Flatware Box Makeover With Transfers & Decoupage

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This thrifted flatware box makeover with transfers and decoupage created a brand new look for this sweet little box!

Hello, dear friends! I am back today sharing a new one. Busy, busy around here but I managed to finish this one up. Like I mentioned in my newsletter, I am also working on a large piece. Those take longer, haha! I haven’t really done many large pieces lately. I’ll be glad when I get it done. I was hoping to share it this week but it will most likely be next week. Stay tuned!

Today I’m sharing a sweet little flatware box. It’s actually quite different than my normal flatware boxes I make over.

Flatware Box Makeover With Transfers & Decoupage

Here it is ‘before’…

wood flatware box before

This almost looks like a jewelry box, not a flatware box. But it was indeed a flatware box.

tearing the inside of the flatware box out

And of course, we all know by now how much fun these are to strip the insides of, right?! ha!!

removing the insides of the flatware box

Yea, no, not so fun.

the inside of the flatware box aftering removing fabric etc

But what a great box! With a drawer too.


Love a flatware box makeover that looks nothing like a flatware box when you are done!

Unfortunately, it was a little wonky on both sides though. I used E6000 glue and clamps to put it back together. I thought I took a photo of that but couldn’t find it on my phone or camera.

sides of the box that are apart

I gave it some sanding to smooth out those scratches and look at that red. Ugh.

paper towel with red residue

So I sprayed it with some Shellac-based primer before I painted.

box sprayed with primer

I ran out but thankfully that was enough to stop bleed-thru.

I painted it in our white, Picket Fence. Then I pulled out some transfers to use on it. From two different sets. (see “Materials List” box above for links to the products)

transfer tube and transfers

I’ve painted the inside of flatware boxes and also lined them in fabric. This time I decided to use this Decoupage Fiber Paper.

decoupage fiber paper

It’s a wood-like fiber.

I used our Decoupage and Transfer Gel to apply it.

decoupage & transfer gel

brushing on decoupage gel

applying the decoupage fiber

Once I had it all lined, sides and all, I used a piece of sandpaper (after it was dry, of course) to remove excess on the edges.

sanding away the edges of fiber paper

I decided to use these two pieces from different sets of decor transfers.

transfers laying on top of the white box

This is how I decided to arrange them on the top of the box, with the florals flowing over the sides.

Want to know more about applying and using decor & furniture transfers?? I’ve written an in-depth post all about it. You can see it here >>> How To Use Rub On Decor Transfers (Tips & More!)

cutting through the transfer at the seam of the box top

Simply and gently, cut through the transfer where openings are.

And ta-da!! Flatware box no more!

finished flatware box

But whomp, whomp, whomp.

I started to take photos but felt like it needed more. I know, I know, most of the time, less is more.

But I took it back to the garage and added more!! lol

words transfer, holding next to box

I cut up this piece and another one from the butterfly transfer to use below the flower onto the drawer.

And now…

white flatware box with floral transfer and writing transfer

I like it so much better with the addition of the word transfer on the drawer. It feels balanced now.

white decorated flatware box with pink vase beside

What do you think??

white flatware box with gold knobs

Like it better with or without that addition??

painted flatware box with pink florals and gold birds

Up close of the “overflow”.

gold bird and white box with transfer


inside of flatware box with decoupage fiber

It was more see-through than I thought. Next time I will definitely paint underneath a neutral shade to even things out.

Here’s where the transfer overflowed onto the back.

transfer overlapping side of box

I forgot to talk about the knobs, I painted the wood one and these two metal ones in Gold Metallic paint.

up close of gold knob

So much prettier now!

top view of flatware box with floral transfer

And a great little box to keep all sorts of things in.

I love taking old things like this and transforming them into brand-new” useful items to use and love!

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This thrifted flatware box makeover with transfers and decoupage created a brand new look for this sweet little box! artsychicksrule.com

Have a wonderful rest of the week! I may see you back here on Friday! Let me see what I can get done. ;) If not, have a blessed and wonderful weekend, friends!



  1. Agree the added words really finished it off beautifully! I have a few of these old silverware boxes and now you gave me a plan for at least one!

  2. So glam now, Nancy! Love when transfers go over the sides and that wood paper is really convincing, too.

  3. Beautiful! Definitely, the words balance the design, for the ultra-discerning artistic eye, such as yours!
    🌺Enjoy your lovely day.

  4. Love, love, love it. The transfer is perfect for it and the addition just finished it off . You got talent, sweetheart!

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