Bird Paper Decoupage Jewelry Box Makeover

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This sweet bird paper decoupage for the bird and nature lover! Easy way to give this jewelry box a new look. 

This sweet bird paper decoupage for the bird and nature lover! Easy way to give this jewelry box a new look.

Hello, hello friends!

I’m marking another one done on the latest haul today. This >>> haul.

I did something a little different today. I decoupaged the entire thing with this pretty bird paper decoupage paper.
This is another “new to me” product.  You can find it >>> here.

I’m not sure this is my favorite project ever, haha, but it would be the perfect gift for that bird lover in your life!!

Bird Paper Decoupage Jewelry Box Makeover

Here is how it looked before…

This sweet bird paper decoupage for the bird and nature lover! Easy way to give this jewelry box a new look.

The inside was in PERFECT condition so didn’t do a thing to it except get the dust out. (with these)

For the outside, I sanded it just lightly and then sprayed it with primer. (this one)
Then began figuring out the layout of this bird paper.

bird paper decoupage

I decided to put the words right in the middle.

attaching the tissue paper to the box
The roll is small so I had to piece it together as you can see above…and below.

showing the words in the center of the box

By the way, I used Mod Podge.

Now, this is regular tissue paper, not like the tissue paper on my last project.
So, regular is very thin and does tend to wrinkle a bit …and mine did somewhat.

The key is to not handle much and use a light hand as not to tear it once you’ve stuck it to the Mod Podge.

brush with mod podge on with jewelry box

up close edge of paper

I laid the pieces directly around to the sides.

showing how to place the tissue paper on box

Then used an Exacto knife to gently cut at the seam.

cutting the paper in the seam

I used sandpaper to remove the paper around the edges. (once dry)

sanding the paper off the edges

That works really well. I’ve even done that on fabric! You can see that, here.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get the front corners well.
But I managed to figure out a way.

The piece you see above is one long piece that covers the rest of the top, the front, and the two small sides there.
I just attached it on the top, then the front. Then I cut just past the front side. (see below)

showing how to wrap tissue paper around corners

Then before I Mod Podged the side piece down, I lightly sanded the edges to remove the excess paper on the front side area. (I used a blow dryer to speed up the drying in areas so I could do this) (I hope this makes sense)

showing how to finish corners with tissue paper

Then I used Mod Podge to attach this side and once dry I sanded along that same curved edge you see there but from this side this time.

Which left it looking like this.

showing finished edge, corner

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this turned out.

decoupaged corner of jewelry box finished

Once it was all dry, I gave it a quick spray with this lacquer.

And done!

styled and finished bird jewelry box

mirror with perfume and jewelry box

The birds are sweet.

to view of jewelry bird paper jewelry box

And like I mentioned, the inside was perfect.

jewelry box open with jewelry inside

Great gift for a nature lover…with jewelry! ;)

top view of open jewelry box with jewelry

finished bird jewelry box with necklace and flowers

It was fun working with the tissue paper and getting it perfectly around those corners and edges.
I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it work so that was a lesson in itself!

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This sweet bird paper decoupage for the bird and nature lover! Easy way to give this jewelry box a new look.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Looks like rain for us (right now) but doesn’t it always do that on Memorial weekend? lol I don’t care, I’m going to enjoy it anyway! I’ll see you back here next week when I’ll be sharing our decorated front porch!

UPDATE!! See it now here!



  1. Ooh, Nancy, from plain to fab! I actually thought it was a silverware box originally, nice to be able to concentrate on the outside without having to deal with all the stuff inside for a change. I’ve used Tim Holtz paper to decoupage on paper and the magical thing is that the edges nearly disappear when you use smaller pieces. Thanks to you, I’m inspired to try it on a box now.

    1. Yes, it does look like a flatware box, I agree! And oh my, yes, so nice to have a perfect interior! I really liked the paper. It did seem to seam up very nicely. :)

  2. What a task! I love that paper and have it for decoupage inside sea shells; it’s the perfect size for that. You managed to do such a great job smoothing out the wrinkles and matching the paper! I know there must have been a few hair-pulling moments because it’s difficult to decoupage with tissue. Great idea that turned out lovely! Have a safe and grand Memorial weekend!

    1. Yes! Tissue paper can be a bear but I think you just have to embrace the small imperfections… Because there will be with thin paper like that. ;) xoxo

  3. Beautiful jewelry box. I like the bird pattern and to have it covered as neatly and nicely as you did really adds to the look. I know someone would enjoy looking at the birds while they decide on which piece of jewelry to wear! You have more patience than I have!! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

  4. Beautiful jewelry box. I like the bird pattern. I am sure this was very tedious and time consuming! But you always make every project you undertake look so easy, even with all the details you share! You certainly have more patience than I have. I am sure anyone who bought this jewelry box would enjoy looking at the birds while they decide which piece of jewelry to wear. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

  5. SOMEDAY I hope to find one of these boxes! This paper worked so well and it’s really not noticeable that you had to piece it on top. I love this piece and great job making the sides so beautiful too!

  6. I LOVE it!!! I love birds and this paper is so sweet!!! EXCELLENT job around those corners and all.
    Again….a perfect sticky job …BUT…with perfect nails!!!! I have been doing a ton of yard work and I now have “man hands”!!!! Yours always look so perfect.
    Have a good Memorial weekend…we must honor those who gave all. xoxo

    1. Oh haha, not always they don’t! Promise! ;) Thank you, Addie… And yes, you are so very right! xoxo

  7. Wow if you didn’t know you would think this is how the jewelry box came. Great job and so professionally done, as always! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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