Longaberger Basket Makeover (wall storage)

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Have old Longaberger baskets that no longer fit your decor? Change them up and relove them all over again! 

Have old Longaberger baskets that no longer fit your decor? Change them up and relove them all over again! artsychicksrule.com #basketmakeover

Hello sweet friends!

I hope you had an amazing weekend! We went down to the condo for the first time in over a month. It was glorious…and we didn’t lift a finger (work…all play…and relaxation, this trip).
Much needed.

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Now, let’s talk Trash to Treasure!

I’m sharing this “not so much trash” but also not being used by me any longer “before”…

orange baskets and black iron holding them before

Longaberger Basket Makeover

This had been used by me for many years in the past but it just no longer matched my decor with the orangey orange baskets and black iron color.
So, as I was going through all of my other Longaberger baskets recently, I pulled this set out because I had a great idea for use AND for a brand new look.

And it was a super quick makeover too. (my favorite kind)

I pulled out my favorite Driftwood stain (will add a link for this soon) and got to work applying a light coat to change that orange to this…

applying driftwood stain to the orange basket

I used a chip brush to apply and it and the stain transformed this basket.

You can find this awesome (I love this stuff) Driftwood Stain in my shop, right here. (other colors available too)

I let it sit over the weekend and then applied a wash of white. (white paint mixed with water, applied sparingly with a most “dry” brush)

up close of whitewash on basket

And as you can see above, I took the metal section outside and gave it a quick spray of gold with this paint.

And that’s it!

Brand new look for this Longaberger basket…

Longaberger baskets after stain, whitewash and black iron painted gold

I’m using it in my closet area so went for a “coastal glam” look with the gold and driftwood-ish basket color.

My closet below… (and the little dressing nook on the left where these baskets are now)

white closet with colorful clothes hanging

Want to see the whole closet and makeover? (before and after) Check out this post here >>> “Custom” Master Closet Reveal (IKEA Pax Closet Systems)

Since we have a super small (but beautiful :)) ) master bathroom I have to be very creative with storage and such. These baskets hung here in my little dressing area/mirror/jewelry, etc., are the perfect spot for hair ties, headbands, clips, and more.

baskets and metal hanging on inside closet wall by mirror

And a sneak of our teeny tiny bath…

bathroom sink, mirror, toilet with white shiplap

Want to see more of this bathroom makeover adjacent to this closet? (and the before and afters?…they are doozies!) Check out this post here >>> Coastal Bathroom Makeover Reveal

I will store my headbands in the second basket, other hair elastics, and ties on the hooks…

mirror, baskets hanging with perfume on tray

…and clips, barrettes, etc., in the top basket.

showing inside of baskets with headbands and hair ties

The gold and the weathered, “coastal look” basket go perfectly in here.

up close of driftwood stain and whitewash on basket

baskets on wall holding hair ties and more

I’m pretty happy to have this extra storage space and to be able to use this pretty Longaberger set again.

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Have old Longaberger baskets that no longer fit your decor? Change them up and relove them all over again! artsychicksrule.com #basketmakeover

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Have an amazing week!
I will see you back here on Thursday!!

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  1. Why, yes, Nancy, I do have unused Longaberger baskets! They were so expensive, I hate to get rid of them, but they have no real value (you can find them for $1 at thrift stores now). I wouldn’t have thought of changing them up like you did, but why not? They look so chic in your closet now.

  2. A perfect look and even better way to corral all those hair accessories! Mine are all over it seems – when I desperately need one – none are to be found!

    1. I’m sure it wasn’t but I don’t even remember I’ve had it so long! So happy to be using it again. :) And thank you! I do love our tiny little bathroom, lol! xoxo

  3. I was delighted to see this makeover as I have a ton of Longerberger baskets. They are all still orange, but your redo is just the inspiration I needed! Can’t wait to transform some of my baskets and stands! I love the coastal look and it is adorable in your closet! Clever you!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you, Sue!! Have fun with yours! The sky is the limit. Might as well do what you will so you can enjoy them again! That’s my thought anyway. :) xoxo

  4. Oh, yes they DO have value! Granted some aren’t worth very much but if you do a search for Longaberger you will find that many are worth a ton of money. My daughter has a bunch of them and planned to sell them for a dollar each until I showed her the collectible prices! Now we have to search each one to see if she has any of the more valuable ones that a collector is looking for.

    1. Oh, that’s good to know, Sharon! I’ve looked up some of mine and they weren’t really of much value (some went up to 65 or so but nothing outrageous)I’d love to know where you look to see their value for collectors. I have quite a few of the special limited release ones that I’d love to check. xo

  5. These looked great! I’m curious do you think general finishes milk paint would work on baskets as well? I still have that paint from a previous project (idea came from your blog) but my thought is to use on my baskets they are not longaberger just baskets

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