$3 Rush Footstool Makeover

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This $3 rush footstool from the ReStore got a brand new look! Simple with paint and stain.

This $3 rush footstool from the ReStore got a brand new look! Simple with paint and stain. artsychicksrule.com

Hello beautiful friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Can you believe it’s August? Why??? I am not ready for summer to be over!
I am going to try to soak up as much of it as I can. Busy as we are.
Did I mention that our daughter got engaged and we are hosting a here engagement party at the end of this month? We’ve got lots going on around here!

So, I may be bringing a few more posts out of the archives this month. It’s a good time to revisit some of those older posts that deserve a little love, right?

Today’s post is this $3 ReStore find I picked up this past weekend. My guy and I were at Lowe’s and The Home Depot (which are right by the ReStore) so he so sweetly asked me if I wanted to run by there while we were out. Well, of course! lol

And this is what I ended up grabbing and going with.

rush footstool before

$3 Rush Footstool Makeover

Such a little cutie, how could I resist?

rush footstool old before

And for three dollars, nope, I’m gonna take it home and give it a brand new life.

But first things first, darn there was this…

split rush seat

But no worries, I spread some of my E6000 glue underneath there and clamped it good.
That stuff sticks well.


While that was drying, I painted the wood. I did lightly sand by rubbing some 320 sandpaper over it all by hand quickly.

painting the wood blue

The finish was kind of slick so I wanted to make sure it was good to go.

After I had one coat of the blue paint on, I turned it upside down to test out a new color for the seat.

applying the driftwood stain to the rush

I wanted to make sure how it was going to look on the back before doing it on the top.
I liked it so went with it! (I applied it with a chip brush and pushed to get it into all the fibers…then wiped back with a paper towel)

seeing the difference on the driftwood stain

This is the Driftwood Stain that I love so much, by the way.
I used it over pretty blue paint on this console,  on this dresser, and on this table.

I love how it took the orange out and gave it a much nicer color.

blue and brown colored footstool on cream and blue rug

And I did 2 coats of the Heirloom blue paint. (which needed no top coat since the topcoat is built-in with Fusion)

That made this super quick and easy makeover.

footstool in front of tan chair

Isn’t it cute?

rush footstool with blue wood

So much better.

coastal style home with white walls blue footstool and gold mirror

Goes great in my living room but I am not keeping it since I already bought a small pouf ottoman for here.

(here’s a link to the rug)

tan chair blue pillow and footstool

Up close…

up close of blue wood rush stool

I love this paint.

up close of blue paint

I asked Ryder to come over for a little photo shoot. :)

coastal home with tans and blues and white dog

He obliged me. hee hee

He’s a sweetie and the best boy!

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This $3 rush footstool from the ReStore got a brand new look! Simple with paint and stain. artsychicksrule.com

Hope you enjoyed this quick little makeover! Pretty easy to give it a new look too. Win-win!

Have a wonderful week, friends! See you later this week with this!

UPDATE!! See this beauty now here!



  1. Nancy, this little stool is such a winner! I never would have thought to use E6000 glue! Brilliant! It does look gorgeous with the driftwood stain and Heirloom blue paint. It does go great in your living room though. :) Thanks you Ryder for obliging and doing a photo shoot. Ear rubs to you!!
    Have a GREAT week!!

    1. The finish on the stool is flawless! I looked at the paint on Amazon and it was speedy depending on how far a bottle goes. Would you please give me a rough estimate on how much of a surface one bottle covers? Thanks so much – love love love all your creations!

      1. Thank you, Linda! It is in line with the price of Dixie Belle and a lot of the other boutique paints. So not bad! I will say, I have found the coverage to be great. :) xo

    2. Yes! I was bummed because I didn’t notice it when I found it. But the E6000 worked great! That stuff doesn’t budge. :) xo

  2. Beautiful! I think it looks great in your living room. I have a question about the rug. I’ve looked at your pictures and on Amazon but can’t tell for sure. Are the colors teal and beige on the cream background or are they aqua and gray? Thanks.

  3. This little stool is so versatile and you will enjoy it at home or at the beach house! Love the way the stain worked out. Congratulations to your daughter!

    1. Thanks, Cecilia!! The stain really made a difference! I love that stuff. :) And thank you for the congratulations too! xoxo

  4. So nice!! I do have a question. The Headboard you flipped, what kind of cordless nailer was your husband using? I have small hands and the nailer he was using looked perfect for me to handle. Thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful make overs!! ❤

  5. Now why can’t I find treasures like that? Great makeover! Looking forward to some engagement pictures. Congratulations to your daughter and your family,

  6. Hi Christy, Love this cute makeover! The driftwood stain really makes it pop and the color blue is perfect! I even looked again at the other items you made over using the driftwood stain. Each one is unique to your piece! I really like the rustic feel it gives. You know I am loving the last pic with Ryder. He is just so adorable and to me, adds a real-life feel to your pictures! Thanks for the details of the stain. I might just give it a try. Also, congratulations on your daughter’s engagment! Fun times ahead. Our youngest daughter was married 4 years ago and I still remember every detail! This will be so rewarding for not only you and your daughter, but also for your daughter and her dad! Have a wonderful, fun week..

  7. Oops, I am so sorry, Nancy about your name in my first post! I follow you both and even watch your shopping videos. Today, your blog popped in first followed by Christi’s. I would us a senior moment as an excuse, but I do know better! Please accept my appology! This also gives me chance to comment on your beautiful rug in your living room. Blue is one of my very favorite colors! Again, I apologize for the foux pas! have a fantastic week!

    1. No worries at all! You are not the only one, trust me! A lot of people do it. We have a lot of readers who follow us both so it happens. She’s my bestie, I don’t mind at all! :) xoxo

  8. This is absolutely darling! I would never have thought you could repair the rush seat like you did! I’ll look at those types of seats differently now!

  9. Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement. The stool turned out nice great idea painting the wicker blends beautifully. My dog must have thought the wicker bench was an extra bone, he chewed on the edge of the seat lol. Thank you for the tip on repairing wicker with E6000 glue, my weekend project have a great week.

  10. Well, I must say, “you are a very neat painter!!!” The stool looks so cute.
    Congrats on your daughter’s engagement!!!! Grow them up and ship them out!!!
    Have fun and enjoy all the festivities !!!!

  11. So cute! I can’t resist a cute footstool or chair! It turned out so nice! Congratulations to you daughter!

  12. Very cute! I have a similar stool that was my grandparents’ with the same type of woven seat. Now I know how to up-date it! Thanks for the lesson, Christy! And, by the way, I cannot believe that you have a daughter old enough to be getting married. You look like you’re barely old enough yourself! You must have been a child bride! Just teasing.

  13. Footstool looks wonderfully sweet! I need to paint a bench…does Fusion Paint come in a matte black? Could not find it on Amazon. Maybe I use the spray paint??

  14. I love the way the stool turned out! I do have a question…do you think the rush seat repair is strong enough for someone to sit on? I have grandkids who would grab something like that in a heartbeat to sit on!
    Love your blog! You inspire me. Your pics inspired me to paint my bedroom sea salt! It’s a great color!

    1. Hmm, I’m not sure but I’m thinking it would be! :) I’m so happy to hear that! It really is an amazing color! xo

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