Pretty Blue and White Chair Makeover

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A little paint and pretty blue and white fabric create a stunning result on this chair makeover!

Originally posted 10-9-18 Updated 4-18-24

Hey friends!
It’s that favorite day of the month again.

Trash to Treasure Transformation Tuesday with my friends.
If you are new around here, my friends and I get together every month to share “trash” we’ve turned into treasures.
You can see more trash to treasure makeovers, here >>> Trash to Treasure Archive

(be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see their makeovers!!)

This month I’m sharing this old chair makeover…

blue chair before

blue chair with worn arms

So, let me first say that I’m not being totally truthful when I call those “before” photos.
They are for this since I’m giving it another makeover BUT that is actually the first makeover I gave this little chair.
It’s a thrift store chair (I think I paid $5) that I gave a makeover to probably 10-12 years ago.
As you can see, it has been well-loved…. and used. haha
My husband used it at the desk in the study for years and wore the paint (and stain!) off of the arms.

Want to see how it really started before the first chair makeover???

Check out this post here >>> A Collection of Before and Afters  (<– that’s a real oldie post!)

Okay, now let’s talk about this chair makeover. I’m excited to tell you all about it!

white chair with blue seat

The last time I gave this a makeover, I added the fabric right over top of the vinyl (pleather?) seat.

This time I decided to take it all off and start from scratch.
Who knew there were 4 layers??!! There were.
2 layers of the off-white vinyl (you can see it in that post I linked above), this green fabric layer…

back side of chair seat with fabric

…and this original gold layer…wow.

gold seat covering

Removing all those staples is not fun. But using that handy staple remover I have pictured above made it so much easier!
This one is similar to mine.

And the icky, old insides.

showing the layers of the seat covering

And long past time for it to go! Yuck.

So it was going to need all-new foam, too.

My husband opened up a new office and had bunches of new furniture delivered. Some of it was packaged with this awesome foam.
He brought it all home to me without even asking me about it. He is definitely the husband of a blogger, crafty, artsy girl!! lol
Do you know how expensive any of that foam stuff is? It’s pricey.

wood seat laying on foam

I laid the seatboard on it and used a black marker to trace around it so I could cut it to fit perfectly.
I ended up doing 2 layers so it’d be nice and cushiony.

foam cutout like seat

Free is awesome. So happy he brought that home to me! He’s a keeper.

I’ve had the fabric I used on this chair for a long time. I don’t even remember why I bought it now.
But it was in my stash and I thought it’d be perfect for this project.

white chair with blue and white seat

I just LOVE it! It would make beautiful curtains too. (That might be why I bought it. Who knows!)

Anyway, I did prep the chair a little by repainting some of the blue back onto the arms (so I could distress and pull it through after).
Plus I lightly sanded it all. (like a very quick run-over with very fine paper)

I used this white paint to repaint it.
AND my handy, dandy paint sprayer that I LOVE.

I hugely dislike painting chairs. One of my least favorite things to paint!
So using my paint sprayer makes it such an enjoyable job.  I love this paint sprayer because it paints so well AND is a breeze to clean up after.
It would have taken me so much longer to paint this chair by hand and I was done in no time.

This spray tent makes it even easier!

white chair with blue and white seat

Next, I used the same fine sandpaper to lightly sand through the white to reveal that pretty blue underneath.

top back of seat

up close of seat back

Every inch of edge or raised area…..

up close of chair arm

up close showing distressing

I then went back over it with furniture wax.

Want to know about 26 other chalk style paints?
I’ve got the low down for you right here! >>> 26 Types of Chalk Style Paint For Furniture

Then I attached the seat back to the chair.

up close of seat cushion

Let’s style the pretty new chair makeover with a few things below…

chair with white blanket and basket

I love that throw…I just picked it up this week. It’s SO soft and reversible!
I shared it on Instagram this weekend.
I tried to find a link for it for you guys but I think it’s only available in-store. It was in our newly redesigned store in the “Christmas Shop” section.

I love the new basket! It is no longer available but this one is similar. I plan to use it for some kind of green plant, maybe a fiddle leaf fig or something.
But it’s great for magazines or other things too.

white chair with blanket and basket

The blanket is fun. It’s “shaggy” on one side and smooth and satiny on the other.

It goes with my shaggy pillows I got a couple of years ago at Big Lots!! haha

white chair with fluffy pillow

So there it is.
It got a brand-new look.

white chair with blue seat and white curtain behind

No, this one doesn’t really qualify as “trash”. BUT I did originally find it at the thrift store and it was looking pretty trashy lately! ;)
Now it looks like a pretty blue-and-white dream.

I’m so thrilled with this brand-new chair makeover but I haven’t decided if I’ll keep it or not.
Not sure where I would be able to use it.
We’ll see!

But it does go to show, that just because you’ve given something a makeover already, nothing says you can’t do it again.
I give things multiple makeovers at times. If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you already know this!! haha!
Sometimes for a refresh (like this one) or sometimes for a completely new look to match any decor changes I may have.
And I’m getting ready to share something that I have done just that with…a little makeover action to one of my very favorite pieces!
Can you guess which of my pieces I gave a mini makeover to?? You’ll see it soon.

PIN it to save it!

A little paint and pretty blue and white fabric create a stunning result on this chair makeover!

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I’ll see you back here later next time with this! My absolute favorite makeover….that I’m giving a makeover to! Eek!

blue dresser

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!



  1. Love it. I have a feddish for chairs. Great choice of colors. Inspires me to tacked one I have in the garage because it looks just like yours. Thanks so much.

  2. So pretty! I love the fabric; I have been checking out pillow covers recently on Etsy and came across the same fabric, it is gorgeous! Great job!

  3. So funny, Nancy, at first I thought – that chair looks pretty good for a “before.” It’s an even better “after,” though. Having a sprayer certainly does make it easier!

    1. Haha!! Yep! ;) It did but it was also pretty sad looking on those poor, pitiful arms!! lol And thank you! I’m so happy with how it turned out. And a big, fat YES to paint sprayers, especially for painting chairs! xoxo

    1. Oh you are right!! And I love that fabric, I feel like I want to make curtains with it now! lol Those floors do make a great backdrop. So much better than my old ones, for sure!! xoxo

  4. Hi Nancy! I love it! I think I have that same material. I need to find a chair now.🙃. Thank you for sharing.

  5. So very cute. I love the pattern. Just keep plugging along and you’ll get there with all the other “stufff”. Nothing like a refresh! Have a good rest of your week.

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