Easy Way To Glaze Painted Furniture

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Get this simple technique and DIY recipe to glaze painted furniture. Easy to take your painted pieces up a notch and create this fun finish!

Hello friends! And happy Friday! Wow, have we been having some warm days. Is it warm where you are?? It was 75+ today…bizarre! But I like it! That’s my kind of winter. haha! Bet we get snow in March!

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Okay, today I’m sharing a fun new piece of furniture I found recently. It’s a beauty! Lots of detail. I just adore that.
It’s part of this newest set of furniture/smalls I have found in the last few weeks.

multiple pieces in their "before" state

On Tuesday I shared the “book”, if you missed it you can see it right here.

Easy Way To Glaze Painted Furniture

round side table before

It was kind of rough. It needed lots of love!
I guess I should’ve wiped it down before I took the “before” photo! But you see how neglected it was.

But just look at that amazing detail!! Gorgeous.

I knew immediately I would leave that top unpainted. Love pretty wood inlays like that. How could I cover it up?

top of round side table before

One other thing, the table was super wonky. As are a lot of these oldies. So the only real way to fix it well was to remove the top.


A little glue and tightening some screws fixed it right up!

table with top removed and clamps attached


After I got it back together, I sanded the entire top and edge area.

But darn. the veneer was chipped all the way around this poor table.

up close edge area of top

So I filled it in with stainable wood filler with the thought that I’d still stain the top.

up close edge area of top with wood putty

But sadly, it just wasn’t going to work.


I tested a bit of the stain I used in the center on areas I’d filled and it was just a big ole, no-go! (see below)

top with center area stained

I used Cappuccino Stain. (see below)

Here’s the source and materials I used on this project.



So that’s one coat of stain. I let it sit for a day before I painted the edge. By the way, I applied the stain to the center circle area and the edge.

painting top of round edge blue

Before painting, I pulled out my TSP Alternative Cleaner and gave it a wash.

Then I got a small angled brush to paint that circle edge area. That’s one of the new paint colors in the shop…Chestler. It’s a gorgeous color!
This took a steady hand but I was glad to have that line to follow.

Next, I painted that stunning base with one of my favorite paintbrushes. (linked above) It worked well to get in all those crevices, etc.

painting base of table blue with paint brush

I applied 2 more coats of stain and a second coat of paint. (drying in between)

top with stain and blue paint

Looking good!

But I was not done with it. I wanted to add some depth and luxury to it. If that makes sense.


Here is when the fun begins. ;)

mixing diy glaze clear and black paint

I mixed 3 parts Tough Coat topcoat with 1 part Ash paint color. (which is almost black, not quite)

Then I simply brushed it on and wiped it back away with soft (lint free)cloth …

brush on glaze and wiping away with soft cloth

showing glaze after application up close

…leaving it to settle into all that amazing wood detail.

Hard to tell but here is a shot with my phone’s flashlight directly on it.

showing up close of glazed area with flashlight for brightness

You can see how the glaze stayed behind in the inset areas. It looks gray because it is still wet.
The glaze I wiped away slightly changed the color of the blue too and left a very nice luster finish.

I also applied it to the blue on top.

finished table in corner blue and stained

It’s really hard to tell in photos but easier to see in person. I tried hard to capture it.

up close of side detail blue leg

up close of blue wood flower carved

It just gave it that little something-something extra.

up close of wood detail on base

side view of blue side table.

Isn’t that the richest-looking color you’ve ever seen?? And that sheen…isn’t it just beautiful?

side view of blue table

It is truly amazing and even more so with that glaze/paint combo.

finished table in corner top view

So elegant.

And it was really easy to do. Simply mix up whatever color glaze you want (paint color added to the topcoat), brush it on, then wipe it away leaving a slight layer everywhere and the glaze that went deep into the crevices and inlays.

I’m really loving the glaze over paint look. It’s subtle but gives it does give it that little extra oomph!

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Get this simple technique and DIY recipe to glaze painted furniture. Easy to take your painted pieces up a notch and create this fun finish! artsychicksrule.com


Have a wonderful weekend!! See ya next time with this makeover!

UPDATE!! See it now here!



  1. Beautifully done! Beautifully done! That’s a great work around to painting the top and losing all that beautiful wood tone. I see too many redos where the wood was covered by paint so I’m glad you kept the top .

  2. Beautiful, Nancy, and very timely for me. Do you have any tips for sanding veneer but keeping the details in it? I have a dresser I’d like to restain but I’m afraid to sand it and lose all the detail in the veneer. On your piece, it doesn’t look like that happened.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Maureen! When you have veneer you have to sand very gently in general. It is easier than you think to sand right on through it! So just be mindful of that when you are sanding yours. Good luck with it and have fun with the makeover! xo

  3. I do love the detailing in vintage furniture. This such an elegant restoration.
    Saving the top inlay was a great choice for sure.
    I’ve not yet dabbled w/ glaze, but this is surely a reason to try !

    1. Thanks, p! And yes, I adore that old detail so much. I just have such a hard time painting over pretty inlays like that. I try to save them when I can. Glaze is fun and adds another layer of design/interest I feel like. Easy to do too! xo

  4. I was wondering how you were going to manage that chipped veneer, Nancy, but I shouldn’t have worried! Love the contrast of the wood and paint, even better glazed. I like the ease of using chalk type paints but prefer a soft sheen, and that’s exactly what you got.

    1. Yes, was initially bummed it wouldn’t cover well with stain. But revamped with paint! I am actually glad because it’s not like every other table out there with a stained top, painted base, right? Love when it works out that way. The sheen with the matte topcoat is perfect. Probably not as “matte” as it could be but I like it. However, the Fusion by itself (no topcoat have a lovely sheen as well. more matte than the topcoat in my opinion!)

  5. This one is a stunner, those carved legs and that inlay top are just gorgeous! I love the blue with the stained wood. Great job!

  6. You saved that poor neglected beauty, Nancy!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees and today it is super cold and snowing. Sigh.

    1. Thanks, Michele!! I am very happy with how it turned out! :) And yay, loving this warm weather…and again this week, yippee!! xoxo (we have had that too though…70 to 40s the next day but thankfully the 40s went right back to 60s the next day!)

  7. Your photography is great! You captured the stunning carved legs with the topcoat. I love the mix of wood and paint, especially the beautiful blue! Beautiful job!

  8. Absolutely beautiful!! I love the paint color! The glaze made a perfect finish for it. I wish I had a bit of your creative talent.

    1. Thanks so much, Pat! The glaze really was a win, it made it SO rich looking! And aw,thank you but I am sure you have more than you think you do! xo

  9. Blue has always been my favorite color, and this blue is gorgeous! I need to have this color in my home. You have done an amazing job with this table! This style is what I would love to have filling my home!

    1. I love blue too, Kay! This color (and their other new one, Willowbank which I’m painting a large piece now in) are gorgeous! I hope it will be done to share next week. It’s taking me a little longer to finish than I had planned. And thank you by the way! :) xo

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