Coastal Style Side Table Makeover

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This old “throwaway” table got left behind…but I brought it back to life with a whole new look. Driftwood stain for the win!

This old "throwaway" table got left behind...but I brought it back to life with a whole new look. Driftwood stain for the win! #driftwoodstain

Hello my wonderful friends!!

I am so happy you are here today. It’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday and my friends and I are doing our regular monthly share of old finds turned “brand new” beauties.
So be sure to scroll all the way down to check out my friends’ makeovers before you go. And if you are coming over from one of my friends’ pages, welcome!

But before we get to today’s project, let me first say THANK YOU for all of the sweet well wishes, congrats and orders on my new online shop!! I am just so excited to finally have it LIVE. It’s been a months long labor of love. I hope you will enjoy shopping it as much as I enjoyed filling it up with all kinds of goodies. 
If you missed that “big announcement” post and all the details on my brand new store, you can read all about it and visit it >>> here.

Now, let’s talk about this old, sad table.

Oh but wait, I also want to mention October’s giveaway…I will be sharing that on Thursday so don’t miss it! (New here? I am hosting a giveaway every single month of 2021…search “giveaway” in the search bar to the right to see some of my past giveaways)

Coastal Style Side Table Makeover

Here’s how it began…

orangey red stained 2 level table before

I think I paid $10 for it. Solid wood and very sturdy.
Which is good because I plan to use it as a bedside table at our beach condo.

I had been looking (and looking) for the perfect pair but no such luck. So when I came across this I thought it might be the answer.
So instead of replacing the matching (to the dresser I already gave a makeover to) nightstand here…

white bed with blue pillows and colorful rug

…I thought I’d just give this nightstand the same look instead.

If for some reason this little side table is shorter than this nightstand (uneven lamp height on each side will make me crazy) I will just add a book or two under the lamp until they are even.
The bottom will get a basket filled with books and/or magazines.
I’ll share more photos in this post once we take it down to the beach.

I began by sanding off that old red/orange finish.

top freshly sanded to bare wood

On the top and the bottom.

both levels of table sanded to bare wood

But not the spindles.
I wanted a little contrast so I painted them white.


Then I applied the Driftwood stain (linked above) to both top and bottom shelves.

bare wood stained with Driftwood stain

I haven’t always done this when using the Driftwood stain but I decided to use Wood Conditioner before applying it this time.
Once the first coat was on, I let it sit overnight and then I applied a second coat of the Driftwood as I wanted it a bit darker.

Then I painted the spindles/legs with the Casement color. (also linked above)

I left it to sit over the weekend and then applied one coat of Gel Topcoat. It’s so simple to use.
I just apply with an old rag, wiping it on and removing the excess.

The Driftwood stain doesn’t need a topcoat but since this was probably going to be having drinks and such sitting on it I wanted it to have some extra protection.

I love how it turned out and think it’s going to be perfect for the condo.

table finished against white wall, driftwood colored shelves and white legs

side view of driftwood stained table with white legs

Isn’t the contrast great?
I think it’s going to look fabulous with the brand new headboard we made too.

Very different from how it started, huh?

gold mirror with driftwood table and white legs

I love seeing the transformation of these sad, old furniture pieces.

clear blue vase with sticks on top of driftwood table

Up close of that finish…

driftwood stained wood up close

So good.

And that Driftwood is my absolute favorite although there are quite a few different ones to choose from.
You can see them all >>> here.

driftwood and white table with blue vase and dish with seashells on bottom

Stay tuned for more pictures soon! I’ll add them once I move this to our beach condo and get some new photos of it there.

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This old "throwaway" table got left behind...but I brought it back to life with a whole new look. Driftwood stain for the win! #driftwoodstain

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See you then!



  1. Nancy I adore that you took a sad table and made it happy! Love the driftwood top and the contrast with the spindles. Way to go!!!

  2. Love the table and good luck with your online store.. I’m sure you will be very busy with all those orders you will get.😍

  3. I love the driftwood finish. The white spindles add a distintive touch! All the driftwood finishes you have created are so lovely and certainly are at home in a beach home or even a beach theme. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week.

  4. I didn’t think it was terrible before, but you really made it shine, Nancy! Funny how the white spindles sort of make it disappear into the wall and the shelves stand out now. Older side tables are usually lower than most modern nightstands because mattresses keep getting higher and the matching tables have to get taller, too. I don’t have matching lamps in the bedroom, and I don’t mind that they’re different heights. I love the look of books under a lamp and that’s a great solution for your room. Looking forward to seeing more photos.

  5. I love what you did with this side table. I’m sure it will look perfect, even if you have to add the books for lamp height. Would like to see a photo of it in your beach condo. Good luck with your online shop too! A friend of mine was recently at a fall craft show, and mentioned there were so many great items. That people are returning to hands on projects since the pandemic started is one positive outcome at least.

  6. That sweet little side table sure isn’t sad anymore! That “facelift” is perfect for your awesome lake home! That Driftwood color stain is really awesome. Glad you did the contrast – makes it very unique!

  7. That looks fabulous! I’ve always made my own “driftwood” look with paint and stain but now that there is ONE item to use, I’ll be trying that out!

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