Thrift Store Haul (June 2022)

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Hello beautiful friends!!

I still have 2 left to finish making over from the last haul but I just shopped for my next one!

Just as a reminder, this is the last haul.

thrift store finds in their before state

I recently did the sign, still have to do the lazy susan and the end table. But I will be finishing both soon!

Even though I hadn’t finished with that last haul, I was ready to get out there and see what kind of goodies I could find. I only made it to 2 places but found enough to start. I’ll probably go again next week and will add to this post with more of my new finds then.

Thrift Store Haul (June)

Here is what I found today (Friday)…

brown thrift store tray before

I love making over trays. This one will be fun!

wood box thrift store shelf

Little boxes like this are fun too.

dated heart wood shelf

This one is dated with the hearts but I’m going to cover that up somehow. Those doors open and have hooks on the doors and shelves inside.

wood framed mirror

I already know what I’m doing with this mirror!

The second stop was the ReStore which is one of my favorite places to shop.

orangey oak nesting tables

Nesting tables. I can’t wait to do something with them.

Now let me show you a few of the things I saw at the ReStore that I didn’t bring home with me. They could all be amazing made over!

antique wood table



mcm looking console

antique dressing table with slide out chair

ornate wood trim dresser chest


I have a cabinet very similar to the one above that I’m working on in my garage. I hope to finish it and share it this month.
It’s a beaut! I hope I can do it justice. :)

antique wood bed headboard footboard

So many amazing finds. And so many more than I photographed.

Here’s a recap of my haul so far. As I mentioned, I’ll probably go again next week to add to it. We’ll see! Stay tuned, I’ll show ya if I do. :)

my collection of finds in their before state

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

See you next week with one of mine from my last haul.



  1. What state do you live in? I would love to go to your Restore! I saw a few items I would purchase! Lol!

    1. I have always wished everyone would leave a link to their booths or shop or whatever. We travel and often look for shops and booths that have all the refurbished furniture. I love to look and get ideas and buy things for myself that I could do myself. Yet, I love to buy for me the things I do not have to do for me!

    1. I didn’t bring that one home with me but I do have one similar in my garage that I’m working on! Stay tuned! :)

  2. Hey there! I enjoy your posts. Can I ask you if you sell your upcycled items and if so, what method of doing so works for you. I reimagine thrift store items all the time to satisfy my creative urge however I’m accumulating too many! Any ideas you have would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jennie! I’m so happy to hear that. And yes, I do sell my items. I will list them on FB marketplace or take them to a friend that has a consignment shop and sell them there. :)

  3. Looks like you found some great items, love those drop leaf tables! What did you think of the prices? I stopped going to Goodwill several months ago, prices were ludicrous! Look forward to the makeovers.

    1. The prices really vary…a lot!!! Some stores they are great, some they are high. I think you just really have to look around and pick and choose. The ReStore seems mostly high lately though. You can find a deal or two.

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