DIY Shiplap Headboard ($10 Restore Find)

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This $10 ReStore find got a brand new look… DIY Shiplap Headboard, so simple to create this look!

This $10 ReStore find got a brand new look... DIY Shiplap Headboard, so simple to create this look!

Hello, my wonderful friends!

I’m coming at ya on a Friday, what the what? Just trying to keep y’all on your toes! ;)

I hope you have been having an amazing summer so far. If you follow along with me on Instagram you know that we just spent a whole week at our beach condo. Yippee!!
It finally felt like a vacation… sort of… because you know that we are gonna do some work…always!! Haha

I started decorating a little putting things on the wall, we also put the new rug down in the bedroom plus finished up this headboard and put it up. And we added a bunch of decorative hooks for things like towels, beach towels, etc., in the bunk room and bathroom. We are going to add two more in the master to hang things too. As well as getting the toilet roll holder and hand towel hook up.

AND 2 shelves in the bathroom. Yay! Did you catch those stories on Insta? They were dark brown stained shelves that I bought and decided to “whitewash”. Well, the stain mixed with the white paint and turned into a gray wash which was actually perfect for the bathroom. (gray cabinet and mirror frame in there) So I let it roll!

The other two shelves I bought I took back home to sand and then I’m going to use the same Driftwood stain that I used on this headboard project (and on this dresser) so they will go nicely in the living area.

But we also had a little fun too. Both of our kids came down so we had a full house. We did a lot of eating, visiting, beach-ing, pool-ing and more!
I can’t wait to get back down there and finish up the decorating and things. (we still have the kitchen to redo and our master ceiling — covering the popcorn we couldn’t remove easily) But those are getting tackled in the winter months.

DIY Shiplap Headboard

Okay, let’s talk about this $10 headboard makeover. If you remember, I found 2 headboards at the ReStore for $10 each. Solid wood even.
I bought them and proceeded to make the first one over, you can see it here >>> $10 ReStore Headboard Makeover (MCM style)

I gave them two completely different looks!

Here is how they both started out…

dark brown stained headboard before

Dark brown stain, sort of farmhouse style. Not bad at all.
But not the look I was after…or color of stain either.

So for this one, I decided to remove the stain around the sides and top and put shiplap in the middle.
Sort of coastal in style for the beach condo.

Citristrip on part of wood headboard with plastic wrap over top

I applied Citristrip (still don’t love the new version of this) and wrapped it with plastic wrap.
I let it sit overnight and it removed a slight amount of the stain. I cleaned it up and sanded the rest away.

sanded top wood on headboard

Just look at that beautiful wood under all that dark stain.

I hate sanding but honestly I should’ve skipped the Citristrip and just went right to sanding. The Citristrip didn’t do much in the way of helping since I had to sand anyway.

up close wood trim sanded

The area of the headboard with the criss-cross wood pieces doesn’t matter as they are going to get covered up.

By the way, I sanded with 120, then 220 before adding the Driftwood stain below.

Driftwood stain application on sanded wood

You can find this Driftwood Stain in my online shop, right here. (and other colors too!)

I love this shade so much. It’s the perfect coastal wood look to me.

newly stained sanded wood up close

Once that was done, I left it as-is for now. We decided to take it down to the beach unfinished and finish it on the wall.
So below you see the French cleat that we put on the wall. (just like our other headboard) Both of these headboards already had it on the back so all we had to do was make one for the wall and done! Easy!

french cleat on wall

Not too pretty right now, huh? lol

But just wait…

showing application of first piece of shiplap

Measuring things out.
I actually filmed him putting the shiplap up onto the headboard. You can see my Reel over on Instagram (I’ll add it here or the link anyway once I post over there, check back here later today or over on Instagram)

And just like magic…it’s done! haha

shiplap installed before painting

Well, all except for caulk and paint.

Let me tell you about this rope trim at the top.

up close of wood rope trim piece

The shiplap has a little lip where it meets the next piece so we ended up with that lip at the top.
Instead of cutting it off or putting some other kind of trim there to cover it, I decided to add a rope-style wood trim.

I figured it’s in a coastal condo at the beach so, perfect, right?

up close of unpainted rope trim piece

It adds style and serves a purpose, love that.

I caulked and filled holes, then taped and painted.

headboard taped ready for painting


  • SW Urethane Trim Enamel
  • Driftwood Stain Fusion
  • Frogtape
  • Rug


I used the same white paint that I used on all of our trim/doors throughout the condo.

And done!

painted headboard with driftwood stain

white painted shiplap with driftwood stain

I love it and think it goes so well here.

And perfectly with our Driftwood stain dresser too.

white painted shiplap headboard on wall

I love the added detail the rope trim gives it too.

up close of white painted rope trim

That worked out perfectly.

I shopped Home Goods in the Outer Banks last week and found these pillows…

headboard on wall with bedding blue pillows, pink pillows

…to go with the new rug we also put down.

white bedding and colorful rug

colorful pillows on white bed

It’s coming together in here.
I found an art print I’m putting over the bed and also have two gold starburst mirrors going over the end tables. (of which I still need to find 2 for in here)

colorful pillows on white bed on colorful rug

That light fixture is actually going over the dining table. We are putting a fan over the bed.

So excited to get all the things done! Soon! And oh so happy to mark this one off the list.

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This $10 ReStore find got a brand new look... DIY Shiplap Headboard, so simple to create this look!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! See you next time with this!

UPDATE!! See it now here!



  1. Welcome home! :) SO glad you had some wonderful play time at the beach. ;) I love the new headboard! The stain, the white, the trim… wonderful. Oh those pillows look great and the rug is so lovely. You rocked this!!!

    1. Thank you, Christina! Yes, it was very nice!! So happy to be getting things done at the condo (the fun stuff now!) xo

  2. It looks amazing, Nancy!! The small detail of the rope trim really adds so much! I’m so glad you got to enjoy what you actually bought the condo for…fun, sun, and family! XOXO

  3. Yep, was wondering where you were yesterday! Was excited to find your latest post today. ♥

    Your new headboard for the beach house is incredible! You made it perfect for you – love love love the rope trim- my fav part, to be honest. Well done, Nancy. Glad you get the chance to get to your beautiful beach place – summer is much too short. Use as much as possible. Whoo hoo.

    1. Ha, yes!! I kind of liked posting on Friday! I may do it more often! It gives me a little more time in the week to get things done for the posts so we’ll see! ;) And yay! I really love the rope trim at the top too, so happy you do too! Thanks, Michele! xoxo

  4. Oh my! Sounds like you really had a wonderful time at the condo! The headboard is really great and all put together with those new pillows and rug the bedroom looks wonderful!

  5. Nancy, it looks beautiful! The headboard is very creative and pretty!!
    And yes, a fan over the bed is a must!!

  6. That turned out fantastic! I just returned from the beach where I was dog sitting for my best friend. I am from Jacksonville and grew up on the east coast; love the the gulf coast with white sand and blue water. I know you love your place and it’s coming together so nicely!

  7. Such a neat makeover. I love the shiplap and the driftwood stain. Such a difference it makes! I think it is perfect for your coastal condo! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you, Sue!! We are really loving it and amazed at how different it looks in there with just the simple addition of it to the wall! xo

  8. Great makeover, especially the rope detail. I love the soft colors in your rug. Could you share where it came from? Thank-you.

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