Driftwood Nightstand Makeover (and condo updates!)

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Hello, my wonderful friends! I hope you had an amazing weekend!
We scooted on down to the beach condo to do a little work and I’m excited we got a bit done this time! haha

I stained the nightstand, my husband installed the ceiling fan in the bedroom and I painted the closet doors.
With the wrong paint!! ugh
I had bought a second can of trim/door paint months and months ago and only had the 2 closet doors left to paint. Well, I pulled the brand new can out of the closet and painted both doors with 2 coats of paint. I got up the next morning and noticed it was really shiny. (I had used “Satin” finish on everything else, trim and doors) THEN I looked at the can…Semi-Gloss. Bummer!
They had given me the wrong finish but I didn’t catch it. So now I have to repaint the doors with the correct finish.
BUT…Sherwin Williams to the rescue, they took the can back and gave me the correct finish. Very happy about that!!

So next trip down, I’ll repaint those closet doors. My husband still has a few electrical outlets to replace, I am *thinking* about retiling the backsplash, need to reface the cabinets with new doors, a new countertop, and a new sink/faucet. Plus, new kitchen appliances and then we will be done!! lol
OH! Master bedroom ceiling still needs covering of the popcorn but that’s going to come later.

So let’s see this nightstand.


Here it is “before”…

This Driftwood nightstand makeover was simple to update with Driftwood stain and finishing oil...ten minutes tops! artsychicksrule.com

And here it is now…

driftwood colored nightstand beside bed with lamp and gold mirror over top

It literally took me all of 10 minutes to do! I love this Driftwood stain so much and it’s so easy to use too.

If you hop over to my shop looking for it, it is out of stock currently but I have more on the way. 
Sign up for the newsletter over there and I will send out an email once it’s back in stock. I don’t send emails often at all over there so don’t worry about getting too many from the shop! (you can find my sign up for the shop on this page here)

I had been looking for matching nightstands for forever and never found anything that would go in the room…and that I liked.
So, I decided to keep the nightstand and just stain it to match the dresser which I stained a while back.
If you missed it, you can see that project here >>> Driftwood Stain Dresser

And in the meantime, I came across another little table that I thought might make a good bedside table for the other side (since there was only one nightstand currently)
I refinished it and set it up on the other side of the bed. Unfortunately, it’s a bit shorter so I added some magazines under the lamp to help raise it to the height of the other side.
Still a little short and not as stable as I’d like, so I’m on the hunt for 2 large coastal/beach hardback books to place under the lamp instead.

Here is that table, remember?

tan and white table with blue jar and gold mirror

You can read about it here… Coastal Style Side Table Makeover

And now here it is in the room…

tan and white table with lamp and magazines, basket below with decor items

tan and white table with lamp and magazines beside bed with blue and white covers

Just need those books under the lamp and we are good to go.

Here are a few more shots of the Driftwood stained nightstand…

tan nightstand table with lamp beside bed, gold starburst mirror on wall behind

side of driftwood stained nightstand

top of driftwood stained nightstand

And just like on the dresser, I just wiped the stain along the line on the inside of the drawers like so…

looking inside open drawer of nightstand

I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Oh, and here is the other update, the ceiling fan.

full bedroom shot with blue and white bedding, pillows, colorful rug and ceiling fan

If you remember, this is what was in there previously…

full bedroom shot with gold mirrors on wall, blue and white bedding, colorful rug and rope light fixture

I do love this rope light (but love a fan in the bedroom!) so it’s going over the dining table instead.
So yep, we are keeping it and just using it in another area of the condo.

We’ll tackle that next time. :)

PIN it to save it!

This Driftwood nightstand makeover was simple to update with Driftwood stain and finishing oil...ten minutes tops! artsychicksrule.com

We are coming along and hopefully will finish soon. I can’t wait until it’s all done and we can just go down and relax! ;)

Have a wonderful week friends! I’ll be back with more of my recent haul later this week, see you then!

UPDATE!! This turned out so pretty! See it now here!



  1. I love the makeover on the night stands! Where is the fan & night stand from? Thanks and have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Patti! The nightstand came with the house when we bought it, sorry! The fan came from Lowe’s. :) I’ll try to find a link for you!

  2. Nancy, this driftwood stain is amazing! This little nightstand looks perfect now!
    OH yes, I love a ceiling fan in the bedroom. :)

    1. I think so too, Christina!! I’ve used it on so many things now, I must! lol I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I’d love to have a pretty light fixture but I need a fan! Happy weekend to you! xoxo

  3. I need to have a fan in my bedroom in the spring/summer/fall seasons so I understand the fan especially at the beach. I love the tranquility of your room. So peaceful to me. So lucky to have a place near the water… sigh… enjoy your time there.

  4. Hi Nancy!!!
    I have to have a fan too!!!!
    When I saw your nightstand my heart skipped a beat……I NEED one of those knobs to go on my piece that broke one. They are an exact match!!!! Did you buy them….where??? I have looked everywhere but no luck. If you ever change them out….I would be happy to buy them. The look fits my sewing cabinet and i don’t want to change them. Well, let know!!!! xx

    1. Yes, girl, yes!! :)
      Oh no!! I didn’t, they came on the nightstand and dresser when we bought here. I have no idea as I’ve never seen anything like them! If I ever change them out, I’ll let ya know! xoxo

  5. It came out great. I liked the original finish but love this one. Am I right that this stain wouldn’t work the same using it on dark wood? I have an antique oak table that is medium dark and I was going to stain darker, like Espresso, but would love to give it more of a coastal look by using a driftwood stain…if that was possible lol. Your bedroom looks beautiful. Love the new fan also.

    1. Hmm, using this over dark won’t give you the same color. It might not even show up at all. But…I’m thinking it would tone down whatever dark you put it on, sort of in a hazy lighter way if that makes sense. I’ve not done it so that is just a guess. You would have to sand the finish off and begin again with the Driftwood to really get the look you want.
      And thank you, Debra! :) xoxo

  6. Love everything you’ve done to your condo. Love the colors, so relaxing 😌 just the way a beach retreat should be.
    I love your throw at the end of your bed. Would you share with me where you bought it, the size of it and the name of the color? I have been looking for one for awhile. Love the color.

    1. Thank you so much, Shirley! :) Oh gosh, that throw came from our home here… I’ve had it for years. I’m sorry I don’t remember but I think it might have a tag on it. If I remember (and that’s a biggie!! lol) I will take a picture of the tag and reply back here to you. Maybe that will help you find one like it. xoxo

      1. Thank you, Nancy for getting back to me about the lovely Throw. I will check it out on Target. You are a sweetheart

    2. Hi Shirley! I looked at the tag when we were at the beach this past weekend. It is by a company called “Domain” which is sold at Target. You might try looking there. (I have had it for quite a lot of years now though so you may not be able to find it, but you never know! :) )

  7. Hi Nancy. I live at the beach in NC and I’m interested in what covering you will use for your popcorn ceilings. Do you think its more cost effective to cover rather than remove? Would love your advice and thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Ann, we have not fully decided yet, and honestly, it will probably be next winter before we tackle that one. I am *thinking* some sort of shiplap or beadboard look. I would have MUCH rather removed (and we tried) but someone had painted at least twice over the popcorn and that makes it nearly impossible to remove because you can’t get the water to soak it to make it soft and scrapable. SO, covering is really our only option in that room. Thankfully that was the only room that had been painted over! We removed the entire rest of the condo ourselves…it’s a messy job but doable.

  8. OMG! I’m loving this driftwood stain! I couldn’t help but notice you said that you were going to be “covering” the popcorn texture in your ceiling!? Can you PLEASE elaborate! We just loved in to this house 11/2020 and are slowly but surely doing upgrades. A major one I just HAVE to get to is this popcorn ceiling. Which is a LOVELY shade of yuck!

    Would love to hear your plans for covering it, as removing it is the only option I’ve encountered, and the mess and coat have delayed the plan!

    Thank you for all you do!

    1. Yes, we have long-term plans to do that. We have put that on the very back shelf for now though! We have decided we are going to live with it for a while. (we are tired!! lol) The rest of the condo is smooth and nice so it’s just in the bedroom. I actually repainted it in a nice bright white and added sparkles. (I know that sounds crazy but hey it’s a beach condo, not my main home…AND you cannot see the sparkles except at night laying in the bed with the lamp on…and they are VERY subtle. I would actually like to see them more but it is a fun little surprise when you hop in bed at night and lay down and look up. I hope when we rent our condo, our renters will enjoy that fun little surprise! lol Anyway, we are thinking we will do something similar to what we did to our bathroom and laundry room walls. (shiplap-ish) But on the ceiling. (here’s a link to shiplap tutorial in case you haven’t seen it)

      1. White with sparkles sounds like a lot of fun! Take care and rest. I think you could call it done. 🙂

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