Footstool Update (paint and fabric)

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Simple and quick footstool update! Spray paint and pretty blue and white fabric for the win.

Hello sweet friends!

Today I’m sharing this footstool (small dressing seat?) update. It was in great shape, only a little beat up/scratched but otherwise, great.
I found it at the ReStore on one of my latest visits.

Footstool Update

This was such an easy and quick update. I love those kind! Ha! It’s like instant gratification watching the transformation take place.
That large furniture piece I’ve been working on is almost finished. Unfortunately, I won’t be sharing it this week but look for it next week. I decided to do something special on the inside so am waiting on the material for that.

brown wood footstool before

Sturdy and nice piece. It just needs a little update.

I began by unscrewing the top section to separate it from the base.

unscrewing the seat of footstool

When I pulled off the top piece of fabric, I found that it was actually a silk pillowcase!

Underneath that, I found this fabric which I liked. Too bad it was old and stained.
Funny that it was blue and white underneath because I chose a blue and white fabric to refinish this footstool.

blue and white patterned fabric seat

I lightly sanded the wood base, legs, etc. Then spray painted them with satin white spray paint.
It only took a coat or two to cover fully.

white dog and white footstool base

Look at my handsome helper there! lol He just got groomed and had his very first hair trim. At 8 years old, he just had so much hair and was getting so shaggy looking all around. They trimmed him up so nicely. We all thought he looked like a puppy again!

I pulled this fabric out of my stash and cut it to fit.

underside of seat

Next, I wrapped it around the seat and stapled it using my manual stapler. I have an electric one too but didn’t pull that one out.

As I was covering it, I made sure to make holes in the fabric where the screw holes for the top were located.

poking hole through fabric

This is upholstery fabric so it’s thicker than most. Putting a hole through it will make screwing the seat back on much easier.

I’m not the neatest when it comes to this so I always like to go back and cover the bottom of the seat to make it look finished.

back of seat with loose fabric piece

No one will probably ever look there but I feel better about it! It just seems more complete/finished this way.

I simply cut a square of fabric to fit, fold it under, and staple it to the back covering the edges of the seat fabric.

fabric piece stapled covering back of seat

Doesn’t that look so much nicer??

underneath of seat with fabric covering

Here’s an easy way to find the hold when putting this back on. Just use a thin skewer to stick through the hole and then place it in the screw hole. Then press the seat into place and ensure all the rest line up.

skewer in hole of screw hole

Then simply screw all four screws back into place!

Footstool Update with Paint and New Fabric

small white cabinet with drawers and white footstool

I paired it with the little table that used to be in our foyer for photo/styling purposes.

That is not what it is, however, I do think it could be used this way too.

white cabinet and white footstool

top view white cabinet and blue and white footstool

Spray paint for the win here. So easy and quick.

side of footstool up close corner

I don’t mind using it on small pieces like this.

sideview of footstool

white cabinet with footstool

I just LOVE this fabric! I am sorry, I don’t have a link for it.

topview of blue and white fabric on footstool

I used this on a barstool project some time back. You can see how those turned out here.

white cabinet with footstool

Here are a few other footstool updates I’ve done previously:

PIN it to save it!

Simple and quick footstool update! Spray paint and pretty blue and white fabric for the win.

Have a blessed week, friends!



  1. I think these pieces are some of the easiest – and I love that you finished the underside. I have to admit, I’ve never done that! Thanks for the upgrade Nancy!

  2. Oh it looks so good now!!! You did a great job and I like your choices in fabric and color.
    (I believe that is a traditional make-up table chair.)

    1. Thank you, Michele!! Yes, I was wondering if it were that too!! Looks cute paired with the small table of mine. It is pretty low to the ground though! :) xo

  3. Just adorable! I LOVE the fabric and that you covered over the backside also. Good job!

    Have a good rest of the week, Nancy. Thanks for all you share, including pics of sweet Ryder.

  4. Such pretty fabric. It looks perfect on this refreshed stool. :)
    It’s so nice you finished off the bottom too! Details matter.

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