Spring Napkin Projects and Gilding Marker

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These spring napkin projects are fun and easy to do! The Gilding Marker adds a nice touch of glam too!

Hello beautiful friends!

I hope you have had an amazing week, so far! I’m sharing only one project this week because I went to one of my favorite places this past weekend. Charleston, SC.
I went with 3 of my friends. All of us have had recent birthdays so it was a girl’s trip for our birthdays! Yay! We had a great time and I got to see the city in a different way than I usually do. In case you don’t know (or remember) my brother-in-law and sister-in-law live in the Charleston area so we visit often, usually at least once a year. We always stay with them but this time I stayed right in downtown! I will be sharing all about it, the things we did, and exactly where we stayed (which was a great location!) if you are interested next week.

Today I’m sharing a project I did last week before I left. It’s a napkin decoupage project for Easter using a new product I want to share with you all!

Spring Napkin Projects and Gilding Pen

Here is what I started with…

metal tin and easter sign before

An old tin I got at Michael’s years ago and an Easter sign from the Dollar Store last year that I never ended up doing anything with. Until now!

Here’s the other side of the tin container.

metal tin before painting

Nothing at all wrong with it except it’s a little too rustic for my decor these days.


I loved the little beaded hanger and was happy I could simply remove it and turn it the other way. (since I’m using the backside of the sign for this project)

beaded hanger for sign

Both the back of this sign as well as the metal container got sprayed white.

taped handles on metal tin

I made sure to tape up the wood handles though because I didn’t want those to get painted white. I loved the natural wood look of them.

Here it is after painting and showing you the napkin I’m going to use.

metal tin painted white

Isn’t it pretty for spring? I love the colors!

I cut out the portion I wanted to use…

flower napkin on tin

Then carefully separate the layers.

pulling napkin apart

Be sure to get them all, there are usually about 3. You want the thinnest layer that is printed only.

I also cut out the word “bloom” on my Silhouette in a glittery gold vinyl.

bloom gold lettering with tin and napkin

Apply a coat of Decoupage Gel…

applying decoupage gel to tin

Then apply the napkin. You can use plastic wrap over the top so as not to tear the very thin napkin.

saran wrap over napkin

Next, I thought I’d use our Gilder’s Paste in Bronze on all the raised areas.

applying gilder's paste

However, I pulled out this brand new Gilding Marker we have and used it instead!

gilding marker in package

Get ready to have some fun with this thing! ;)

I decided to “highlight” the edges of the flowers in the napkin decoupage.

using gilding marker to outline flowers

Be sure the napkin decoupage is fully dry before doing this.

outlined flowers with gilding marker up close

Isn’t that pretty???

outlining flowers on napkin

Then I decided to use it everywhere else!

using pen on raised edges of tin

Sigh…that’s SO pretty.

showing how to use the gilding marker

So much fun to use.

showing the areas gilding marker was used

I kinda wanted to paint everything with it! haha!
However, I did decide to leave the vertical lines with just the Bronze Gilder’s Paste though to keep it more subtle there.

pretty white tin with gold touches

Here’s what I did to the inside.

inside tin is blue flower on the bottom with the word bloom in side of inside

For the next napkin decoupage project, I used a napkin with bunnies.

This napkin had two bunnies on it. I decided to use the small one twice for this circular board.

bunnies in the grass napkin on white round sign

I had to use some more of the grass/flowers at the bottom too.

arranging bunny napkin on sign

Then I filled in the sides a little too.

adding napkin pieces to sign

napkins applied to sign with decoupage gel

I’m not loving the “lined bottoms” once I attached them to the sign but kind of unavoidable I suppose. Had I thought that through, I might’ve cut around a bit to make it look more organic instead of a straight line.

Once it was dry I used some sandpaper to rub off the edges.

sanding off the extra edges

Then I printed out this “Happy Easter” to transfer to the board.

happy easter printed paper

I did it the “old school” way of using a pencil to shade the back. Here are even more ways to transfer >>> “How To Transfer Graphics“.  Did you see I used the Gilding Marker on the bunnies above? I outlined them too.

shading back of paper with pencil

And then trace over it to transfer the pencil lead.

tracing happy easter

I traced over the lettering with the Gilding Marker.

drawing in the happy easter with gilding marker

Then I sprayed both of them with this matte spray to seal.

Here they are all finished!

napkin decoupaged tin and sign decorated on table

newly decoupaged items arranged with flowers

I love using napkins to create pretty things! The sky is really the limit as there are SO many napkin styles out there and there are SO many things you can craft with them too.

top view of napkin decoupaged pieces

And the other side.

other side of white tin

I hung it inside the wreath I currently have on my front door.

round sign inside of green wreath on door

round side inside of green wreath on door

Hard to see the gold lettering at certain angles outside though.

Here’s a better look at the gilding around the bunnies.

bunnies outlined in gold

And Piper girl keeping a close eye on me!

small black and white dog at glass door

Have some old decor lying around that you want to give a fresh new look to?? Try napkins! Or maybe make something sweet for spring!

PIN it to save it for later!

These spring napkin projects are fun and easy to do! The Gilding Marker adds a nice touch of glam too! artsychicksrule.com

OH! I almost forgot I’m going to try to be back this weekend with these pretties!

I have 14 different napkin designs and will be making pretty stuff with a bunch of them for spring! I will in no way be able to use all of them so have decided to pack them up and pop them in my shop for you all! You’ll get one of each design to make pretties with (each napkin has 4 design prints), so 14 different designs (and 56 total design prints). Fun, fun!

Stay tuned for that hopefully on Sunday. I’ll be in touch!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to change those clocks this weekend. Spring is almost here!! Yippee!



  1. Beautiful …. and ….. an edge of humor..:-). My favorite phrases ..from this project narration:
    “I decided to use the gilding market for the edges of the flowers….. then I decided to use it everywhere else! :-)
    Lol. Those are favorite moments; when you find an effect that you really like.. and then blast off into using the effect often. 🤔There should be a special word for that moment. 🤗

  2. These are so pretty! Love that board! It looks so nice in your door wreath. I want to make one. That Gilding marker does look fun and easy. Graphic transfers still overwhelm me though, I don’t know why lol.

    1. Thank you, Debra! I kind of liked it there too. Fit perfectly! Oh goodness, don’t let them overwhelm you, they are less scary than they seem, for sure! Give one a try! :) xo

    1. Thanks, Dotte! The font is called Blooming Elegant Regular. I created it in another program and then transferred it to my Silhouette to cut. :)

  3. I need to get me one of them gildin’ thingies! Tell me where you picked yours up. Michael’s or somewhere similar, maybe? Your projects turned out great and I love the idea of using the designs on napkins. There are so many beautiful ones out there. Thanks for sharing these little projects, Nancy!

    1. Hi Naomi! Yes, you do!! So fun. No, I actually have it in my shop for sale there. You can find it here. Thank you and yes, I love, love using napkins because so many design choices! xo

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