Sunflower Decor For Fall

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Sunflower decor for fall! The perfect way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall.

Sunflower decor for fall! The perfect way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. #sunflowerdecor #sunflowerfall

Hello and happy fall!

I do love this time of year but oh how that darn winter around the corner just ruins it all! ;) I’m going to try to just be “present” and enjoy every single second of fall this year.

A little sunflower (that to me says summer and fall) is the perfect decor for this time of year I think. Sunflowers are such happy flowers and are a bright and happy way to welcome fall in.

I shared a sunflower project a couple of weeks ago, this wreath. You can see it here in case you missed it … >>> Easy Fall Wreath Idea

So today I thought I’d share another one to ease us on in.

Sunflower Decor For Fall

tin, burlap ribbon, knome napkin, yellow and white sunflowers

I was in Marshall’s a couple of weeks ago and found these adorable napkins. Aren’t they the cutest?
I knew I had to do something with them.

I hopped on over to Michael’s and found the tin, sunflowers, and ribbon to make something pretty for my porch.
I couldn’t find the exact tin online that I found at Michael’s shown here but I did find >>> this one, and it’s adorable! (I didn’t see it in the store)

I started by cutting out the design on the napkin.

showing cutout of knome napkin laying on tin

Then I used some Mod Podge to attach it to the tin.

It was super thin so you have to be very gentle and careful when you do this.

napkin decoupaged to tin with Mod Podge

You want to place it on gently and press down but don’t mess with it too much or try to move it. (else it will rip)

Then I pulled some floral foam out of my stash to arrange the sunflowers.

floral foam inside tin

As I usually do, I just start with a few flowers and just add them as I go.

adding the yellow sunflowers to the tin

Arranging and moving, if necessary, until I like what I see.

yellow and white sunflowers in tin on counter

And that’s it!!

This one was super quick and easy.
The part that took the longest was cutting out my cute little gnome in the truck.

finished yellow and white sunflower arrangement inside tin on white table

Oh! The burlap ribbon…I simply tied a bow around one of the handles and cut the ends on an angle.
I love how it added a bit more “fall” to the look.

flowers in tin on white table on porch

It looks so sweet on the porch.

yellow and white flowers, silver tin, burlap ribbon on white round table

Up close…

up close of napkin decoupage

front view of napkin decoupage and sunflowers

Have you decorated for fall yet?

I don’t have any pumpkins…those will come later. I’m not ready yet! haha
But probably soon.

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Sunflower decor for fall! The perfect way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. #sunflowerdecor #sunflowerfall

Crafty crafts are usually so simple and they are so fun to do. I think it’s just nice to have some quiet mental/mind time and creating small crafts & decor are the perfect kind of project for that!
Have you been crafty lately? What have you been working on?

Have a beautiful and wonderful fall weekend, friends! I’ll be back with this next week!

UPDATE! Come check it out now!



  1. Nancy, this is so Autumn and sweet!! I love the napkin image and it works great on that little container. Love the sunflowers in there. Beautiful!!
    I have a few Autumn decorations which I haven’t put up/out yet. No pumpkins here either.
    Have a great rest of your week and weekend!!

  2. I love the idea of the the gnome napkin glued to the tin pot! Very clever and it looks as if the “stencil” was always a part of the the tin pot. Quick and easy as you say! I nice beginning to fall. I am not there yet, but the weather is cooling so fall decor is on the way to my house! Thanks for sharing. This would make a really nice gift for someone who does not get out or a housewarming for a new neighbor! Have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thanks, Sue! Yes, the weather is starting to feel fall-ish, especially in the evenings. Even though we are still having mostly warm days here. :) xo

  3. Nancy, I loved all these ideas with the napkin but loved your comment most of all……that you were going to be in the present and enjoy the Fall that we get before winter sets in!!! That is a good reminder for us all.

  4. Very cute little project! Thank you for the reminder to be in the present. Although I hold on to summer kicking and screaming all the way into fall, I need to remember to be present and enjoy now. I am blessed to be able to be here to enjoy all the seasons.

  5. Wow! I have a group of napkins that I have saved just with this idea in mind! I should pull them out and start to play and see what I come up with. We are still having extremely warm weather so no fall decor just yet for me! I’m working on a quilt for now.

  6. You have such imagination! I love the napkins and must get some. I found out the other day to use Saran Wrap when patting Modge Podge over the napkin or tissue paper so fingers don’t stick to the paper! Works great.

  7. Hi Nancy, I’m like you no pumpkins or mums yet, I love summertime!! I love this idea and it’s gorgeous. Gnomes and pickup trucks always melt my heart.

    1. Me too!! I’m not really ready for fall but it’s coming (and the cooler nights are already here) so might as well embrace it, right?! :) xo

  8. What an easy and lovely project.
    Love that napkin imagine. Paper napkins; such a great item to use for decorating so many things. Not even going to tell how many containers I have of paper napkins.

  9. Nancy,
    I really love the napkin modpodge !!
    Very cute!!
    I am such a autumn person, but now that we live far south ( SPI) , my fall decorations are very important to me, since we don’t have the real deal!! And if I buy pumpkins too early they just rot in the heat ! Mums never last long here , either !! But I still plant some in my containers!

    1. Thanks, Janet! Yes, I don’t want to put them out too early here as it’s still quite warm (the evenings are getting cooler though!) :) xo

  10. Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t hardly wait until we finish fixing things around the house, so I can start making all so cute diys like this. In the meantime, this will be added to my beautiful ’to do list’. Thank you so much for sharing this

  11. I’ve looked and looked but I can’t find the free printable at all!! I see all the other beautiful ones you have but not the gnome and sunflower one. Can you help me? Thank you

  12. Have you tried the water brushes so you do not have to cut the napkin? I am working up to it, got the water pen / brush. It is supposed to be easier??

    1. Hi Patti! No, I have not yet, I might have to! Yes, definitely seems easier. But depends on how close you want to get I suppose. I love the idea of it though! :) xo

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