Old Crate Makeover For An Updated Look

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Check out this old crate makeover for an updated look! Or maybe more of a “new” old look. Easy with the right products!

Hello sweet friends! Today is Trashy Treasures Tuesday and my friends and I are sharing our treasures! If you are new here, we get together and share our latest makeovers with all of our readers on the second Tuesday of every month. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see theirs.

I hit the thrift stores last week and found so many smalls! If you follow along with me on Facebook you might have seen one of my posts about it. You can see it here.

Here are all the things I found:

large collection of thrifted items before

I can’t wait to make a bunch of new pretty things with all of this!

Today I’m sharing the old crate makeover and how I updated it to look completely different.

Old Crate Makeover For An Updated Look

Honestly, I should have titled this, “Old Crate Makeover For A “New” Updated Look, because it actually still sort of looks vintage.


dark stained crate before

dark crate on white bench


I cleaned it up and painted it with Limestone. A warm white shade. Two coats.

two coats of paint on side of crate

You can see some of the lettering imprints of this “peach crate” although I didn’t notice it until I painted it. It was just stained dark with, I thought, no lettering on the sides.


Next, I sanded the whole thing to bring that dark stain back through. There was just so much amazing texture, I had to do it!

sanding the crate


Then I used our Driftwood Stain & Finishing Oil to lightly stain it all over.

staining the crate

I didn’t want it dark so I wiped it on, then wiped it “off”.

showing the difference between stained and unstained

You can see how different it looks top and bottom. (bottom is just paint)


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Want to know all the “ins” and “outs” of using transfers? Check out this in-depth post I wrote about it here >>> How To Use Rub On Decor Transfers

To finish it, I added these pretty transfers.


It seemed like a perfect fit for the “new” crate.

I put the large ones on the ends.

transfer in front of crate

transfer attached to end of crate

transfer on end of crate

And then decided to use the rest of the singles pieces on the inside.

sheet of transfers

I cut them apart to better figure out the best placement for them.

transfers cut up

One bunch went on one side. And the other I ended up putting two together to make a “bunch”.

positioning transfers on inside of crate

Then I used the last flower in the bottom center.

flower transfer on bottom of crate

Yes, it goes across the opening. I pushed hard to seal it well to the edges (and hard enough to break it but it didn’t break) so I left it! I figured if (or when) it does, it will just go along with the vintage-y look it has.

I love how it turned out!

transfer sitting on white bench

other end of crate on bench

white flower transfer on inside of crate

more flowers on other side of inside of crate bottom of crate with flower

crate on white bench

crate on bench

How fun is that?? Completely, different look, huh?

crate standing tall beside white bench with small green plant on top

So many things you can do with these old crates!
How about on the porch as a side table? Or put a plan on the top and bottom and use it as a plant stand.

I use an old crate in our morning room to hold magazines (and a drink if you sit in the chair to read, etc). The magazines are stacked inside the crate. This photo doesn’t show that angle.

white chair next to dark vintage crate

Sort of just like this…

crate on fireplace with magazines

crate full of magazines tall

They are the perfect side for holding magazines.

crate with magazines on fireplace with Frame TV

empty crate standing tall

Meanwhile…this one was actually sleeping IN his bed!! haha! He’s usually sprawled out everywhere but his bed!

big white dog sleeping in dog bed

Piper came running in and had to jump in with him. lol

big white dog and small black and white dog

big white dog and small black and white dog sleeping in dog bed

So sweet. Love my puppy babies!

I hope you enjoyed today’s crate makeover! It was fun to do!

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Check out this old crate makeover for an updated look! Or maybe more of a "new" old look. Easy with the right products! artsychicksrule.com

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Have a beautiful week, friends! Oh, I finally finished that large piece I was working on. Yippee!! I’ll be sharing it soon, maybe on Thursday!



  1. Oh I really like this makeover, Nancy! I think those transfers are dreamy – love the calm, subtle color combos in it. SO pretty. And those pups – oh my gosh isn’t that the cutest thing ever?
    Give them pets and treats from Auntie Shell! ♥♥

  2. This looks great, Nancy! That transer fit perfectly on the sides! Love it when you feature Ryder and Piper! They look super comfy!

  3. Really nice makeover! The stain and transfer are great together. Just like your fur babies! Love to see those cuties!!

  4. WOW! Not only do I love the finished product, what an original idea for using it! Just amazing!

  5. I’m so glad you showed it on your porch because you can see how large it is! It turned out so pretty and is perfect holding your magazines…I can never seem to part with mine! XOXO

    1. Yes!! Very useful!! I have had mine (the other one I mentioned) for a few years now to hold magazines (same, I have too many!!lol) and act as a side table. It’s perfect for that really. Thanks, Christy! xoxo

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