Floral Paper Napkin Decoupage Box

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Hello, hello, friends!

I’m back today sharing another one from my recent haul. Missed it? You can see everything I got right (and all the other goodies I came across but didn’t bring home) >>> here.

But just as a refresher, here is the photo of what I’ll be making over…

photo of thrifted items before being made over

I’ve already made over one item, you can see it here:

Floral Paper Napkin Decoupage Box

Today I’m making over the little “snowman box”…

beige box with two snowman painted on top

Now it looks like this…

gold mirror with pink floral box

So sweet!

I just love this napkin design. The colors are perfect.

I used just 2 napkins to do this project.


Here is the inside, how it was “before”…

brown box inside

I loved this paper napkin so much and thought it’d be perfect for this little box.

floral napkin laying over box

I started by brushing on some of the Decoupage Gel… (I sprayed it white before I did this)

white spray painted box with decoupage gel brushed on

Then laying the napkin over the top, front and back sections. (those got attached first)

floral paper napkin attached to box

I used a hairdryer to dry it faster. (I’m impatient like that, lol!)

Then grabbed a sanding block to lightly sand the edge to separate the loose paper and create a clean, straight edge.

showing how to sand edges with sanding block

This works so well.

I used a sharp knife to cut along the lid.

showing how to cut seam with knife

Yippee! Halfway done.

open box with decoupage on front and top

Now to do the sides.

decoupage on side of box

Easy, because I positioned it so that I only had to trim two sides. (don’t mind the paint on my hands, I’ve been painting our hall bathroom floor)

A bit more sanding to trim those two sides and…

finished decoupage on side of box

I decided it needed a fun pop of color for the inside and aqua was the perfect choice.

aqua paint inside box

Love how this one turned out! It’s SO sweet.

OH! I finished it up by applying another coat of the Decoupage gel on top. Once it was dry I took a few photos of it for you.

floral box on white dresser

Isn’t that paper napkin so pretty? They are so much fun to play with…..

floral box on dresser with gold mirror on wall

I just love it.

close up of floral box

And the inside…

showing floral box with aqua inside, open box

Perfect color, right?

floral box with butterflies

top view of floral box

side view of floral box

Can be used for just about anything. A great little keepsake box.

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Napkin decoupage completely transforms this little keepsake box...simple! artsychicksrule.com

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We will be busy, busy working on the beach condo this weekend! Stay tuned over on Instagram (stories), I might share a bit.

Hop back over on Tuesday, I’ll be sharing this one from the haul…all made up for spring, yay!

UPDATE!! You can see this one now, here.



  1. What a cute little box for a little girl to put her ‘precious’ items in.
    There are so many beautiful paper napkins out there that it’s hard to choose when doing a project.

    1. Yes, exactly, Colleen! :) I’m thinking of giving it to my great-niece. You are so right, lots of possibilities!! xoxo

  2. Nancy, you made this little mini-trunk so happy! I love the aqua inside too. Great use of a lovely napkin!
    I hope you have some fun at the condo and not just work.

    1. Thanks, Christina!! And oh my gosh, I hadn’t even thought of that but that is exactly what it looks like! How cute is that?! lol Love it! And thanks, we are going to try, the weather is supposed to be amazing! Yay!xoxo

  3. Those napkins are gorgeous and did wonders for this box!! I need to venture out of my side of town to thrift…it’s slim pickins over here these days! XOXO

    1. Thanks, Christy! Yes, you do!! We have a bunch over here. :) Although it’s slim here too, haha!! xoxo

  4. This box is so gorgeous and fun! It would be great for a little girl’s room or even a teen dorm. Great job.

  5. I cannot believe that’s a paper napkin, Nancy! That rather unattractive box looks beautiful now and inspires me to work on a rather unattractive box of my own 😉 The only thing stopping me is the box’s discolored velvety lining – I might try painting over it, just to see if it works. Now I need to search my stash for some beautiful napkins.

    1. Isn’t it so pretty?! It’s my favorite of the ones I bought recently. Just love all the pretty colors. And yes, paint that lining! If it doesn’t work, you can always just remove (although I know those things can be a pain to get out!) Have a wonderful weekend, Marcie! xoxo

  6. You are such a visionary!! I would have overlooked the box as it was, but now you have inspired me. You make the decoupage process look so easy. How does it not have bubbles? I’ve never had much luck with decoupaging. Going to try the gel, maybe that’s the secret???

    1. Aw thanks, Deanna! The decoupage is easy…but it can be a bear sometimes!! lol You just have to be slow and gentle. Gently lay it down and gently apply firm pressure without rubbing etc., as it can rip if you move or slide your fingers. I work any bubbles but consistently pressing to remove them or minimize them. Sometimes it wrinkles where a bubble was but that is just the nature of using napkins or tissue paper this way. I do love this Transfer and Decoupage Gel though! :)

  7. Oh, Nancy – you made over that tired Christmas box perfectly. It is so pretty – and so perfect for any spring decorating. Really like that. : – )

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