How To Make No Sew Curtains with Grommets (make your own!)

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This post was originally published in 2016, updated in 2021.

You won’t believe how ridiculously easy it is to make curtains with grommets!! (SO simple…plus these are no-sew too!)

putting grommets in curtain hem

It’s easy…really!

yellow walls, white chair and colorful curtains

Hello my sweet friends…

…today you’ll learn how to make no-sew curtains with grommets.

If you follow along on Instagram you have seen quite a few snippets of these already!

These are COLORFUL.
They are, very.
And I love it!

Whatcha think?
A good candidate for “colorful”?
Yea, I think so too!
I can NOT wait to get that wall painted Sea Salt. I think it’s going to be a perfect backdrop for that fabric.
I feel as if the yellow competes with all that color in the fabric just a bit.
But soon it won’t be.

(EDIT: This is a post originally published in 2016 and updated in 2021, our home is styled differently now, you can see it >>> here)

Alright, so here are the supplies in case you want to make your own.

M A T E R I A L S  L I S T:


**I got my fabric at Hancock Fabrics but they are going out of business. The link I had for this originally no longer works.

I’ve made so many pairs of no-sew curtains in the fab “no-sew” way.
So I won’t share the full “how-to” on that here in this post but I will point you in the right direction.
For the “how-to” on “no sew”, click here >>> “Easy, No Sew Curtain Panels“.

Alright, let’s learn how to make no-sew curtains…

I start by making the side seams. (length-wise)

folding the seam and ironing

showing the seams that are sealed

Then I do the bottom hem and finally, the top hem.
I will measure ahead of time so I know the exact length I want and then measure, measure, measure.
And then measure again.

Once I had the curtains completed I started on the grommets.
At this point, I can hang the curtains with rings/hooks or through a rod.
I decided to use grommets like the curtains I have up currently.

As a matter of fact, I used the old curtains as a guide.

showing how to measure for the grommets placement


I love simple.

I paper-clipped the curtains together so they’d stay put.
Then I drew a circle around each hole.

tracing from another set of curtains to add grommets

You can see the inner circle I drew above.
Then I used the guide that came with the grommets and created the cut line using the first circle as a guide.

Cut out the circle…. (that was a little scary, I have to be honest.)

cutting out the fabric for grommets

Then put the grommet on one side…

putting in the grommets

Then pop on the other side.

And that is all there is to it!
Ridiculously easy.

snap in the grommets and done

How awesome is that?
Love them.

And love the way they look…

hanging the curtains by the grommets

If you don’t know how to sew, don’t let that hold you back from making pretty curtains like these.
You can do it.

colorful curtains

Then you can tell all your friends you know how to make no-sew curtains with grommets.

colorful curtains white chair yellow wall

colorful no sew curtains on both side of window

This fabric is so much fun.

brown couch with pillows

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How To Make No Sew Curtains with Grommets - SUPER EASY PROJECT - artsychicksrule #nosewcurtains #grommets

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I’m working my way through the paints that I want to review for y’all.
Once I’m done, I’m going to do a post with my thoughts on the different types of chalk-style paints.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing the furniture makeovers I do with them.
Fun, fun, I love furniture makeovers best!

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



    1. Hi Sandra!
      Thank you! I love, love neutral and all the design and decor I see that way. BUT I will never get away from color because I love it so!
      I am just drawn to it, like you. :)

    1. Thanks Christy!! I had no idea either! This was my first time ever using them. :)
      I can NOT wait to get the new color up…wish I could blink like Jeanie and have it done!! lol

    1. Hi Kathy!
      You are so welcome!! It was sooo easy. I had no idea. I might want to grommet everything now!! ;)

  1. Your new curtains are beautiful, Nancy… and will look fabulous with the paint you have picked! Can’t wait to see it. Thank you for sharing how to make these easy curtains! xo

    1. Hi Karen :)
      Yes, I think the paint is going to make a huge difference with the colors. I can’t wait!

  2. Absolutely beautiful curtains and they look so professional! I do sew so what has really gotten my attention is the grommets! Honestly…I had no clue they were so easy to do these days. The last time I did them you had to buy a special tool thing and it was all a pain in the you-know-what!!! Definitely will be doing this! Love them! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Linda!!
      Thank you and I am with you, I had no idea it was so simple!! I really love the look. :)
      Hppe you have a great weekend!!

  3. Love your new curtains! I’ve made them with this method before as well. It drives Phil crazy that they touch the floor tho haha!! He just doesn’t understand!


  4. Please tell me where I can find this fabric. It is amazing and gorgeous. It’s just what I’ve been looking for with the colors and pattern for a long time. I can’t get the link to work.

  5. Holy smokes, this is awesome! Love the curtains! They look so great in the room. I have to get some (make some?) curtain hanging hardware and grommets!!

  6. Nancy, I LOVE the Jacobean draperies! (I have a lot of Jacobean fabric in our home.) Your post is very inspiring to get me back into sewing and creating for our home! Congratulations on a unique project which will inspire many readers! — Maureen

    1. Thanks, Maureen!! Me too!! So much! And all the color. My home is a little more subdued at the moment but these are safely tucked away for when I want to pull some color back in! ;) xoxo

  7. Hi Nancy…The curtain print is beautiful. And, yes, although I love the serenity of neutrals….I LOVE Polish Pottery…no neutrals anywhere to be found there, so colour pops it is for me. Also, I was thrilled to see a stucco ceiling in one of your pics. Much to the disappointment of all the design decorators out there sandblasting stucco off every house interior, I also LOVE stucco ceilings. A friend has a custom one that looks like cake icing…beautiful! Keep up the great work! Blessings, Ally

    1. Thanks so much, Allison! I am torn!! Like you, I love the serenity of neutrals, calming colors that go perfectly with my coastal style. BUT I absolutely love color!!! (and polish pottery too…I’m polish! :) ) That is why I’m trying hard to decorate our beach condo colorfully. Yes, several of the rooms in our house has it. I can’t imagine how they do it so perfectly, especially the swirled one we have in our dining room! xoxo

  8. Hi I agree with everyone else the curtains are great! I have recently purchased grommets to make curtains with and I noticed you had purchase the same color as your rod. Which is what I have done, but now I’m second guessing myself.

    Would you or should you stick to the same color as the rod’s. The rod’s were really kind of speedy and match the color of everything else so I don’t want to paint them, but I could exchange the grommets since I have not opened the package.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Thank you, Vicki! Hmm, I think it really comes down to personal preference on the matching. I’ve seen it done both ways! I personally like matching on that type of thing. BUT I love mixing metals in other ways so I think you can’t go wrong either way. :) xo

  9. Good morning Nancy! I guess we all have our own skill sets! I can’t imagine not being able to sew straight lines on a sewing machine, but I know there are plenty of things I can’t do that you do so easily and so well! I love these curtains! I recently ran across some vintage fabric in a hunting house we own in Kansas and I’m thinking of now of measuring it to see if I have enough for my two living room windows! You are my inspiration this morning (and often)! Thanks!

    1. Hi Gwen! Oh, yes, we sure do! I guess I should preface that I did learn sewing in Home Ec (which ages me greatly as when was the last time they had that in high school? lol) and made a pretty cool shirt (with ruffles, no less) and skirt. But I just didn’t enjoy sewing. It’s not my thing so I never attempted it ever again. I LOVE all things crafty…except that. Maybe I’m too impatient?? Not sure what it is! haha But I am in awe and somewhat jealous of all the pretties other people make sewing. And since I still want the pretties too, I’ve found a workaround of sorts. :) And that’s awesome on the vintage fabric. I love finds like that! Hoping you have enough!! xoxo

  10. I love that fabric which is good because I have it! :-) You can get the old Hancock fabric on Michaels website if you put in Michaels,fabric. They bought up the Hancock supply and though they don’t have it in their stores (which I WISH they did), you can find a large assortment. Love your idea of no-sew!!

    1. OH, yay!! That’s awesome, Cate! And I absolutely did not know that about Hancock and Michael’s. Thanks for the tip! :) xoxo

  11. Love the fabric and the pop of color is just what that room needed! Have you thought of making some throw pillows out of the same fabric for the couch? Thank you for all the amazing makeovers you always share!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Yes, I so love color like this too. It’s always a tug of war between neutrals and colors around here! ;) xo

    1. OH yes, I’ve made…I think 3-4 sets now! Not including short ones like valances or roman type shades. It’s so quick and easy too. And perfect for those that don’t sew…like me! ;) xoxo

  12. It’s so funny that I just re-cushioned a chair in that same fabric that I’ve had for years. I LOVE it!!! I’m going to strip a dresser and stain the top and paint the bottom in the same green in the curtains. Your style is beautiful!!!

    1. Did you really??!! I love that. It’s a gorgeous fabric. Oh that dresser will be lovely! My style is all over the place, I love too many different things (colorful, neutrals, etc ;) ), thank you! xoxo

  13. Thanks for sharing
    I know how to sew but nice not to have too
    But my question is what did you do on the ceiling? Is that wallpaper? Lovely!

  14. Hi! I know this is an older post of your but it’s great! Can I use grommets that you used on readymade curtains that I already have? Thanks!

  15. Thanks for the updates making no sew curtains and no sew Roman shades! I particularly liked the before 2016 and after 2021! I am glad I am not the only one who likes to change things up!! Great look for both year!!! Have a great weekend.

  16. Hi, I was just wondering….what did you do with the other hems without the grommets? No sewing there either?
    Just curious if you could iron it and not sew?


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