Floral Furniture Transfer Bookcase Makeover

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This bright and colorful floral furniture transfer was the perfect addition to this $6 thrift store bookcase!

This bright and colorful floral furniture transfer was the perfect addition to this $6 thrift store bookcase. artsychicksrule.com

Hello sweet friends!

It’s Trash To Treasure Transformation Tuesday! Yippee!

If you are new around here, several of my friends and I get together each month to share our trashy treasures, thrift store finds, etc.
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Today I’m sharing this $6 bookcase I found recently at the thrift store.

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Floral Furniture Transfer Bookcase Makeover

beige colored small bookcase


I began by cleaning it up and then applying a coat of Casement, then Transition. (it’s a high hiding white to use in between layers, perfect for going from dark to light, etc)

Then another coat of Casement.
This floral transfer was the perfect choice for this little bookcase. It came with 3 sheets so it worked out perfectly!

applying the floral furniture transfer

I simply rubbed on the transfer like so…

rubbing the transfer with transfer stick

Peeled off the clear sheet and am left with this…

how it looks after being transferred

Isn’t that so pretty?

I continued with the next shelf…

applying the other shelves backing, colorful florals

You might have noticed that I let the flowers and leaves “fall over” organically around the sides instead of making sure it all stayed on the back.

up close of how the floral overlaps to sides

However, for the top shelf, since it was a bit more narrow, I decided to let it organically overlap at the bottom (where you will see it) and trim the top to fit. (as you can see below on the right)

showing all 3 backs of the shelves with the floral transfer

I love how this turned out!

All those pretty colors with the white background make them just pop.

small white bookcase with colorful floral backing

I sealed up the floral furniture transfer with a coat of this…

holding bottle of Fusion topcoat in hand

And done! Since the Fusion Mineral Paint has a built-in top coat, I didn’t need to do anything else to that.

floral and white bookcase with white wall and gold mirror

up close of pretty floral transfer background

Ryder says hi…well he wouldn’t look at me the first time I called him, haha. (ignore my weights, lol)

White dog looking away from the camera

Oh hi, there you are!

white dog looking at camera

A little bit styled up…

white bookcase with floral backing, gold mirror, styled shelves

My mom and son.

close up of white books and photograph on shelf

My sweet babies…now all grown up!

close up of white framed picture, white books and green plant

Those pretty, colorful flowers are the perfect backdrop.

close up of white books and white framed photo

white bookcase styled with gold mirror over top

Don’t discount what a little $6 sad, beat-up bookcase can look like. You just never know!
Some paint, a pretty floral furniture transfer, and some love are all it needed. :)

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This bright and colorful floral furniture transfer was the perfect addition to this $6 thrift store bookcase. artsychicksrule.com

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Have a wonderful week, friends! See ya next time with this!

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  1. Wonderful transformation Nancy! I would have never thought to put a transfer on the back of the bookcase and it looks beautiful! The bookcase looks happy!

  2. I love that floral transfer! Can’t wait for you to post a link – I think I need it in my life! Now to find a bookcase so I can so the same!!!

  3. Hi Nancy! This is so pretty. I want to say this the Watercolor or Vintage flowers transfer. Not sure which one. I haven’t heard of this transition paint. I do think I heart Losg and Found say it was new but why would you use it when you are painting white over white? Doesnt matter I guess. This is so pretty. I’m about to paint a bookcase. I was going to use decopauge paper but now i am second guessing. Thank bgg you for the inspiration.

  4. Nice makeover! How’s the engagement party planning coming? Please share your decorations with us. Wow! You have over 7000 entries in your July giveaway!! Woohoo!!

  5. This is so pretty, Nancy!! I can see it in a sweet girl’s room holding all the pretty things! And I see you’ve been working out woot woot! We need to squeeze in a day soon!! XOXO

  6. So very pretty! (Ryder that is) The bookcase looks great too!

    Very easy to do and so colorful – certainly catches the eye!

  7. The bookcase makeover is just so pretty!. Adding the transfer was a surprise to me!. I would never have thought to add a transfer to the back of the shelves! The floral transfer really makes the backgound paint pop! Naturally, your children’s pictures complement the other decor in the bookcase. I love the surprise photos at the end of the blog! He is such a handsome dog and is so photogenic! Thanks for including Ryder. Have a great week.

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