Paint Your Front Door (with this paint!)

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Front door looking tired? Paint your front door…with this paint. So quick and easy!

Hello friends!

I finally got around to finishing up our front door area. Not sure if you remember but I’ve been working on updating and refreshing the whole front door space. We had originally thought we’d replace the door and sidelights but decided not to.

If we were staying in this house, we would definitely do so but since we are actively looking it doesn’t really make sense. So it got some paint and updating.

We did, however, put on a new storm door. The old one was showing age and was here when we moved in almost 17 years ago. It was ivory/cream-colored and I painted it black right after we moved in thinking it would not hold up long and we’d have to replace it soon. NOPE!
The paint held up amazingly well and we never had to.
But all these years later it was really showing its age and so it was time.

So today I’m going to tell you what paint I used on our newly painted front door and maybe you should consider it if your front door is in need of a refresh.
You might already know if you caught my Instagram stories over the weekend. I shared it over there.

black painted front door open

This is not a sponsored post, just something I found and enjoyed and wanted to share with you.

And just a side note…do you see how very close the front door is to the steps?? (isn’t that crazy?) That is why we removed the railing on the left side when we replaced those stair treads.
It was just so tight, ugh.
MUCH better with it gone. And we still have the handrail on the wall so you are covered going up and down. (and only 3 or 4 steps are open without a wall)

Paint Your Front Door

Here is the paint I used…

Modern Masters Front Door Paint Jar in Black

I had known about it but never used it before so it was my first “go-to”.
I figured hey, it’s called “front door paint” so it must be good, right?

It’s pretty good!

I wouldn’t say it’s perfect but what I will say is it was easy…and quick.

Surprisingly quick. Dry time is amazing with this paint and that is a huge plus since you’ve got to close your door at some point in the day! lol

So it wins big points for that.



Our door had not been painted since we moved in almost 17 years ago. It was reddish when we moved in and I painted it black.
But that black paint was now tired seventeen years later and in need of love.

sanding front door

I sanded to smooth and remove the shine.
Then cleaned it up well before beginning to paint.

NOTE: If you suspect or know that your door has been painted previously with oil-based paint, you should use a primer beforehand. Something like Zinsser 123 water-based primer is a good choice.

Be sure to tape your handle/metal doorknob areas first.
You know I love Frogtape.

taping around metal hardware

You can use a roller or paintbrush to apply. (or both)

I used a brush. (a large angled one)

painting in the boxes with paintbrush

I always paint in the box panels first then paint the flat areas next.

full black door with paint in the box
If I were rolling and brushing, I would paint in these sections with the brush and then roll the flat areas with the roller.
That’s just a personal preference. (brush and/or roller)

It says to use 2 coats, possibly 3 for full coverage. Since my door was already black, I only needed 2 coats.

Painted black door finished

Recoating time was quick and again, it dried FAST.

It does have a different consistency than regular paint but that may be why it was so great in these areas.
Also, there was not much of a smell which was nice. The tiny bit of smell it had dissipated very quickly.

I had a terrible glare from the sun streaming in, sorry, hopefully, you get the idea.

full black door just painted

We still need to replace the weather stripping inside the door opening. (that’s why it looks sorta rough around that)
And we also put in a new threshold which looks so much better too. This house is almost 43 years old so there was age showing there too.

But look…now we also have a gorgeous “new” front door!

Now it is a Satin finish. That may not be to your liking or it may.
But I am okay with it. Satin is a nice middle way between super shiny and matte.

Satin black front door painted

Looks so good, yippee.

And our new storm door looks so nice too.

exterior black storm door

I painted all the white woodwork before Christmas. It was in major need too.
SO much better.

exterior black storm door with pink and aqua hyrdranga wreath

Looks pretty decent now.
A major improvement over what it was.

Love the wreath? You can make one just like it! See how here >>> DIY Hydrangea Wreath

blue, white and aqua hydrangea wreath close up

This Modern Masters Front Door paint also comes in quite a few colors. (I’ve linked it above in the gray box) So you should be covered!
Anyway, again, this is in no way sponsored by them, I just bought it, used it, and wanted to share it with all of you. :)
Need to paint your front door? Give this paint a try!

PIN it to save it!

Front door looking tired? Paint your front door...with this paint. So quick and easy!

Got a fun little project for you on Thursday! See you then!



  1. Hi Nancy! Your door looks awesome and you are right. What better paint to use than a front door paint. I have some Modern Master Metallica is my craft arsenal. Looks good!!

  2. That paint is the bomb!! I need to paint ALL my doors and that’s such a pain. Ain’t gonna do that until this pollen is gone…what a mess it makes. Did you take it off the hinges or leave it hanging and is your door wood, metal, or something else? Thanks for the paint suggestion!

    1. It really is! So easy to use. And no, wait till that pollen is outta here, for sure! No way, I painted it right there. Our door is wood-ish. I think it was originally a veneer of wood with some presswood underneath maybe? But per your question…the exterior part is indeed wood. :) xo

  3. Hi Nancy!

    I was looking at my Farmhouse mag and came across your Armchair Revival article. You did a great job and I love the little pink table! Did you make the pillow, I absolutely love the you happen to know where the fabric can be purchased?

    1. Oh fun, Paula!! :) Thank you so much! No, I didn’t make the pillow, they (I had 2) were finds from TJ Maxx. I don’t think I’ve gotten more compliments over the years than those pillows!! Haha…everyone loves that fabric! (including me!) I still have the pillows but haven’t used them in a while, maybe I need to pull them back out. :) xo

  4. Hi Nancy! Thanks for the painting tips! I need to paint my mother’s front door. She passed away in October and we are trying to decide whether to sell it or not. My father had the house custom built 53 years ago. It is in amazing shape, but like your door, the house needs refreshing. I really appreciate your tips and suggestion about the paint. I just might give that a try! Again, thanks for the tips. I always learn something new from your blog! Have a fantastic week.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Sue.
      I think this paint might be your answer. It really was user-friendly and dried oh so quickly. I hope you have a blessed weekend! xoxo

    2. Oh, and I am editing my post to include info I forgot to mention. If you suspect you have oil based paint on your doors (or know you do) you will want to use a primer beforehand. Something such as Zinsser water based primer. :)

    1. Thanks and you know it!! haha Doing all the little cosmetic things now. ;) And we might…the last one we looked at was closer to you. We’ll see!! lol xoxo

  5. Your black front door looks so jive with the white sidelites and trim! Thanks so much for sharing, as we are helping my brother fix up his house and the front door is a peeling flaking faded mess! I was considering spray paint since we need to remove it to really get it sanded well, but I defiantly want to make sure it’s good and dry before hanging so it doesn’t stick. Definitely going to check out this paint! We may need to prime first in our situation; what would you recommend?

    1. Thanks, Vicki!! I would sand all the chips out to smooth and use something like Zinsser water-based primer beforehand. You’ll especially want to do that if you suspect it’s oil-based. I meant to mention that in my post, I’m going to edit to include that info)
      I wouldn’t spray paint, it will be sticky (or stickier). I promise you, from my experience with both, this paint is MUCH easier than spray paint to use for a door like this. And way quicker drying time. :) xo

      1. Thank you, that’s very helpful! I may need to send you a before and after pic, as it will be a pretty dramatic one!

    2. I just reread my comment and saw that “nice” auto-corrected to “jive”, lol, so hope you don’t mind that I thought your door looked jive with the sidelines!😂😂😂

  6. I’ve painted my front door a few times over the years (always the same color – homeowner covenants) because it fades from very bright direct sun exposure. It’s surprisingly easy and very satisfying, really does feel like a brand new door! Behr’s been reliable but I’ll see if there’s a color of this paint that matches my door (don’t want to get cited by the homeowners’ association for getting too creative 😉).

    1. I love how new it feels, you are so right! And yes, gotta keep it in those limits, I get it!! lol Our beach condo has an HOA so we have to get everything approved. :p xo

  7. That paint worked great. Pretty. It looks so fresh now. Great tips too. Just think how those wreaths you made are going to stand out against the black.. Question… how do you anchor your wreaths on glass such as a storm door, mirror etc.?

    1. Thank you, Kathy! Yes, I feel the same way about satin! Oh, I just used one of those 3m strips/white plastic hanger things. It’s staying very well so far! I usually just hang my outside things (or mirror) on the storm door with fishing line because there is a little hook/knob thing in the middle at the top of the other side that I can loop it on. Easy! Either way works. :) xo

  8. Hi, I love how your door turned out! I stripped my door last fall, & winter came early in Oklahoma. Needles to say, that project got put on the back burner because then the hot days of summer came upon us. It’s fall again & I want to finish my door. I had bought the paint but I also changed my mind on the color lol lol. What’s a girl to do.?? My question is; I think I see you have a storm door, if so, did you also paint that and with what paint? And do you have any tips on painting metal?

    1. Oh yes, I totally understand that, Becky!! lol
      Okay, so the storm door that was here previously was cream-colored and I painted it black. It actually lasted for YEARS. But I have no idea what I used as it was over 15 years ago now. (I think we might have taken it down and spray painted it.)
      But after all those years it was time to be replaced so no, this current door is not painted, it is brand new.

      If you paint yours, I think spray painting it would be your best bet if you can. I would lightly sand it to rough it up a bit, clean it VERY well, and then spray with primer and then use a very good spray paint for exterior/metal, etc.
      Good luck! :)

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! Also thank you for the tips on painting the storm door! I think it’s a great idea to spray paint it.

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