Updated End Table (dated to modern!)

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This updated end table went from dated to modern, made simple with the right products! 

Hello, my sweet friends!

Today is Trash to Treasure Tuesday and I am so excited to share my latest makeover with you and my friends. Don’t forget, they are sharing theirs too so be sure to scroll all the way down to catch their fun makeovers too.

Today I’m sharing the last one from my recent haul…

thrift store finds before


Now onto my next one here

more thrift store finds before

Updated End Table

But today, it’s all about this $8 beauty…

orange oak side table with white dog

Dated, orange…time for a brand new look.


I pulled this from my stash to give it a try.

bottle of paint stripper

I liked that it was biodegradable AND water cleanup. Yes!

I brushed it on and covered it with plastic wrap then let it sit for an hour or so.

paint stripper applied to table top

I came back to check and it was working great.

scraping off stripper

I scraped off all of the finish and got most of the stain out. Awesome.
AND the very best part…I cleaned up the residue with water! That was a major win.
So much easier (and much fewer chemicals) than cleaning up with mineral spirits, etc.

I’ll try it out on something painted next and report back. 

I then sanded the top and bottom shelf.

sanded wood top

sanded bottom shelf wood\

Removing that finish sure saved me a ton of time sanding.

I cleaned up all the dust from sanding and then used my fave, Driftwood Stain & Finishing oil to give it a brand new color and look.

applying the driftwood stain to the top

I applied only one coat and let it dry.

Once it was dry, I cleaned up the legs and the rest of the wood with a TSP alternative. Then I applied Ultra Grip and let it sit for the rest of the afternoon.

brushing on the ultra grip

I followed that by taping up the bottom shelf around the legs and painting it in a pretty warm-toned white.
I didn’t want it bright white so this was the perfect color.

side view of finished table showing paint color of legs

Oh! But as I was cleaning those legs, I realized that it was missing a piece of wood trim. Bummer. (scroll up to the “before” picture to see the pieces that I’m talking about)

missing wood piece

I hadn’t noticed that when I bought it. Oh well, I just decided to remove them all since they weren’t really structurally needed.
And I actually think it looks more modern, less dated, with those gone. So win-win!

I filled the holes leftover with wood putty and sanded them to paint.

holes filled with wood putty

I plan to give the entire thing (top and bottom shelf included) a coat or two of Matte Tough Coat. I want to let it cure a bit before applying that though.

In the meantime, here is the updated end table with its brand new look.

white room with dark floors, blue curtains, driftwood stained side table and tan couch

top view of finished table with books and bowl full of sea shells

I love the new color the Driftwood stain gave it. It’s a great neutral color.

side view of finished table with off white legs, driftwood stained top

It’s a favorite of mine. I’ve used it on many pieces now, as a stain and even over paint.

With the right products, this is a fun and simple makeover!

end table decorated with blue lamp beside tan couch

Have you tried the Driftwood Stain yet? You can find it right here in my shop.

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This updated end table went from dated to modern, made simple with the right products! artsychicksrule.com

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Be sure to come back by to see how this one turned out!

UPDATE!! See it now, here!

I hope you have a wonderful week!



  1. Beautiful ❤️🤗 driftwood is always a wonderful vibe 👍. As long as you don’t move the table all the time.. removing the little blocks won’t matter. But they did add a little endurance stability to the legs.
    Now I want to stain everything driftwood😁. 🤔 would a urethane gloss add anything to the look, or ruin it? I found out recently that some model craft people add Pledge floor treatment to their models instead of clear coat. 🤷‍♂️ But not everyone wants things shiney and with glitter 🙄😁lol. Great job 💐

    1. Thanks, Willie! Yes, true! It feels very sturdy so hopefully it will be okay. :) And yes, Driftwood stain is addicting for sure!! lol Love it! I think a gloss coat could look beautiful, it’s all in what you like I think. Who doesn’t like glitter?! Give me all the sparkle. Ha!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Refreshing Nancy. It gives a nice coastal vibe. I like that you didn’t distress anything-and any time you can get rid of the orange tones is a big win.

    1. Thanks, Niki!! Yes, it really does! And yep, I love a nice clean look sometimes. :) Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Oooooh – wow. A solid hardwood table of outstanding beauty for $8 and elbow grease.
    That is just awesome. It looks great. Whoo hoo- that’s a big win!

    1. Thanks so much, Michele! Can’t beat 8 EVER! Especially with the price of things these days, right?! Happy weekend to you, friend! xo

  4. LOVE it!!! This one came out great…well they all do!!! It does look better with those wood pieces removed…win~win!!!! I love to see things escape the landfills!!!
    Have good weekend….(already again!) xx

  5. Lovely, and such a difference! Would you mind explaining how you scraped the finish off the top where the flat surface curves down to the outer inch or so, and the rounded edge? Also, would you explain how you sanded that area? I’ve never quite understood how to work around this area without damaging the pretty curves. Thank you!

    1. I ended up not removing that because the wood was different there, so it got painted instead. Sanding areas like that you just have to be very careful with the sander and do some by hand. I know they have a sander that is made to do these types of areas (with grooves, etc) but I haven’t tried it yet. I might have to! :)

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