Compass Rose Tray

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A very easy and fun way to update your thrifty find…a compass rose tray! The compass rose is SIMPLE to create! 

A very easy and fun way to update your thrifty find...a compass rose tray! The compass rose is SIMPLE to create! #compassrose

Hello beautiful friends! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Summertime is in full swing….the heat and all. We never get much actual spring around here, it just jumps right to hot. But I’m not complaining at all. Gimme all the summer days!

Today is Trash to Treasure day and if you are new around here, it’s the second Tuesday of every month that my friends and I get together to share our latest thrifty treasures. So be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to catch theirs!

I’m sharing another one from my latest haul, (you can see my latest haul, here).

OH! And before we get going on that, let me give a huge congrats to Holly H. on winning my latest giveaway. Stay tuned for June’s. I’ll be announcing it soon.
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Compass Rose Tray

This sweet little tray was from Target (per the sticker on the back) and was not bad at all to begin with…

metal tray with handles

…and it was on clearance for $3.98. Win!
This is the kind of find that I think is the best. You don’t really have to do a thing with it, just bring it home and add it to your decor.
I love thrift shopping to decorate my home.

But you know I was going to change it up for y’all.

blue painted tray with metal handles

So I painted it a pretty aqua blue. (linked below)

top view of blue tray with metal handles

I usually love this paint but it was quite streaky and brush marking this time.
But I just decided to go with it and call it character! ;) (old, coastal, worn, etc)

Once it was dryish, I took a wet paper towel and went back over raised areas to remove some of the paint.

wiping away paint on edges

Then I began drawing on my compass rose. I used a white watercolor pencil and a piece of chalk.

drawing white lines for compass rose

(I’m painting it white so didn’t want to use anything dark to draw it)

Want to see a few other posts on how I do this? Check out these:

I created the first set of lines and then started making the “triangle” sections.

white lines on blue tray

But I wasn’t loving how fat I was making them. So I gently washed those away and began again.

marking blue tray for compass rose

Much better!

creating compass rose with chalk

Now I just need to paint it in.

hand painting in the white compass rose with small artists brush

I printed out the printable from this post to create these letters. (N, E, S, W)
I rubbed the chalk on the backside of the paper and transferred them.

You can see how I do this and several other transfer methods in this post >>> How To Transfer Graphics

Once I was done and it was all dry, I lightly sanded it all to distress it a bit.

finished white compass rose on blue tray lightly sanded

I used my new favorite top coat to seal it. (this stuff is called tough…and it is!)

fusion mineral paint clear tough coat matte topcoat



And done!

magazines on wood table with aqua tray


It does have that perfectly, imperfect weathered coastal look.

wood table with green plant and aqua tray in front of white couch

top view of blue tray with white compass rose on wood table

As  you can see, I left the handles unpainted and I love them.

sideview of aqua tray with white compass rose up close

A very simple update for this one! Even the compass rose. Anyone can do that!

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Have a wonderful week! I’ll see you on Thursday!

UPDATE!! See it now here!



  1. I love the new look, Nancy! It would fit right in in our house! And, I can’t believe you sketched out the compass rose by hand…it is just perfect! XOXO

  2. So pretty! Did not have a clue of the size until I saw it on the table. Great tray size! Love it

  3. Love the makeover! Better in aqua than the original. Thanks for sharing again how to draw and paint a compass rose. That addition really makes the tray pop! Have a great week.

  4. I love this Compass Rose Nancy! I didn’t even know they were called that. I checked out and pinned your tutorial, it really doesn’t look too difficult and I have just the table to do it on!

  5. I love the Compass Rose ! I also did not know that was it’s name. ;)
    Great instructions. Thanks for sharing.
    It turned out Great !!!

  6. Thanks again Nancy, I love everything you sent me!! I can’t wait to try them out! Love the tray, I can’t wait for your next blog post. I check my emails every day for them, along with your trash to treasure crew! Do you have any suggestions of other sites I could visit? Holly H. 😊

    1. Congrats again!! And you are so very welcome, Holly! Yes, I will put together a list of some I think you might like and send to you. :) xo

  7. All your compass roses are lovely but with the pretty blue on this tray, the compass rose is perfect. Can’t wait to see what you’re giving away this time!

  8. WOW, Nancy! That tray is so perfect where you placed it – just works wonderfully with your vibe there!!!! Well done – that compass rose had to be difficult to figure out.

    Great sized tray, too and you got it for a steal!

    1. Hey Michele!! The first time I ever created one I think it was but they are really easy .. Just drawing lines!!☺️ Thank you my sweet friend!! Happy weekend to you! xo

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