Black and White Porch Decor (with touches of green!)

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Simple and classic black and white porch decor go with every season! Add a splash of color for a change with the seasons!

Simple and classic black and white porch decor go with every season! Add a splash of color for a change with the seasons!

Hello beautiful friends!

I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend! We worked (and played) at the beach condo this past weekend. (did you catch my Instagram stories?)

As promised, I’m back today to share with you our black and white front porch. I’ve never done a black and white porch before.
I always use color. Colorful wreaths, pillows, etc.

I decided to do something completely different and I am loving it!

black front door, plaid rug, pink and teal wreath

But I do still have a little color on the door with my spring wreath. (you can find the DIY details, here)

pink, white and teal hydrangea wreath on glass door

I’ve had the plaid rug down since the holidays. (I’ll have a source list at the bottom of this post)

hello door mat

My sweet hubby bought me another hydrangea for Mother’s Day.

black and white front porch with white rockers and welcome sign

pink hydrangea in blue pot

I can never have enough of those! That makes 6 now. We have two small ones in the front and 3 huge ones in the back.

To the right side…

green fern in black urn with white bench

We found this bench at TJ Maxx (or Marshall’s) a couple of years ago.

white bench, black shutters and black and white pillow

There’s a spot in the middle of it that raises up and creates a small table. Kinda neat.

white bench with raised table in middle

close up of black and white pillow with tassles

I’ve had this glass jar forever. I brought it out here and filled it with branches I found in our yard.

green vase with branches

Simple decor!

This little table was actually pink when I found it. I spray-painted it white to put out here.

white metal table with green plant and silver decor

Then just added a little greenery, etc, on top.

white jar, green plant and silver ball

I love my ferns that are on either side of our front door. I found them online. (links below)

green fern in black urn

I usually have live hanging ferns but have opted to do this instead.

black front door with wreath and green ferns on each side

I recently painted our front door (see the details, here) and the white trim around it and it looks so much better.
Plus we got a much-needed new storm door too. 
We are also planning on taking down the light fixtures (cleaning them up) and painting them black. (I think, lol)
All of that, and the new windows, make it look like night and day.

The fake ferns have been so awesome…and very low maintenance!

green fern black urn

Looking left…

white rockers and green fern

Can I just say how THRILLED I am that all of our windows are done! Yippee!!
I can not tell you how happy that makes me. It has been a long, long time coming.

The “welcome” sign I made last year.

tall welcome sign with green fern

You can find the details on it, here.

Our rockers have held up great. I repainted them a couple of years ago.

2 white rockers with black pillows and white table

And remember that tiled table? If not, check it out, here.

2 white rockers with white table tan house black shutters

white rocker with black and white pillow and welcome sign

I will switch out the spring-looking hydrangea wreath in a few weeks for summer. I am not sure what I’ll put up.
I do have a simple, green eucalyptus wreath I could use. BUT I am thinking I might make something new with a little bit of color.

front door with white columns and black and white plaid mat

Now to decide where to plant my pretty new hydrangea! :)

Source List:

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Simple and classic black and white porch decor go with every season! Add a splash of color for a change with the seasons!

See you later this week!



  1. looks stunning, well done.

    here in South Africa would not be able to leave that on our Porches, would get stolen


  2. Oh Nancy, your porch looks so charming and welcoming! Love the bench with the pop-up table! I can imagine you sitting out there with a cuppa. The rockers are fantastic, I hope you sit out there and enjoy yourself. Ah, I do enjoy hydrangeas.
    Have a great week!

  3. So pretty! We get too much wind where I live, so I have to stick with heavier items for my decor, which unfortunately means no pillows😢. I like the black and white combo with touches of green! I got my first Hydrangea this year, a white one, and I love it! Your door and windows look great, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Vicki! Yes, we have our days of wind with the water being across the road. But usually not too bad, thank goodness! And yay for the hydrangeas!! You are going to love having it and watching it grow. I can NOT believe how big and bloomy all of ours are this year! xoxo

  4. Love the black and white. It looks really good with the brick color! Very stylish! I have red for my accent color on my front porch with a light sage green house and white trim. People have stopped when I’m out front gardening and comment on the house, makes my day!

    Your house would be one I would stop and comment on! Great work as usual!

    1. Thank you, Vicki!! Oh, that sounds very pretty too! I can imagine, as I’m envisioning that color combo…lovely! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend! xoxo

  5. Love the porch! I did a black/white section in my booth and it’s done well. I love a pop of yellow in there too. Enjoy a nice rest on your porch.

    1. Thanks, Cecilia!! Yes!! Yellow would look great with the black and white (especially for summer)…I might have to do that! ;) xoxo

  6. Your front porch looks fabulous, Nancy!!!

    I hope you have many awesome relaxing days rockin’ on your porch. I’d love to have a front porch.

    1. Thank you, Michele! We actually love sitting out in the rockers and do often (before the mosquitos come out at night lol)! :) xoxo

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