DIY Weathered Wood Shutters (Farmhouse Style)

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Hi Friends! I’ve got a fun new DIY for this month’s decorating theme >>> “Weathered Wood Shutters“, farmhouse style is the theme.
My decorating buddies are also sharing a bit of farmhouse today with you too!

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - BEFORE - SIMPLE DIY - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

You might remember this pretty framed print I got from minted awhile back…..

Gorgeous New Artwork and a Giveaway - pretty artwork - artsychicksrule #ad #minted

I love it but thought it looked a little lonely up there.
Not really, I just can’t ever leave well enough alone! ;)

So I decided to add shutters on each side like I did in the study here…

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Aubusson Blue Dresser - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

…except I couldn’t find any.
I looked and looked and looked some more…no luck.
So I decided to make my own!

This is a very simple project, y’all, not even kidding.

Here’s what you’ll need:

M A T E R I A L S  L I S T: (some affiliate links, see disclosure here)

3/8″ x 2 x 36″ Craft Board – Lowe’s 
3/8″ x 3 x 36″ Craft Board – Lowe’s
Driftwood Stain
Pure White Paint (I used Chalk Paint®)
Dry Paint Brush

I am pretty sure you can get Lowe’s to cut the pieces if you don’t want to mess with that.

I measured the length I wanted, cut and then laid them out.

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - Items needed - SIMPLE DIY - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

I laid the skinny piece across the top and bottom to secure the long pieces.
I used a clamp and a piece of board to hold them while I put the nails in.
I hammered in a few small nails and done!

SOOO easy.

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - BEFORE - SIMPLE DIY - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

You can make this the front or the back.
I wanted them to look a bit more rustic so made what you see there the fronts.

I roughed them up a bit with a butter knife. Yep, a butter knife.
You can use whatever you want. I was working in the kitchen and had one handy! ;)
I just ran it along the edges and made the wood a bit “chippy”.
Then I gouged and scraped it in places.
I wanted them to look like real, true, old weathered shutters.

Next I mixed up and applied some of my very favorite “driftwood” stain.

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - ONE WITH ONE WITHOUT - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

Amazing, right?

You can see the gouges and chips I made on the edges above.
The stain starts out looking a bit brown but turns more gray as it dries. (this also depends on the wood, some stay more brown, like this >>> “Grateful” sign I made awhile back)

You can see the first one I did on the right is turning more gray and darkening a bit.

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - ONE DRY ONE WET - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

Both done and dried.

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - AGING - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

Now, you could totally leave them just like this.
No need to do anything further….if this is the look you are after.
But I wanted them to look like they had been whitewashed at some point…then aged and weathered.

So I pulled out my white Chalk Paint and got to work!
I like using Chalk Paint for this because of the dry, chalky finish.
I didn’t seal them so the dry, weathered finish remains.

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - ADDING WHITEWASH - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

All that’s left to do now is a little dry brushing with the white paint.
Dip the tips of the dry brush bristles into the paint and wipe most away on a paper plate.
Then, with a light hand, lightly brush over the boards.

Just keep doing this process until you have them as light as you like.
If you just want a touch of white, a slight weathered look, you can stop at one coat.
I wanted them to be fairly white so did about 3 passes with the white.
(I wanted to make sure I didn’t end up with them too dark like my >>> master bedroom signs….which I now love! ;) )

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - DRY BRUSH WHITE - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

Good and grayed and weathered!
How cool is that?
They look nothing like how they started.
And I just love how the white paint brought out so much detail.

So, if you have unstained, natural wood this is a great way to create this effect.
If you have painted wood and want this effect, use my painted technique >>> here

Up close detail….

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - CLOSE UP - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

Looks like old gray wood to me. :)

So cool…and so very easy too.

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - UP CLOSE - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

PIN this for later! 

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - SUPER SIMPLE QUICK DIY - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

Now to see what it looks like beside the print….

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - QUICK AND SIMPLE DIY - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

I wanted them similar to the frame but not quite as white.
No matchy-matchy going on here. ;)

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - COASTAL DECOR - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

Sort of coastal farmhouse looking….except for that couch.
Oh the couch has seen it’s final days, y’all. It has got to go!!!
Are you reading dear, sweet husband?? haha ;)

You all agree with me, don’t you?? :)


White slip covered would be oh so pretty. (help me out y’all ;) )

Anyway, these weathered wood shutters were fun to make!

And gosh, I can’t wait to get these walls painted.
We were gone all last week so I haven’t had time yet.
I am *hoping* to get started next week….and on the new curtains too, eeekkk!
I can’t wait. I love a change up.
Now, if only I had that pretty white slip covered furniture to go with it all….. ;)

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - SO EASY - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

It’s crazy to me how different these ended up looking from where they started.
And so glad I made them.

You should make some weathered wood shutters too. :)
If you don’t want them as rustic, you can turn them around and use the other side.
And you can even just stain them brown or paint them white, blue or whatever!

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - EASY WAY TO AGE WOOD - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

Now lets see what my friends came up with for our “farmhouse style” challenge this month!

DIY Coastal Farmhouse Shutters - IDEAS & STYLES - artsyhchicksrule #coastalshutters #farmhouseshutters

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Want to play along with us? You can!!

Take pictures of your “Farmhouse Decor” and share them with us on our Decor Enthusiasts DIY Forum   (over on Facebook)!

Decor Enthusiast Style - Facebook Group - artsychicksrule

But wait! There’s more! Let’s play on Instagram too! (Updated Hashtag alert!)

Farmhouse Style Decor

Here’s how to play:

1. Add your own photo on Instagram starting today (4/14) through Saturday.

2. Tag it with the #DecorEnthusiastStyle hashtag

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4. Tag a few friends to play along!

We will choose one winner that will be featured on all six IG feeds this Sunday!

See you next week with some Mother’s Day gift ideas! (can you believe it’s almost Mother’s day??)


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You can see how I used “shutters” in other areas of my home here:




    1. I see this post was from a bit ago. (BTW- GORGEOUS shutters!) Just in case you have not replaced your sofa… you CAN chalk paint it! ?

  1. your finish is so pretty. I can’t pull off a finish like that to save my life. Okay, what’s your husband #. I will contact him and tell him a new white slipcovered sofa is in order for mothers day.

  2. you are right! They look really grand! and I guess you are right about the slipcovers too – but I wouldn’t have even noticed…
    I liked what andi said, easier to get forgiveness than permission!! spot on!

  3. SO pretty! I love your projects and you are such a good writer.

    What are you going to do about that couch, though? ;) It’s gotta go!

  4. Love the shutters, they do look old and worn! But I also LOVE your print throw pillows . . . .do you mind telling me . . . . where did you get them? I want to be a copycat!

  5. Love the shutters! Do you mind telling approx cost or at least for boards? How many did it take? I can’t wait to see wall colour and YES, I vote yes for the white slip covered furniture!!! Yay!!

    1. Thanks Linda!
      I got the 36 inch long ones and cut them to 30. They also come in 24 inch if you want them smaller.
      They were less than $20 to make, total! :)

  6. You’re so funny!! I’m gawking at the shutters in great detail as I’d love new outdoor shutters, but alas gray won’t go quite right but I’ve got ideas and I’m gazing quickly at the pillows and admiring the art frame yet you’re pointing out all these things I’m supposed to have seen ? So back I go and I think we’ll yes I suppose so but oh I do love those shutters and your white somethings are lost on me for I’m enjoying how you did this project and Lowes does cut and I can pay for extra cuts and curtains?? Paint?? Huh!??! Did I mention I really like those shutters!!!?

    1. Haha Gwen!!! Yes, exactly, pointing out that eyesore of a couch! ;) I am working on the curtains this week! I would LOVE to have them, the painting and my new shelves for the dining room done before I have family over for Mother’s Day. We always work best under pressure, right?? lol
      Glad you like the shutters! They were fun to make and transform. :)

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