Napkin Decoupage Pumpkin Sign (and free printable!)

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Simple napkin decoupage (and free printable) to create this adorable pumpkin sign for fall!

Hello friends!

How beautiful is this time of year? Even though I am a through and through summer girl, I am enjoying a bit of coolness in the temps. We are still feeling summery most days though.
Trying to enjoy the days before they get too cold. (boo!)

I still have not added any pumpkins to my decor (porch) but I did create a cute pumpkin sign!

And again with napkins.

Another napkin decoupage and fun craft.
If you missed the other napkin decoupage fall craft I created recently, you can see it here >>> Sunflower Decor For Fall

Napkin Decoupage Pumpkin Sign

If you remember, I found these napkins at Marshall’s recently and I knew I had to create some cute fall crafts/decor with them.

fall style napkins on wood slide board

The “slice” of wood tree base was found at my local Taylors Do It Center.
I thought it would make the perfect rustic backdrop.

I began by cutting out some of the napkin designs and laying them on the “tree slice” to see what I would do.

laying out the cut napkin pieces on board

I sort of liked the idea of the truck driving away and stirring up the dry leaves on the ground behind it.

The border of the napkin was the perfect frame for the outside too.

using Mod Podge to apply the blue truck

I pulled out my Mod Podge and applied the napkin carefully to the wood.

I had already done this project but one of my readers (thank you, Cecilia!) mentioned you can use plastic wrap over top as you are smoothing it out to keep from ripping the delicate paper, etc.
What a great tip!

I did the same with the small leaves I cut out.
Then printed out the wording I created for the sign…

pumpkins this way printable

You can download this free printable here…

If you are already a subscriber, you can click here, enter your password (it can be found near the top of all my emails to you) and download this or any other graphic I’ve created over the years. (over 100!)
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I had originally thought I’d just transfer it by tracing it onto the board and in doing so the ink from printing would transfer the design.
However, the wood was pretty soft so this didn’t work out well. (it usually works nicely but you need a nice hard base to transfer it onto)

transferring the words onto the board

Want to know other ways you can transfer?
Check out this post here for multiple ways >>> How To Transfer Graphics

So instead, I used some carbon transfer paper.

using carbon tranfer paper to transfer the words

Which always works wonderfully!
(Ideally, I’d have printed it right side up and traced that way, but since I already had this printed I just winged it…trying to see it through the backside)


And here is what you have after tracing the letters onto the board.

showing the traced lettering on the wood craft

I simply hand-painted it in…

painting in the lettering with black paint

…and done!

Once it was dry, I applied one coat of Flat Out Flat (linked above). I like that because it is not shiny at all.

close up of pumpkin sign with blue truck


Now all I need are a few pumpkins on the shelf below.

porch with white table and rocker

I already switched out my black and white pillows from my summer porch to these.

I love these pillow covers. They are the perfect colors for fall and so pretty. (I have striped ones on the bench on the other side of the porch in the same colors)
You can see them in this post here >>> Fall Front Porch

Pillow covers can be found here and here.

white table, blue bird and pumpkin sign

Remember that tiled table I made over??
See it before and get all the makeover details here >>> DIY Tiled Tabletop Makeover

close up of pumpkin sign

I’m a sucker for an antique aqua truck and pumpkins in the fall! (or any time :) )

porch view with white table, pumpkin sign and 2 white rockers

Just a touch of fall up here.
Soon I’ll add pumpkins too. :)

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Simple napkin decoupage (and free printable) to create this adorable pumpkin sign for fall! #pumpkinsign #napkindecoupage

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you next time with this!

UPDATE!! See this table now here!

Enjoy those fall temps if you are having them.



  1. Nancy, this is so cute! I love it on the wood slice. This is a perfect transition to fall decor! :) It will be great to sit on your porch and enjoy a cuppa!
    No autumn temperature or decor here.
    Have a marvelous weekend!!

    1. We have a wee bit of autumn “feel” in the evenings and early mornings. I can tell it’s creeping its way in! lol Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  2. I love your sign! I especially like the leaves “blowing” in the wind! A perfect sign to welcome fall. Your porch looks great, even without the pumpkins! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I’m actually looking forward to getting a few pumpkins up here now! Fall is creeping in on me! ;) xoxo

  3. Love it! I purchased same napkins which inspired me to use a different color scheme on screen porch, I’ve enjoyed “The hunt” 😊 Found adorable plates at Michaels to match!

    1. Yes!! So fun. I love adding in natural elements in the fall decor for some reason! Have a wonderful weekend, Vicki! xo

  4. Oh isn’t that the cutest thing? What a a great idea. Looks awesome.
    I love those pillow covers too – super cute. You are blessed to have such a wonderful porch to decorate seasonally. What a fun thing to be able to do. Whoo hoo!

    1. We really do love our porch (and do actually sit out here quite often). As a matter of fact, as we are looking at new homes, the porch is always a must! (that’s very slow going…and most likely on hold now till spring…we are way too picky and don’t want to move unless it checks all the boxes!!) Have a wonderful weekend, Michele! xo

  5. Cute sign! I clicked on the napkin link and saw several nice choices. But there is one with lab puppies in the back of a truck 🛻 that I have to have! Thanks!

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