How To Create Texture (vase makeover)

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Learn how to create texture and bump your projects up a notch with one simple product! And it does more than that! Stay tuned… 

Hello beautiful friends! Happy Thursday!

I’m back today with a super fun makeover. I found an old RED vase (circa 70’s-80’s) and thought I’d give it a whole new look.
And I’m going to show you how to create texture just like I did because not only is it no longer red, it has a super fun finish.

Here is how it began…

Red clear vase

$4 and a little dated. I have nowhere and I do mean nowhere to display a red vase like this.

So, I gave it a whole new look by creating a fun, textured finish.

How To Create Texture

Fresco bag, red vase, BIN

So, I began by cleaning the vase well with TSP Alternative and then spraying it with BIN Primer.


Once that was dry, I mixed up my Fresco with the Victorian Lace paint.

Mixing Fresco in cup

For texture, you would use equal parts.

Side note: You can also use Fresco to create a matte, chalk-style finish too. So, if you are looking for that type of finish, this is your product for that. I’ll have to try that next! Stay tuned.

Mix well.

Mixing Fresco with paint

Then I used a chip brush to apply it.

applying the Fresco

I brushed it on (see the top section) then pat it a bit with the side of the brush and some with the tips. (see the bottom section)

showing how to create textures

I purposefully left some small brush strokes here and there though. (see above)

Once that was fully dry, I began to add texture in a different way, through varying colors.

paint on a plate

The colors are Cobblestone, Putty, and Soap Stone. Just some I had already opened and figured they would do the trick.

I started with the lighter, beigy Cobblestone color.

showing how to layer paint on finish

It’s hard to tell but you can see above where I’ve applied the slightly darker Cobblestone. I purposefully didn’t apply it fully, leaving some of the Victorian Lace (white) shade showing through.

Next, I went over that with the slightly darker, Putty.

layering the second coat of paint

Oh hi, Ryder!

white dog laying down

My little helper. lol

And finally, I decided to lighten up the Soap Stone with more of the Putty color.

mixing paint on plate

I wiped off most of the color and applied it in more of a “dry brush” style.

dry brushing excess paint onto plate

Want to know more about “dry brushing”? Watch my video here.

See how it is very subtle that way?

finished painting over vase

And do you see how not only did the Fresco add texture and dimension, but so did the varying paint colors?

up close of texture on vase

The key here is to try to get all of these subsequent coats in while it’s still wet. You want it to blend a little as you go.

I just love that look. So much more interesting than when it was red!

rustic textured vase on shelf with other decor

up close of vase on shelf

Looks completely different now.

It’s hard to capture the varying shades and dimension in the photos…

up close of vase on wood table

The camera wants to “white” it out.

The other side. Hopefully, you get the idea.

other side of vase on wood table

rustic vase on white shelf

Let’s try an up-close shot…

up close of painted texture on vase

Can you see the different shades a bit better here?

up close of texture and paint on vase

Not bad for $4! Right?!

Here are a few you can buy, but for quite a bit more! ;)

And you can see a lamp I gave some ‘texture’ to recently, here. (but with a different product)

I’ll let you know when I try out the Fresco as a matte finish. Can’t wait to see how that looks.

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Learn how to create texture and bump your projects up a notch with one simple product! And it does more than that! Stay tuned...

I’ll see you back next time with this!

UPDATE!! See it now here!



  1. I always enjoy your artistic makeovers and appreciate your teaching others. I’m not familiar with Fresco but now will try it. Is this glass vase makeover something you would sell in your booth? If so, how would you describe it on your tag; “pottery look” vase? Thanks 😊

    1. I’m so glad, Marjie! I forgot to put the links in the post to the Fresco (and the other items) but I’ve edited and added them. Sorry! And yes, you sure could sell this. I would describe it as a “stone” look or “pottery” look (and feel). :) xo

  2. Hi Nancy! It turned out so pretty. I love making faux concrete vases or pottery barn dupes. You gave me some new tips though. Thank you!
    PS. Ryder is the prettiest white color. I bet he is so soft.

  3. I love the makeover of the red vase! You are always so creative with your ideas and what you have done with all your previous makeovers. I have several lamps from my late mother’s house that need some work to renew them. The same with the vases. You have given me several ideas over the last few years as to what can be possible. Thanks, too, for your detailed descriptions. That really helps. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend. BTW – I always love seeing Ryder!! That is always a sweet surprise!!

    1. Yes! This would be perfect for them. Give them a whole new look, Sue. And yes, I love sharing him with all of you! :) xoxo

  4. WOW!! Before – maybe for Christmas or Valentine’s flowers as a gift…….after- BRAVO!
    I’d have that anywhere in my home. Well done and tysm for sharing how you achieved this!

    1. Yep! I was thinking it was maybe for Valentine’s since it was sort of heart shaped, maybe? Thanks so much Michele! :) xo

  5. Ahhh…this came out AWESOME!!!! I think I will be giving the side eye to different bottle at the Goodwill from now on!!!! Great job….LOVE IT!!!! Have a lovely weekend!!! xx

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