly dry brushed all over the whole thing with Picket Fence.
Not sure what dry brushing is?? Check out this post/video here >>> How To Dry Brush

I decided to use this transfer on the wine box since I thought it would go well with wine.

berry transfers

I simply cut out the ones I wanted to use and rubbed them on and around the box.

showing how to attach transfers

I haven’t sealed it yet but will probably just use a spray type. But it’s done other than that!

finished berry transfer wine box on counter with wine bottle and glass

You can see the white dry brushing in this photo better.

And the inside is painted black.

showing inside painted black

But do you see the “latch”? Well, it’s obviously missing something so I took an old paintbrush, broke it, sanded it smooth…and painted it to match.

half of a thin paint brush stick

front view of finished wine box on counter with wine bottle and glass and cutting boards behind

Much better. Now it doesn’t look like something is missing.

Here are all the sides…

showing the side with cherries transfer

cherries transfer up close

cherries and blueberries side

I made the transfer go right over the hinge area. These transfers are SO thin that this works perfectly.

cherry stem going over hinge

showing how transfers go over corners/edges

showing all the transfers wrapped around the box

That raspberry one that ended up on top needed some trimming so as I wrapped the right side over the left it wouldn’t overlap and look weird.

showing top section where I cut the transfer to fit

I simply cut off some of the raspberries and added back that small half one there so there wouldn’t be just a half of one on the bottom with nothing connected to it on top.

I really love how it turned out! What a beautiful way to present a bottle of wine to a friend, etc.

inside of wine box with wine bottle inside

wine box decorated with transfers with wine bottle/glass on counter

Transfers make everything prettier!

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This thrifted wine box makeover with transfers (and paint) makes a beautiful presentation for a gifted bottle of wine!

I’ll see you next time with this!

message board before

I hope you have a blessed week! I will see you back here on Friday!



  1. Beautiful! And it does make a nice wine box. But, given the Asian lettering (forgive me–I can NOT tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese script) that lined the inside when you bought it, I wonder if it was first used to hold incense sticks…? Just a thought. :)

    Have fun on your next project!

  2. Nancy, This is beautiful and would make a great gift for someone special with a bottle of wine. Did you think of using a chopstick for the clasp? With the Chinese? calligraphy it may have held sake or plum wine originally. This is a great idea!

  3. Ooooh! That’s gorgeous!!! And another thing it could be used for is to put all your taper candles in there- so you can instantly find them, and they won’t get cracked in a drawer! WOW, transfers sure make a difference, don’t they? I gotta get with the program and start using them soon. Well done, Nancy!!! Love you could work outside. We had perfect gloriously perfect weather for almost 2 weeks (unheard of in Ohio) and now it is in the mid 90s and so danged hot. I sure loved that nice 70s weather though! Even had a garden ladies luncheon!!!!

    1. Oh, that’s a great idea too, Michele!! Lots of great uses I never thought of! And yes, don’t they? They really liven these oldies up, that’s for sure!
      Oh wow, we’ve had crazy cool weather here, definitely not our norm for this time of year. Sunshine and a little warmer this week, thank goodness! xoxo

  4. That makes me wish people would give me wine! I don’t drink wine, but I am sad now I have passed up so many of those boxes!

      1. Thanks Nancy! I must be more on the ball as everything is sold out. I will keep checking your site. Have a lovely day🌺

        1. Oh yes, Anne! I had to return some of the transfers (for a technical issue) awhile back but should have new stock soon! Keep checking! xo

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