Summer Basket Wreath (thrifted Christmas basket)

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This sweet summer basket wreath adds a little splash of color to your home! Easily made with an old thrifted, Christmas basket.

This sweet summer basket wreath adds a little splash of color to your home! Easily made with an old thrifted, Christmas basket.

Hello and happy July, friends!

Wow, this summer is chugging along quickly, isn’t it? Darn…slow down, please! Ha!

Before we go any further, let me first congratulate Alicia W. for winning my June Giveaway!! Stay tuned for July’s. :)


So, I got the urge to do a little thrift shopping last week and found this hanging Christmas basket.

AND…look what else I found and brought home with me…

antique wood cabinet with doors and decorative trim

Yep!! I couldn’t leave this one behind. Isn’t it a stunner???
But WOW, there was some awesome furniture finds at the ReStore that day. I couldn’t believe all the great things… I wanted to bring them all home.
If you follow along on Instagram with me you might have seen them as I “took y’all with me” when I went and shared all my finds.

I also picked up a small bookcase too.

I’ll begin working on this beauty though soon. Stay tuned.

Now let’s see what I did with this $4 basket.

Summer Basket Wreath

brown basket before with Christmas trees and red and green weave

So here is the $4 Christmas basket I found. I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it when I found it.
And I figured I would just pop those Christmas trees right on off, paint it, add flowers, and done.


taking red ribbon out of basket

It had other plans apparently. haha

red basket weave

Those trees did not pop off as I envisioned. And that red was super brittle.

So out it came!

basket with red weave removed

Ain’t nobody got time for that! lol

I figured I could just put some pretty ribbon in there instead. But I didn’t have any I liked for it…but I did have this…

ribbon weaving into basket

Yes, I think I like that but let’s paint the basket and see. (this burlap ribbon is similar)

I sprayed it white with a flat white spray paint. (any flat type of paint will do)

adding florist foam to the bottom of the basket

And then I pulled that green florist’s foam from my stash to hold the stems of my faux florals.

I pulled out my bins and gathered florals I already had that said “summer” to me.

various colorful flowers

Colorful, whimsical, and a little wild flower-ish.

Then I just started arranging the flowers putting the big yellow one right in front and working around it.

arranging the florals in the basket

Once I was satisfied with how it looked I cut the burlap ribbon, folded it in half so it would fit…

ribbon on a roll

…and weaved it through the basket.

waving the ribbon into the basket


Funnily enough that ribbon spool says “simply fall”, haha, but who cares, I’m using it for summer.

To secure it, I tucked it in on the back…

showing how to tuck ribbon in

Here it is tucked and done. Can’t even tell.

backside with tucked ribbon

I love how the white matte spray paint didn’t cover fully and glossy.
See how you can see the “grain” through it above?

I hung it on our glass storm door with a fishing line and a suction cup hook to hold it steady. (the fishing line for extra protection in case the suction unsucks!)

basket hanging on glass storm door

Up close of each side…

yellow and purple flowers in white basket

hot pink and yellow flowers in white basket

All things I had on hand.

Top view…

top view of basket with colorful flowers

black and white porch with colorful basket on door

See that other hanging basket on the brick? I made that a while back but it’s looking sad because there is a bird’s nest in it.

white metal half basket on brick wall with flowers in side

I need to redo it but have to wait…

top view of hanging metal basket with bird's nest and baby blue speckled eggs

Aren’t those the sweetest eggs?

I love having a colorful, happy new summer wreath basket up there.

front porch with black and white with ferns and colorful basket

It adds a nice pop of color to our black/white/green porch.
Missed my porch decor post?
You can see it here >>> Black and White Porch Decor

Sweet, for summertime!

front view of basket with burlap ribbon and colorful flowers

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This sweet summer basket wreath adds a little splash of color to your home! Easily made with an old thrifted, Christmas basket.

Have a wonderful week, friends! See you next time with this!

UPDATE!! See it now here!





  1. The basket turned out great..
    Are those Junko eggs hanging on the brick?? I hope that screw will stay put!! My Dad taught me a trick with using screws and brick. If the screw doesn’t want to hold, put round (flat would work but you would need more) in the hole and break them off flush with the brick. Then screw the screw in place..

  2. I actually really love the little basket! It’s different! Now that cabinet!!! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with that one! That is just beautiful!

  3. Nancy you gave this little basket a NEW season of joy! :) Love it ! And love the little eggs in the other basket. :) Sooo sweet!
    Be well and have a great week!

  4. Oh my, didn’t that turn out perfectly???? It’s new life is grand! Your florals were a perfect pick, too. (So sweet, those real eggs, too. You should consider switching those two baskets once the eggs hatch and baby birds fly away.) I think flatter on door and chunkier on wall may work nicely perhaps????

    I think the “mistake” of misbehaving trees removal was a blessing in disguise. I love the added burlap! It gives it some texture interest and keeps it whimsical and casually playful. : – )

    PS: Grats to Alicia!!!

    1. Yes, I may do that! I am taking the other one down once the birds are gone. :) And yes, I think you are right, the added texture is nice!! xoxo

    1. Oh, on the other side of the storm door is some metal work at the top and I hook it right on that as it happens to be perfectly in the middle. :)

  5. Gotta say I’d have walked past that basket, Nancy. Love the contrast of the ribbon with the basket, and the way you lightly painted so it doesn’t look shiny new. Such a smart (and quick!) makeover!

  6. Love how the basket turned out! The addition of the burlap and the flowers really say “Hello Summer!” It was fun to see the transformation of the sad looking Christmas Basket to a pretty rustic white basket with colorful flowers! You are right, the pop of color on your door really looks great with your green and black on your front porch! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week.

  7. Turned out nice, love the flower choice of color against the white basket. Looking forward to seeing your creative touches with the antique cabinet.

  8. I really like how the basket turned out! Looks great on the porch! I just had my baby birds fly the coop a couple of days ago – it sure was nice hearing them chirp away!! Thanks for sharing this quick basket re-do!

    1. Thanks, Vicki! And aww, really?! I keep peeking (carefully, as to not disturb) to see if they have hatched…not yet! And oh my, yes, as far as the momma bird anyway, she is quite chirpy and it sounds like she is in my house!! haha

  9. Your basket looks bright and pretty and the birds knew a nice porch when they saw it! Love the color of their eggs, (duck egg blue/green?!) is that cracks in them? Do you know what type of bird it is? Enjoy them they are so sweet!

    1. Thank you, Celia! And yes, aren’t they so pretty? They are the perfect duck egg blue color with little speckles! No, no cracks…just speckles. I don’t but from looking online, I think they might “House Finch” eggs/bird. :) xo

  10. Spiffy! (Do people still say that?!) I like what you did and I like that it was so easy. I might even have a basket like that somewhere in the basement stash. Guess I’ll look!

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