Thrift Run May 2021

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Hello, my sweet friends!
Let’s start this post off with a view of coastal Virginia living. My brother-in-law and sister invited us on their boat to go to dinner on Sunday evening and we saw this little guy on the way back in.
I thought I would share it with all of you here. (remember my painting?)

coastal water scene

We actually saw a couple but this was the only one I got a photo of. There was actually one in mid-flight right by us on the boat as we were going out but the boat was moving too fast to mess with my phone! lol


But guess what else I did? For the first time in a while.

Thrift shopping!

Before we get on with that, though, have you entered my May giveaway yet? If not, hop on over right here to do that!

I have been so busy with the beach condo and all the things at our house (plus “my thing” that I’ve been working so hard on) that I haven’t had a chance to do any thrift shopping.
I thought it was high time I did. Plus, I didn’t really have anything else to make pretty for y’all.
Well, except for those larger furniture pieces in our storage unit that I am going to get to one of these days!! haha #forreal #notkidding #maybe lol

Anyway, let’s see what I found.

I went to 6 of our thrift stores to see what I could find. (we have lots more around here but these are the ones I hit on the regular)

I found “smalls” but not many “bigs”…(furniture, etc).

And as usual, ReStore for the win! They have the most furniture of any thrift-type store these days. I can barely find furniture anymore.
I used to be able to find all kinds of furniture (nice furniture) at the thrift stores years ago. But no more. Boo!

I’m not too mad about it though as I like doing the small crafty pieces a lot too. And that’s what I came home with.
But before we get to that, let me share with you all I saw.

First up, ReStore.

This wood nightstand was not bad at all and actually if there had been two, I’d have brought them home to makeover for the beach condo.
But sadly, they only had one.

wood nightstand with drawer and 2 doors

It was $19.

I love the caning on the bottom shelf. Could be very coastal-ish.

glass top wood end table with cane shelf

It was $5!

I thought this was some sort of cool MCM-looking cabinet…

mid century modern sewing cabinet

But realized it was a sewing cabinet. Have you ever seen one like this before?

inside wood sewing cabinet

Very cool piece. It was $25.

This one would be very cute with coastal or farmhouse decor.

louvered doors wood cabinet

It was $19.

Lots of nice chests just begging to be made over.

3 various colored wood stained chests

Various prices but all in the $85 ish range.

Then I saw this solid wood beauty. Oh my, can you imagine painted? Or stripped and bleached?
Oh my, oh my. I really wanted to bring it home … just to make it over. But it was heavy and big.
So I sadly left it behind.

wood dresser

dove tailed drawer

It was $99.

How about an old school desk?

old student school desk

It even has a year carved in…1970.

hand carvings in wood

date carvings in wood

I love seeing the old things like this. Wonder what story they tell?
It was $59.

Need a piano?? (or a Top Gun bear? lol…look at the row behind)

row of pianos

Gotcha covered with 2 whole rows of them…wow.

row of pianos

Remember that table I shared recently?? (this one, here)
This is basically the set I had originally…and what the tabletop looked like originally.

farmhouse style table and chairs orangey wood and white

The rest of the thrift run was at Goodwills, DAVs, and CHKD.

brown and tan basket tray

Basket tray. $3.50 (half off, orange sticker!)

Loved this sweet basket with a lid and handles.

basket with handles and wood lid

It was $8.

Another trunk. (like the one I recently gave a makeover to, here)

navy blue trunk with black trim and gold hardware

It was $10.25.

This was some kind of hanging thing.

black wood shelf

It was $6.

This could be really cute painted …

louvered window shade wood

It was $3.

I thought the scrolling pattern was pretty on this one.

scrolled cut wood magazine rack

It was $10.

Another box! I always come across as least one (usually many more) of these.

wood box jewelry box

It was $4.

I love a good, sturdy, solid wood shelf!

orangey solid wood shelf

It was $20.

A pair of farmhouse-style chairs?

farmhouse chairs

They are $6.25 each.

Check out this one! Unique, huh?

odd looking 2 shelf table round

And $50?! What?

Can you just imagine painting this wood slat sign and putting something else over it? I can. ;)

wood slat sign

Or how about this tray?

bronze tray with handleso

On clearance for $4.

Breadbox? Always come across those too!

wood bread box with knob

What I don’t ever come across are Nike baby shoes that have been bronzed.

bronze nike baby shoes plaque

That’s a definite first.

I’ll leave you all with this. Because everyone needs a doughnut coffee mug, don’t they? haha

chocolate sprinkles ceramic coffee mug

But wait…

mmmm....donuts saying on doughnut mug

Haha…enjoy! ;)

Want to see what I came home with from all of these finds?

various thrifty finds be made over

This is it.
I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with all of them. I’m excited!
I can’t wait to make them pretty.

So, I have come to the conclusion that if I do want to find furniture these days, it’s going to be at the ReStore OR garage sales OR FB Marketplace.
The thrift stores just aren’t what they used to be.

Have you found this to be true too?

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I’ll see you back here on Thursday!



      1. Your area has so many thrift stores! I love visiting there, and always seem to find something fun. Re: your lament that many don’t have much furniture anymore, I’ve noticed the same thing. One possible factor: my local Goodwill has gotten really picky on what they’ll accept. Furniture has to be in perfect condition or you can’t donate it. For those of us who love restoring things, this is a bummer. Last week I tried to re-donate two wooden swivel chairs I bought at Goodwill a couple years ago, but the lady looked at them dismissively and said, “Nope,” I was shocked, since they’re still in good condition and can be used as is. Come on, people; it’s Goodwill, not a frickin’ furniture store! I’m going to take the advice in this article and start shopping the ReStore.

        1. We really do have a bunch. It’s nice to hit one area and go to all of them. And next time hit another area and go to those. And wow, I did not know that about Goodwill but I am not surprised in the least! Ugh! That’s so crazy they wouldn’t take your chairs. ReStore is my favorite for furniture, 100 percent! xo

  1. Agree on the your comment on finding quality furniture at garage sales etc…I haven’t seen quality furniture at our thrift stores in awhile. What’s up with that?

  2. Nice haul Nancy! I’ve never seen a sewing cabinet like that, very cool. Being a lover of vintage sewing machines, I would have peeked to see if a machine was in there and what kind. :)
    Can’t wait to see your makeovers!
    So glad your painting came to life to visit. :)

    1. Thanks, Christina!! I really loved that cabinet…and haha I did just that!! When I realized what it was I had to look!! lol It was gone, boo. Hope you are having a great week so far, weekend is near! :) xo

  3. Around here the thrift stores are awash in furniture, and they don’t want more because they can’t sell what they already have. I agree FB Marketplace has very beautiful furniture.

  4. Perhaps the reason for so few “furniture finds” is that everyone is keeping theirs to redo and repurpose after reading all the blogs about restoring furniture, especially yours, Nancy. That’s because you are so detailed in how to remake an old worn out piece come to life! – Just saying. Can’t wait to see your magic touch on your new haul. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Aw, yes, you might be so right, Sue! Lots of people doing things like this these days. :) You are sweet!! Thank you, Sue, hope you are having a wonderful week so far too! xoxo

  5. One thing that has happened around here (NE Ohio) is that nearly ALL of the thrift stores have kept their dressing rooms AND restrooms closed since Covid hit the news. Despite the evidence that it’s not transmitted on dry surfaces, these changes have remained in place. And NO returns, everything is final sale, soooo you can’t try it on and if it doesn’t fit, you’re just out of luck. Most of the resale/thrift stores here are also shortening their hours (Salvation Army closes at 5 p.m. daily, it used to be 8), making it difficult to get in to shop as the only time many people have is after work. And they’ve also raised their prices on nearly everything… it’s getting harder and harder to shop thriftily!

    1. Same here in WC Florida!! Plus the furniture prices have soared since repurposing has become so popular! ReStore and FB Market are the best!

      1. ReStore is good here still…lots to find usually. And I really think people might be selling on FB marketplace more these days instead of just taking to thrift stores!

    2. Yes, same here! I have noticed they have not opened them back up around here either. AND I just asked the ReStore if they had plans to stay open longer than 4pm now…they said no. It’s tough making it there before 4. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten and pulled up as they are closing! haha xo

  6. I agree – thrift shops aren’t what they used to be. Maybe after things really settle down from covid they will get back to what they used to be. A lot are relocating in malls with no doubt, high rent. Then again people may be holding on to their ‘stuff’. Can’t wait to see what you do with your ‘haul’.

    1. Yes, people might be holding on to things more but maybe they haven’t been getting rid of because of all that’s been going on lately too. Who knows! xo

  7. Nice haul! Goodwill and ReStores in my area are getting pricey on everything! I don’t mind helping them since they are for a good cause, but after I paint and fix something up, I need to sell it for a reasonable price. Yard sales are beginning to start back and they are always fun places to shop for bargains!

    1. Yes, they really are. Every once in a while you can find something for a steal but those are fewer and far between, for sure! I am looking forward to some fun yard saling!

  8. Can’t wait to see your transformations! We frequent NC – East Coast too. I love our Restore but your Restore looks huge compared to one at our Beach. Which one is this?

    1. This one is in Virginia…in Hampton Roads. We used to have a fairly small one and they moved to this huge location. AND they managed to keep it filled up nicely!! haha Thank goodness! xo

  9. Nice treasures, can’t wait to see your creative ideas. Here in our area the thrift stores last year stopped accepting furniture with covid. Facebook Market Place and other similar sites have an abundance of furniture now.

    1. Oh my, really? I don’t think ours did, or I didn’t notice that they had when I started going back out. I think people are selling on FB MP instead of just dropping at the thrift store these days!

  10. Hi Nancy! Great hall. Great price for the shutters. you cant find any for less than $20. Thrift store prices have gone way up her is Florida and you are right, you cant find good furniture at the thrift stores anymore. Cant wait o see what all you do.

  11. Great finds….Now you’ll have to get busy and show us what you plan to do with all these treasures. The french dresser….too bad you had to pass that up. It was a besuty. You never know, it might still be there next time. So, what will you work on first with all the other projects you’ve got going. Can’t wait to see. See you on Thursday.

    1. I know, it was such a beauty!! If only I had a few strapping fellas to load and unload all the things for me…and a big ole warehouse!! lol I’d take it ALL home then! I just finished writing up tomorrow’s post on the first makeover from the bunch. :) Stay tuned…xo

  12. The Goodwills here in Florida are ridiculous now with prices. Other thrift stores are catching on to people reselling things, so everything is priced higher.

  13. Can’t wait to see what you’re doing with these, Nancy! Shutters always intrigue me but I don’t have the same imagination that you do, so they’d probably just sit around if I bought them. You didn’t bring home the end table with the woven shelf?!? I think I had that same one in the 1980s and I still regret letting it go when I moved 😢 I can imagine how you’d update it with a little paint, maybe some fabulous transfer… Hmm, now I’m going to have to look for one myself!

    1. I have an idea for the shutter…we’ll see if it ends up turning out! Nothing fancy though…but we’ll see! ;) I know, I almost brought that one home and probably should’ve! Especially for the price. I always have non-buyer’s remorse when I get home! lol

  14. Nice hunting ! I can’t wait to see your visions. :)
    That blue lamp was intriguing !
    Recently – I saw a piano to desk reno that was Amazing !!! I’d love to see your version !
    Happy designing !

    1. Thanks, p! Yes, it was unique for sure. Oh that sounds neat, very creative. And yes, can you believe they had that many?! xo

  15. Your “Haul of Smalls” looks pretty similar to what I shop for here on the Oregon Coast. However, prices on the East Coast seem much more reasonable — even at thrift shop prices. Last week I picked up a basket, silverware box and woven Pier 1 saucer chair (for $19.99!) I will be watching to see how yours turn out to help me make my haul look just as good.

    Love your page!

    1. Oh wow! Yes, for the most part, most things are not too bad. But some things are ridiculously priced. And most don’t even make sense! (20 for a small decor item, 15 for a solid wood end table, etc) I’m so happy to hear that, Marlene! :) xoxo

  16. WOW!!! Your resale shop is stocked!!! So many pianos!!!! Girl!!! Get busy on your pile!!!!…I know you will!!! Fun to watch how you transform….thanks for sharing. xoxo

    1. I know! Isn’t the number of pianos they had just crazy?! What in the world!! haha! And yes, just finished up writing tomorrow’s post on the first of the haul…yippee! xo

  17. Hi Nancy, what a great haul! I’m looking forward to seeing you work your magic on these pieces! That sewing machine cabinet was so unique. I loved the long dresser too. Have a great week!

    1. Hey Kaycee! I really loved that sewing cabinet too…so pretty. Hope you are having a great week so far too! Weekend is close! :) xo

  18. My thrift stores in North Texas never have furniture and my ReStore is overpriced. So I’m always searching FBMP or Craigslist. I guess a lot more people have gone to recycling/repurposing furniture on their own. Good for the environment, bad for us😊. Can’t wait to see all your smalls though!

    1. Yes, you are right and I think maybe people are selling on FB instead of just dropping at the thrift stores these days. It’s become so popular. Sharing one of the haul tomorrow! :) xo

  19. Goodwill prices are high because they are a “for profit” organization, and building all new buildings for their stores.

    1. Yes, they are, you are right about that. Although ours all happen to be in repurposed buildings. I haven’t seen them doing that here yet. :)

  20. You found some awesome treasures! I cannot wait to see what you do with them!
    I really liked that glass topped with caning bottom side table. Very coastalish.

    My sister owns a lake house and boat and I really can’t wait to get out on it again – didn’t once go up to the lake (home town) because of Covid last summer. She may never get rid of me this summer, haha.

    1. I know, I really should have brought that table home. Especially for the price. Oh well!! lol Oh boo! I hope you can make it to the lake this summer then!! Have fun on that boat!! xoxo

  21. Nancy, you are so fortunate to have so many thrift stores open and filled with possibilities! None of the stores in my area are open yet! A family member works in the warehouse of a well-recognized chain, and he says that they are still refusing donations.

  22. I just had a great run at a nearby Goodwill in my part of Georgia. Got a nice solid end table for $8 and some picture frames that will look great white instead of gold. One of them was with a beautiful watercolor of the Hilton Head lighthouse–nicely matted–all it needs is a little paint on the frame and it will look fresh and new! I also found some wooden boxes and the best of all, a silver painted Pineapple lamp that looks amazing already with a coat of white primer!! It lacks a shade, but I will figure that out soon! I love thrifting! I don’t NEED to anymore, but I WANT to! Thanks to your blog and some others I follow, I have a lot more ideas and how-to now than I did a few years ago! Thanks for all your beautiful and easy-to-replicate ideas! You inspire me!

    1. Oh sounds nice!! That lighthouse watercolor sounds like a find, for sure! Woo hoo!! You got a lot of great pieces, sounds like. Isn’t it so much fun? (and yes, I totally understand that…the thrill of the hunt!!) I am so very happy to hear that, Sharon. :) Thank you so much! xoxo

  23. Built our new home out of state and moved in….While I LOVED my Vintage Thomasville furniture purchased from a high end hotel that was remodeling, it needed some pizazz! Instead of painting all the pieces i purchased I got stands that were painted turquoise with gold accents. I decided to find a large dresser and paint iT to match. OH MY! Turned out gorgeous!!!

  24. I love going shopping with you. Most of all seeing what you do with all your fabulous fines. As always thanks for sharing. I love so many of the goodwill fines you shared. To bad, the goodwill near us, did not have such fines.

    1. Yes!! So much fun. I love sharing my trips and finds. The thrill of the hunt, for sure. I’m sorry to hear your stores don’t have great finds too. I can tell you, it really is hit or miss though! :)

  25. Hi, Nancy! I also love to “treasure hunt” at CHKD and DAV here in Hampton. Have you been to Thrift USA in Norfolk? They have LOTS of furniture and great items for your Small Hauls. I love that place! Our CHKD has gotten VERY picky with furniture. I tried to give them a sofa and love seat, and they wouldn’t take it. It only needed to be cleaned. They said if it’s not in great condition, people won’t buy. I check FB marketplace and Offer Up. I’ve gotten some really great items from those. I love your blog! I can’t wait to see what you do with this haul!!

    1. Hey there, Teresa! I’m not sure if I’ve been to Thrift USA in Norfolk but I’m gonna have to check it out! And oh wow, I didn’t realize they had gotten that way. Maybe that is why there never is anything! Thank you, so glad you do, and thank you for saying so!! :) Thanks for the tip on the thrift store too!! Can never have too many thrift stores, that’s for sure. xoxo

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