How To Decoupage Chair With Fabric

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How to decoupage chair with fabric…it’s so simple to do! Great way to update old furniture!

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I’ve been up to a little decoupage…with fabric.

If you follow along with me over on Instagram, you might have seen a snippet or two of this project already. ;)

If not, here you go!

How To Decoupage Chair with Fabric

Here is how this one started…

brown wood mcm desk chair before

Pretty basic but not bad for $8.

I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. AND I knew immediately how darn adorable it would (and could) be.

I hopped right on over to the fabric store and found this fun, colorful and happy fabric.

mcm dated chair with pink and green fabric laying over it

Can you just see it already?? Yep, bet ya can!


I began by cutting the fabric just slightly larger than I needed to cover the front of the chair.

fabric cut to fit chair

Then I unscrewed and removed the base.

metal base of chair before painting

I  lightly sanded the metal and sprayed it with Primer. After that was dry, I sprayed it with Satin White Spray paint.

I applied our Decoupage and Transfer Gel to the front of the chair with a chip brush…

applying decoupage gel to chair

Then laid the fabric over top pressing firmly all over.

applying fabric to decoupage gel and chair

In hindsight, I wish I had sprayed the edge area there white before doing this step but I didn’t!
Oh well.
That would have been a big timesaver and provided a little better coverage at the edges.

I applied more of the Decoupage Gel to the front, pressing very firmly, especially around the edges.

applying decoupage gel over fabric

Let that dry.

Oh hey, there’s my sidekick…always literally by my side. :)

white dog laying on brown floor

Okay, once it is all good and dry, I sanded the edge with sandpaper to separate it from the chair.
This gives a very good edge, much better than one I could cut.

sanding edge of fabric

See?? Just looky there. All done and nice and neat.
Yes, it is a little time-consuming but it works great.

chair after sanding fabric from edges of chair

Don’t want to do it this way?

Here’s another way I did it that didn’t involve sanding the fabric away but I also didn’t cut it to the exact size on this one either.
Check it out here >>> French Fabric Decoupage Tutorial

Before beginning on the back/underside, I removed the rest of this hardware. I could’ve just gone over it with the fabric, then try to cut around them but I figured it would be less work to just remove them first.

underside of chair before

A little tip… keep all your screws, etc, while working on a project, in a small dish like this.
So much easier to keep up with.

applying fabric to underside of chair

I applied the back/underside just like I did the front.

The only difference is I didn’t apply the top coat of Decoupage Gel until I sanded the fabric away.

sanding fabric from backside of chair

Once that was all off, I applied the top coat of Decoupage Gel.

By the way, it may have been overkill to apply that top coat as I was planning to put a poly coat to finish it off. But I did it anyway as I wanted the fabric as secure as I could get it.

Once that was dry, I used an x-acto knife to cut out the circles to put the hardware back on.

using xacto knife to cut out where hardware goes


backside of chair with hardware back in place

And looks so nice and neat.

painting edges white

After that last coat of Decoupage Gel was dry, I began painting the edge with white paint.
See how it might have been better to spray those edges white first?? See where the fabric meets the wood?? It’s dark because the underneath area is still dark instead of white.

I did a few coats to cover well.

sideview of edges painted white

Once that was dry, I applied a top finish coat to the whole thing. I used Tough Coat Matte.

applying poly with brush

And finally, the base gets back on with 4 screws.

screwing leg base back on

See my friend over there, always sleeping? haha

But oh so darn cute.

white dog sleeping on floor

He’s the best.

Okay, once the poly coat is dry, I actually took a very fine piece of sandpaper and went back over the whole thing very lightly. The poly tends to raise the “grain” (just like on wood) of the fabric so I like to smooth it out a bit. The edges, seat, etc. Now it’s nice and smooth all over. That also gets any little frays that might have been there on the edge. The poly stops the fraying, etc.

Voila! Here’s how to decoupage a chair with fabric…so simple, really!

chair with green scarf and hat on seat

Isn’t she a cutie now?? That is such happy fabric, I love it.

I can see this behind a white desk, or dressing table in a young girl’s room, can’t you?
That’ll have to do, lol…close enough. You get the idea, right?

view of back of chair and white desk

top view of chair and desk

pink and green chair with white desk

Up close.

back of chair up close

And the underside is just as pretty as the top.

underneath of chair all finished

Pink and green…and aqua. Love these colors all together.

front of chair all finished

So next time you are at the thrift store, don’t pass one of these up! You can easily transform them into something beautiful.

colorful chair with white desk gold mirror

I hope I can find another chair similar to this. I have another idea for a fun (different) makeover!

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How to decoupage chair with's so simple to do! Great way to update old furniture!

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UPDATE! See what I did with this thrifty find here!



  1. I honestly held my breath for a moment when I saw this iconic chair about to be transformed :)) I LOVE what you did, it looks amazing and so much prettier.

  2. That chair was the perfect shape for this technique and turned out great, Nancy! I never would have thought to do that, but now I’m looking for things to decoupage with fabric.

  3. Very cute Nancy! I would have just painted the back and underside but seeing it covered has changed my mind! Great colors in the fabric and it matches the vibe of the chair! Love it!

  4. Beautiful! Love the way this looks! Whew, I was tired just reading how you did it! That chair is the perfect style for this project!

    1. Aw haha, it was not too bad at all! Pretty simple really! (you know I like easy!! lol) Thanks, Cecilia, have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  5. So cute Nancy! My gran girl would love it. The burst of color just great. I never thought to decoupage fabric, but I’ll have to give it a try.

  6. Oh my goodness, look at that transformation! WOW! That ugly ole chair is made purdy!
    Is that Lilly Pulitzer fabric? Sure looks like it.
    My nieces would absolutely adore that chair. Well done, Nancy.

    1. Thank you so much, Michele! And hmmm, I’m not sure but it sure looks like it could be, doesn’t it?! Happy weekend to you! xoxo

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