Beachy Footstool Makeover

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So many wonderful things just waiting to be found at the thrift store. Like this beachy footstool makeover ready for it’s brand new life!

Beachy Footstool Makeover - thrifty makeover artsychicksrule #coastaldecor

Happy Trash to Treasure Tuesday Friends!

I love this day of the month. :)
It’s my favorite thing to do! Turn trash into treasure.
Love, love, love to do it.

Just take a walk through my house and that’s evident.

Today’s trash to treasure is a small little thing but I love it! (and use it too)

Beachy Footstool Makeover - perfect at the desk -artsychicksrule #coastaldecor

Can you guess?

Yep, it’s that tiny little footstool. (oh, yeah, it’s in the title of this post ;) )
You can also see it in my “DIY Built In Bookcase” post.
I know I mentioned I’d have the full tutorial for the built in last month but it’s pretty involved and I didn’t get to it.
I am planning it for this month though! :)

I picked this sweet, little (and cheap!) footstool up  for a few dollars at the thrift store.

Beachy Footstool Makeover - thrifty makeover artsychicksrule #coastaldecor

Poor little fella.

But I fixed it right up! A little paint always makes everything better.

M A T E R I A L S   L I S T:

I used Persian Blue on the legs for this beachy footstool makeover…

Beachy Footstool Makeover - artsychicksrule #coastaldecor #beachdecor

Beachy Footstool Makeover - paint it - artsychicksrule #coastaldecor

…and Snow White on the top….

Beachy Footstool Makeover - just paint it -artsychicksrule #coastaldecor

As you can see, I didn’t really try to cover it well. I wanted it a bit distressed looking.
I actually ended up sanding it a bit all over to make it look “old and worn”.

Beachy Footstool Makeover - distressed - artsychicksrule #coastaldecor

Beachy Footstool Makeover - up close - artsychicksrule #coastaldecor

My little beachy footstool is so cute, I love it. And it’s perfect when sitting at the desk with tired feet!

Pin this for later! :)

Beachy Footstool Makeover - BEACHY STYLE MAKEOVER - artsychicksrule #coastaldecor

Now let’s see what my friends are up to this month! :)

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If you’ve missed any of my previous trash to treasure transformations, you can see them here >>> “Trash to Treasure“.

I’ll see you guys on Thursday with some “farmhouse” decor with my decorating buddies.
Mine is a little DIY, a little driftwood-ish and a little whitewash-ish too. ;)


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  1. Hi, I came over from Confessions of a Serial Do It Yourselfer to see your little stool makeover! I love it, the color is great! I have a couple of little stools I recently made over too that I’ll be posting soon. They are quick and easy aren’t they?!


    1. Hi Tania!
      Thanks for stopping by to say hi! :)
      Yes, they are quick. Love little makeovers like this!

  2. I’ve been looking for a little stool like this for my bathroom and/or for staging…what a cutie. Love the way you restyled it Nancy. :)

  3. I have a very similar stool except the legs on mine are very intricate and curvy, but chunky at the same time. It has a lot of personal meaning to me. It was left to me by a very special patient I took care of as a nurse when he passed away. I’ve contemplated and have wanted to paint it because I know how beautiful it could look. But, every time I try to paint it I start crying. Dang emotions because I know how beautiful it could be, especially after seeing the beautiful change in yours. Dagnabbit!

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